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I started my first TS4 legacy challenge. When I started I wanted my own rules so I created them. They are listed below. I will also link to my Twitch where I will be streaming. I failed on my first stream as NO ONE could hear me but you can see the video and watch what happened on my Twitch.

EDIT/UPDATE 7/21/2015: I had to update the rules a bit because my game was allowing my household to have more than 8 sims in a household. I triple checked my mods and I don’t have any installed that allow that issue. The only gameplay mod I have is UI-Cheats from MTS. The rest are decorations like beds, flooring and stuff like that. So, I’m not sure what is going on there but I update the rules so that I wasn’t cheating since I’m not cheating, my game is just stupid. If you want a list of my cheats to verify, I can take a few screenshots of the mods I have installed and show you that I’m not purposely cheating. The added rules have asterisks (*) by them.


The normal rules are listed here. With my rules I have simply edited them to fit my style of gameplay. I’m doing a 100 baby, legacy challenge mix. Without giving away the rules, that’s basically what I am doing.

Getting Started/Intro to Gameplay Rules

  • You must create a female sim in CAS. This female sim may have any traits, aspiration, etc. that you choose. You may NOT create anyone else in CAS.
  • You must marry a sim auto-populated into your town.
  • You may move a sim into your home before marriage.
  • You must purchase the Knight of the Octagon Table decoration and keep it in your family’s inventory.
  • You may use cheats after purchasing this Knight to get your money back up to 10,000 simoleons to start building on your lot or start your story. If you have over 10,000 simoleons you may not use any money cheat at all to start building.
  • The challenge ends once you reach 100 babies or 10 generations.


  • Set the lifespan to ‘long’.
  • No anti-aging allowed at all.
  • You may edit the world so that there are more men/people for you to choose from but you may only do this once a generation.
  • You may control anyone that is in the household.
  • You may play other households in the same saved game but you must not allow them to age up. (Just set the auto-age played sims setting to ‘only active household’.) When you are not playing with this legacy family you may not allow them to age up so you must keep this in mind if you are playing any other challenges.

Cheat Rules

  • Allowed Cheats: Mood/Moodlet, Free Real Estate, Move Objects, Relationship, Edit in Full CAS, and any other cheat excluding below.
  • Disallowed Cheats: Money, testing cheats (unless listed above), and any other cheat that gives you an unfair advantage over another person playing the same legacy challenge.

Gameplay Rules

  • When your female sim dies, your youngest female daughter must take her place and continue the challenge.
  • When you are editing any children or person in the household in CAS, you may not, under any circumstances, change their traits or aspiration or name. You may change their voice, walk, etc.
  • The only time you can change any aspirations is when they are completed.
  • You do not have to get married in this challenge though it does make it easier to have babies as you don’t have to go around the world and find men to woo hoo with. I recommend marriage but this part of the gameplay is up to you.
  • NO RESTARTING AFTER BAD EVENTS. This one is a tricky one for me which is why I underlined and capitalized it. If you do this, you immediately disqualify yourself from the challenge.
  • When you have children, you must use the Random Trait Generator to generate traits once they age up. You may input your male and founder sim’s traits to make it more realistic but it is not mandatory.
  • Your sims must remain on the same lot during the full challenge. They may not move AT ALL.
  • You may plead with death to resurrect a dead sim but that’s the only way you can resurrect them.
  • *You may have as many sims in your household as you want at a single given time.

All of the other rules stay the same from the normal legacy challenge. If you have any questions, post them below and I will reply with answers in my next video/stream as well as in a reply here.

2 thoughts on “Legacy Challenge

  1. I watched the video of Part 5 and now I want to watch the rest! I love the Sims and you’ve honestly inspired me to stream. It’s been my goal to get the courage to stream, but I’m too shy haha

    Oh and I’ve subscribed to your channel too 🙂

    1. I’m glad to hear that! 🙂 Just keep your email open as I stream randomly so I hope you can watch more of them! If not, subscribe to me on YouTube as I upload them there as well!

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