What I’ve learned…

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I’ve gone through a lot over the last few years. Between going through a horrible breakup with my ex boyfriend, to losing my doggy, Tessie, to almost losing my job with AT&T because of all of this I can tell I’m becoming a bigger and better person because of it.

I’m realizing a lot about myself with the help of my family and I’m about to start seeing a therapist due to my self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Due to these issues in the past, I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I don’t regret them. Mistakes make you stronger and build you up as a person.

I’ve learned about not putting as much information as I used to online and that I always, ALWAYS have to be vigilant with my social media. No matter how hard it is, or I think it is, for someone to find my profiles online, it is still possible for them to find and for that reason, I need to be careful about what I put online.

I’m posting this to make people aware that what they say is true. What you put online can never be erased and employers DO look at the social media, blogs, etc. accounts that you have to monitor what you post to make sure you aren’t posting slanderous messages on them. (hence why I have at least 1 blog post missing from here and my backup tumblr account) BE CAREFUL what you post online. PLEASE. I hope this helps you guys not make the same mistakes that I’ve made! <3

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