Work is shit.

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This was previously posted on 1/31/2015 but I had to delete it because AT&T saw it and threatened to fire me and Arise also saw it and threatened that I wouldn’t be able to work through them but if you read my latest blog you’ll see why I reposted this. 🙂

I also decided to edit this today to add more information, pictures, etc. That I had as if you read my latest blog you will see I tried to add this there, but couldn’t. ERGH. WordPress is annoying sometimes.

Hey guys!

I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about working with // AT&T Wireless LivePerson Chat From Home. Yes, I’m one of those people that sits at home in front of her laptop watching TV or working on my websites or doing school and also working at the same time. I know that I have more privileges than most other people and I respect that. I realize that there are people that would LOVE to have a job in general while there are other people that are like me. With that said, there is A LOT about this job that I absolutely HATE.

First, let me explain how everything works and then I’ll go into the guidelines we have to follow and go from there.

Let me show you a picture, it shows it perfectly… It also shows my AMAZING MSPaint skillz! XD

How AT&T is set up

As you can see AT&T is the client and Arise is the business that gives AT&T Call “center” agents and live chat agents. We all work from home and work through Arise. I’m sure there are some call and chat centers around the world but I’m not sure where they are who who the other companies are. I just know that they are there.

Anyway, AT&T makes rules for Arise to follow and then Arise makes Statements of Work aka SOWs for the Customer Service People (at least I think that’s what the acronym stands for???) aka CSPs to follow while they are servicing the client. The SOWs go over the number of hours I need to work (15 with at least 5 on the weekends (saturday or sunday)) and whether I need to work a certain number of hours on a specific day (holidays; usually 5 hours those days) as well as the Commitment Adherence aka CA I need (95% or higher).

What is Commitment Adherence or CA?

That is the adherence to the hours that you pick up. As you know by now, I schedule my own hours. Since I can schedule my own hours that means I can pick up release or swap hours. First, let me show you a picture of the system I use to schedule my hours.

Starmatic - the system I use to schedule hours

This is called Starmatic. As you can see everything is detailed in here. I have a maximum cap for the hours I can have this week (30) and then an initial cap (20) and it tells me how many hours I have selected (14) and the lockdown period (48 hours).

What does all of this mean? I don’t understand any of it????

Let me give you some definitions… (starting from top of picture going left to right)

  • SOW Commitment = That is what Arise has said to us, CSPs, that we have to work each week. Right then I had 14 hours with none on the weekend.
  • Program = The program I’m working for… Arise calls it ‘LivePerson Chat’ but everyone else calls it ‘AT&T LP Chat’ or ‘AT&T LivePerson Chat’ or ‘AT&T Chat’
  • Week of = this week, simple enough
  • Lockdown = This is the period for which I cannot release hours I can only swap them. If I release in this period it counts against my Commitment Adherence and I am up for termination if they so choose.
  • Hours Selected = This is the number of hours I have selected to work thus far.
  • Initial Cap = When hours first get released, to make sure people aren’t taking ALL of the hours, they limit the number of hours people can get initially hence the initial cap.
  • CapLift Date/Time = This is when that initial cap is lifted and usually is the day after hours get released.
  • Max Cap = This is the maximum number of hours I can have during this week.
  • SOW Posted = This goes over in a little more detail the specific days and hours I have for easier readability.

What are those boxes you have below? Why are some blue and other green and most grey????

Good question! That is where I actually select my hours! The grey boxes mean there is no time available for me to pick up during that time. The blue boxes with check marks greyed out in them is time that I signed up for AND worked. The blue boxes with check marks not greyed out in them is time that I signed up for AND have the option of releasing or swapping. The green box means I swapped that time and someone else picked it up.

What is the difference between releasing and swapping? Why do you have to differentiate those terms? Don’t they mean the same thing?

Well, yes, they do mean the same thing in essence but Arise/AT&T handles them differently. This should explain the lockdown period as well.

So, lets say I am working Sunday from 5pm – 10pm. I can release those 5 hours and not have it count against me as long as I do it before 5pm on Friday. Otherwise it counts against me and lowers my CA.
See, how that can be confusing? I have to plan for things accordingly and if something comes up last minute, I’m screwed. PLUS! When I say I will work until 10pm, that could actually be 11pm or even MIDNIGHT cause I don’t actually get off until a) one of my boss’ boot me out of the application or b) all of my customers leave. Right now I was supposed to get off at 6:30. It is 7:07pm and I just got booted out of the application by my boss after being on with this customer for 2 hours 22 minutes. UGH! So, I can’t even plan anything afterwards unless it is at least an hour and a half out (most chats will end early but there are times where it could go on for a while) otherwise I will have to miss things. Makes it harder for me to work before class or before going out with friends.

Now you see why I hate the hours… Well, that is one thing and that is something Arise does, which is HELL. It is not AT&T… though they make the rules for how MANY hours you can get… Oh, there’s another rant…
We are graded by how fast we respond to customers (ARP), our CA, and our surveys as well as other “Metrics”. Let me explain what everything means-

  • ARP = Average Response Time, this is how long it takes us to respond to customers in seconds. Right now I am at 51 seconds… they want you to be 30 seconds or lower… but most people in my “group” are in between 30 and 50.
  • OPH = Orders Per Hour. They want you to have 0.5+ orders per hour (means over 40 hours you need to have 20 orders). That seems easy right? Well, usually I have 0.5+ but right now I have 0.45. I’m slacking!
  • WTR = Willingness to Recommend. This is one of the survey questions customers can fill out (and usually don’t even if they love us, especially if they love us). It says “Are you willing to recommend AT&T to a Family or Friend?” or something like that. Hence… willingness to recommend. They want you to be at 40+%. Right now I am at 50%.
  • NRS = Net Representative Score. This is all of the other questions in the survey that the customers can fill out. Things like, how fast was the rep to answer your question, how completely did they answer them, how satisfied are you with the chat representative handling of your chat session, and others. They want you to be at 60+%. Right now I am at 100%.

All of these survey questions are marked from 1-10 BUT it gets more confusing…

  • No survey filled out = nothing towards your scores.
  • 1-5 = detractors. Negative towards your scores.
  • 6-8 = neutral. They don’t help you nor do they hurt you. THIS is why I am at 50% WTR. Had 1 survey with a neutral.
  • 9-10 = positive. They help your scores.

Questions, I ask myself JUST about the SURVEYS (WTR/NRS)-

  1. How do I control WTR? LIke, if someone doesn’t like AT&T or is simply pissed off that we don’t pay ETFs and gives me a bad survey… why the fuck does that count against me?
  2. How do I convince people that while AT&T’s prices are high they are a good network?
  3. How do I convince myself that AT&T is good so that I can convince other people?

That is just a few of the questions I pull my hair out over. Now you see a few more reasons why I dislike my job. They are reasonable reasons while AT&T is not reasonable when it comes to what they are asking. Like, it is nearly impossible for us to control how someone feels about a company. RIDICULOUS!

Well, that’s all I have decided to post for now. I will post some of my random chats if I have any tonight/this weekend. For now, I’m going to relax for the last half hour I have before I work again. 🙂

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