Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming…


This is my favorite song from a really good movie. If you guys haven’t seen Finding Nemo by Disney, you should find it online and stream it Oops I mean buy it and watch it! Yeah, sure… Anyway, Dori (one of the main characters) comes to Marlin and sings him a song to help him keep going to find his son, Nemo. It is one of the most influential songs in my life. Basically it means to just keep going even when the tides are rough, just keep swimming. It goes like this:

Dori: Hey Mr. Grumpy Gils. -with a weird face on her fish head-
When life gets you down you know what you gotta do?

Marlin: I don’t know what you gotta do.

Dori: Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming swimming swimming What do we do? We swim swim swim.

After this Dori just adds a whole bunch of unnecessary stuff. You can watch this YouTube video if you want to hear/watch it for yourself.

Anyway, ever since I broke up with my ex almost 3 years ago, I’ve had un-/self-diagnosed depression, ADD, and self-esteem/self-confidence issues. Among others. As of earlier this month, I scheduled myself to see a therapist for the first time and last week I had my first appointment and basically it was just an overview appointment where he saw the reason for me coming in and such. My first, what I call, “real” appointment is coming this coming Wednesday. I’m scared and nervous but I am hoping he can help me.

I’m hoping that by my birthday I will be less-depressed and I will have a handle on everything especially since I admit to all of my issues and I know to some point what is causing them. I just don’t know or am too scared to solve them.

This summer I am moving out and I’m really excited! I’ve been wanting to move out since I graduated in 2011 but my family either didn’t have the money or I was going to school online and I didn’t have a reason to “have to” move out. Now that I am in my Bachelor’s Degree for Elementary Education  I have to go to class as opposed to going online. Which means I have to move out! WOO HOO! We are still going through the details and we haven’t found a place whether it is an apartment or a house (my mom is paying the rent/mortgage and she hasn’t decided which one she wants to buy as she wants to move down to Jacksonville, FL within the next 2 years so this house would possibly be her’s and ours) but we are looking as we need it by the end of July. I’m so excited over this! <3

Well, that’s all. I just wanted to post some kind of life update in this neglected blog. Between all of my sites it has been easy to neglect this site. I plan to blog more though! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming…

  1. I’m sure it will get better.
    After a dark night, dawn always comes; my gran’ma used to say that when we were feeling down…and I think she was right: better days will do come. 🙂

    Thank you for your comment on Neon-Sky; and thank God, the sleepless night was a once-in-a-while occurence; the following nights I slept fine.

    It’s the same for me: opening a site always gives me a rush of giddiness and excitement – maybe that’s why I always open too many new sites; maybe I should stop. :p
    I tried to find the time to work on Astral, but in the end it became truly impossible and I had to choose my “priorities”, so I re-opened Snarrish.

    1. I’ll have to remember that. 🙂
      I know it will get better is just waiting for it to get better that is hard, you know? I know I have to stop what is making me upset but that’s hard to do, you know?

      Well, at least you are running sites that are near and dear to your heart. <3

  2. Ah, Finding Nemo. I haven’t watched it in years. It was never a favorite of mine but I know a lot of people love it.

    I’m sorry to hear about the residual damage of your break-up. 🙁 My ex and I broke up 2 years ago and it took me awhile to feel okay again. It was one of those “first love” things and it made me feel like I could conquer anything. I’m glad we ended though because it helped me discover a lot of things about myself, and leaving him behind was a good decision. I hope your therapist is able to help you through. <3

    Congrats on moving out! That's so exciting. 😀 I'm starting college in the fall and I'm looking at multiple options, 2 of which would involve moving out and one would allow me to stay home if I wanted. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet (which is stressing me the hell out) but I suppose the right decision will come. I hope everything goes along smoothly for you!

    1. Yeah, my ex was my first love as well. So, it hit me hard, really hard. Same here. I’m glad I ended things with him because it helped me discover a whole hell of a lot about myself. I know A LOT more about me than I did then and it was all because of this breakup.

      Thanks! I’m excited! Good luck on figuring out what you are going to do!

  3. It sounds like it would be a good option to talk to someone and I hope that they are able to help!

    I hope it goes well with finding a place to move. 🙂

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