[REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy S8+


I wanted to post this review while I still had the phone. This is one of my pre-written blog posts for this month. I did this on 7/2 while I still was using the S8+ as my daily driver waiting for my Pixel XL to come into the mail. (that review coming next month). There is a reason why I am switching back to a Google Phone and that is stated below. I’m making this simple by doing a Pros & Cons list.


  • I love the support that Samsung provides for its products. There are Samsung Experience Shops in every single Best Buy location and their 1-800 number has been super useful each and every time I’ve had to call on any device that I’ve owned. I get to a person really fast and they are always super nice.
  • WiFi/Cellular Connectivity/Bands – I have no issues with WiFi connectivity or cellular connectivity anywhere in my city or house. I live in a T-Mobile LTE area so going inside my work with a tin roof doesn’t dampen the signal much and in my home I have a Linksys Velop so WiFi is always fantastic. Sometimes it may drop signal but only for a second.
  • Screen – This isn’t necessarily the size (though having 6.2″ to work with is nice) but the colors and vibrancy and everything. It just looks amazing.
  • Camera – This camera is fucking awesome. I took some amazing pictures on the cruise that I just went on. This one in particular is my favorite. The detail is phenomenal.
Waves at the back of the cruise boat.

Waves at the back of the cruise boat.

As you can see the water is blue-er than in reality but the detail from the waves is spectacular. I used ALL DEFAULT settings too. I don’t know anything about cameras so I always use default with HDR off.

  • Wireless Charging – It is awesome being able to just set my phone somewhere and have it just charge. I don’t use this often (as I’m using a popsocket and it doesn’t work with a popsocket) but it is awesome.
  • Samsung Pay – It is awesome not having to carry my wallet around with me and knowing it will work anywhere you can swipe a card. I still take my wallet but it is nice knowing I don’t have to. It sometimes doesn’t work at WalMart which is one of the most common places I go so not having it will just make it easier for me there.


  • Lag/Jitters – This is happening all to often on my brand new S8. Previous owners of Samsung phones or iPhones won’t notice it but it is there. This is the reason why I am switching… ultimately. It is just so bad. From going into the camera, switching between apps, and just overall doing normal stuff (not even anything hardcore) it lags. Especially when I use it for 2 or more hours at a time after watching Netflix on it for 2 hours before that. 🙁
  • Unable to Root – You aren’t able to root the S8+ unless you want to void the manufacturer’s warranty. That’s so stupid. I want to be able to root my device if I want to. I don’t want to be limited.
  • Bloatware – somewhat has to do with the previous bullet. It comes with so much stuff I don’t want. Lookout is unnecessary same with all of the other T-Mobile apps that you can only disable and not delete.

There aren’t many of each but I will say this… This phone is awesome but I can’t stand the lags and not being able to root it. I can’t wait for my Pixel XL to come in the mail on the 4th and to set it up and have it working. I just hope I get it on the 3rd (or early enough on the 4th) so I can root it first. 😛

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