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Since I’ve been away from my websites, I’ve been getting deeper into Reddit as well as gaming. I’ve been playing a lot of The Sims 4 1 as well as CoD: Ghosts. I just purchased the Xbox 1 (500GB Bundle for $299 from BestBuy…2) so I repurchased Ghosts for that as well as Advanced Warfare,3 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 (which I may return, haven’t tried it yet), as well as Need For Speed (DEFINITELY KEEPING! <3) and my friend purchased and is sending me FIFA 16.

No, I don’t have xbox live though I am doing amazing on Ghosts which makes me want to get live but I doubt anyone plays it online anymore as the CoD franchise mainly has people that stick to the latest games when you play online. Plus, I don’t even have internet at home, I’d have to use my hotspot and my data is not worth that. LOL

ANYWAY, I’ve started up a new legacy game in the sims to hopefully keep me distracted from the fact I’m only working 4 hours a week.4 LOL I’ve started an Imgur album which will contain any and all pictures related to the legacy challenge in them. I’m not a story writer but I am going to try to be with this legacy though I’m not going to push myself too far as that is what caused me to quit the last few ones I did. Including the 100 baby challenge I was working on and plan to restart sometime in the future. 😉

This challenge will not have the typical rules. Instead, I’m making up my own. If anyone wants to join me in my challenge I’m posting the rules below.

Legacy Challenge Rules

  1. Start wherever and however you choose.
  2. You may not use money cheats but you may use any other cheat (move objects, testing cheats, mood cheats, etc.). You have 2 freebies with cheats that you may use during the course of each generations lifetime. Which means you can use money cheats TWICE during each generation but the money cheat is limited to rosebuds or anything up to $1000 simoleons. So doing rosebuds twice counts as the 2 freebies.
  3. You may edit your children/offspring in CAS ONLY to change their clothing/hair/accessories/etc., traits/aspirations/name/walk/gender/etc. may not be changed.
  4. Children/offspring traits MUST BE chosen at random using the Random Trait Generator. Aspirations must be selected with this as well.
  5. All offspring/children must live in the same house as the adult. You MAY NOT move at any point during the legacy or else you fail.
  6. You may use any form of money making to make money during this challenge. Nothing is off limits EXCEPT cheats.
  7. Mods/CC are allowed as long as they don’t interfere with the rules.

This is all I can think of as of 1/3/16. If I remember/figure out more rules I will edit this post with them.

Booth Legacy: Carlee and Jose!

I started TS4 and saw there was 2 new neighborhoods but I wanted to build up Newcrest so that is where this challenge is held. I placed several different lots in the neighborhood. All of the residential lots contain at least 6 sims on the premises with the bigger lots containing the full 8, some adults, some kids, some elders. I wanted to mix it up. I had to create 3 lots by scratch (not including my legacy house). If you are interested in seeing any of these lots or the neighborhood, let me know on Twitter.

Anyway, this story starts off with Jose & Carlee. They met at high school and decided to move in together after high school and they are figuring out their lives. They are both adults and are just acquaintances at this point in the game. They know each other well enough to know that neither one of them would do wrong by the other on purpose but currently they live in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath house (pic in Imgur album). It is nice and cozy for them to work with for now but they want to be able to expand in the future so they both decided to get jobs to help out. Jose always wanted to be a police officer and with some help from Carlee he made it on the force! He is a Cadet and starts on Friday. Carlee always loved painting so she decided to go into the Painter career and she starts on Friday as well. The legacy starts on a Thursday.

Carlee went to the park to make dinner for her and Jose. While she was cooking she met Jessica Burton, a local. Well, they didn’t get off to a good start. Turns out not everyone in the neighborhood was as nice as she and Jose thought. Jessica and Carlee were destined to be enemies it seems.

Carlee finished her plate of Baked Vegetables and placed the rest of it in her inventory, used the bathroom and went home setting out the rest for Jose. She then woke him up so she could sleep and while she was sleeping Jose grabbed a plate of his own and chowed down. He was amazed at how good Carlee’s cooking was. He thought to himself “maybe this was her destiny? Being a cook instead of a painter?”
Brushing that thought aside he finished eating and proceeded to work on his charisma in the mirror in the bathroom until it was time to head to work.

His first crime scene took him to one of the houses I built from scratch. A cozy house with a pond out front and plenty of seating for the 8 people that lived there and any guests they might invite or parties they may throw. Jose takes advantage of this nice house and instead of getting his work done on his first day, he uses the bathroom, takes a bath, and goes to sleep on one of their comfy beds. It is the best sleep he has had since Carlee and him moved to this new place. As he is drifting off he thinks to himself “we really need more money so carlee and I can have our own rooms…”


That’s all I could think of for the storyline for now. I’ll see what happens as I start playing and maybe I’ll add more later!

Thanks guys! That’s all for now. Time to get back into my game! 😀

Show 4 footnotes

  1. Origin username is DudeThatsErin if anyone wants to add me
  2. & no my discount didn’t take any money off of that, unfortunately
  3. Which I’m going to return when I go back to work because this version sucks. Oh well that I wasted $20 on the zombies… I’ve wasted more than that on my websites in the past as well as a bunch of other stuff in the past, what is $20 going to do but add to that…
  4. Yes, I’m going to talk to my boss about this on Wednesday depending on what next week’s schedule looks like and by next week I mean Jan 10th-16th. That schedule comes out on Wednesday hence why that date is chosen to speak to him about it.

2 thoughts on “The life of a gamer..

  1. That’s awesome that you recently bought the Xbox One! I’m hoping to get that or a PS4 (or both?) some time. I’m just waiting for an exclusive game that interests me enough to buy one.

    I didn’t know about Legacy Challenges when it comes to The Sims! I think that’s interesting that you have a storyline for your characters 🙂 That’s funny that Jose uses the crime scene house instead of doing his job, haha. Have fun with the legacy challenge!

  2. That sounds like a great challenge and you made me want to play the game again. I want to try and play with no cheats at all. It’s difficult, because I am always so tempted to get them. >.< I hope you enjoy the challenge and exploring the story of the sims. 😀

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