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I decided to switch back after posting to the Android and iPhone subreddits so this post is null and void. I’m keeping it up for people to read and get my perspective at the time but it doesn’t apply to me anymore.

Removed Blog Post & i7+ with Apple Watch

Here are some screenshots that show the difference in battery life between the two devices: 3T Screenshots

& i7+ Screenshots

As you can see I get¬†amazing battery life on both despite their differing battery sizes. One thing I will say though, the quick charge top up that the 3T has (whether it be with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 cord or OnePlus’ cord included with the phone) is nice. Knowing that I can plug the phone in 30 minutes before I go to work to get enough battery to last me through work¬†and halfway through the next day is really nice though not 100% necessary because I plug in my 7+ 2 hours before I go to work and have my apple watch on so I can do anything I want to do on my phone, besides game, from my watch so I don’t see a point.

Day-to-Day Usage: How they hold up, things I miss when I use one over the other, etc.

You can see from the list above how I use my phones on a weekly basis. Both phones hold up very well though I feel the need for an otterbox-like case on my 3T with a glass screen protector while my iPhone is in a Speck case with a popsocket and a glass screen protector. I feel like I have to baby my androids because their build quality isn’t as good. This goes for all of my androids I’ve had since the S4. Samsung devices are the only other devices I don’t feel the need to baby, though I would if I had the S6/S7 Edge or S8/S8+ due to the edge screen.

I don’t drop my phone a lot but there are a few times it falls in my car or at home or at work onto plastic (car), wood floors (home) or carpet (work). Very rarely do I drop my phones outside near cement. I’m very good with my phones which is why I usually don’t buy insurance. Plus, I switch phones too quickly to even think about spending the extra money.

When I use my iPhone 7 Plus the biggest thing I miss5 is the headphone jack. The next thing I miss is the ability to root/jailbreak on any version of the OS like you can on Android. Right now there isn’t a jailbreak for anything but up to 10.2 When I got my applewatch I had to upgrade to 10.3 which means 99% chance I’ll¬†never get a jailbreak. It isn’t the end of the world but I¬†love the options opening up the OS gives to you when you are rooted/jailbroken. Plus, it is so easy to jailbreak on iPhones (I’ve heard) and if you mess up you just reset the phone using iTunes. On Android, so¬†much more can go wrong that you could have a paperweight if you mess things up.

Why did I switch back to Android in the past & why am I not switching back now?

This is something I’ve been thinking about since before day 1 of owning my iPhone. Will I switch back? Will I waste my time owning this phone to only return it? What if __? I want to lay those to rest once and for all for my own good as well as to give you some perspective that my coworkers gave me while I was deciding.

What do you do on your phone? Like, really do? For everyone, literally, it is mainly calls and texts with some social media and games. Is customizing your phone necessary? No. Is it fun? Yes. Does it make your phone any easier to use? Possibly. Should it make you decide between an operating system? No.

This was something one of my coworker’s brought up about 2 weeks ago that really lead me to decide to purchase the iPhone. The biggest question he asked was “Then why do you need those random phones?”6 Only answer I could come up with is the fact that the OnePlus 3T is a fraction of the cost of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Is that something that should/could sway your decision between a phone? No, unless your credit score prevents you from getting an installment plan from a carrier¬†at all. Installment plans are good¬†even if you have to pay a deposit as that deposit you pay you either get back or goes towards the phone you get depending on which carrier you are going to.7 The installment plans are exactly the same as putting the phone on your credit card and doing 12/24 months no interest financing. Only difference is that you are stuck with that carrier for that time period vs being stuck with paying it on your credit card. There isn’t any interest on the phone and you pay the taxes, up front.
Now, if your credit score prevents you from getting an installment plan then the 3T or one of the less expensive prepaid phones would be the way to go. Otherwise, there aren’t contracts with postpaid service anymore so there is no point in prepaid service unless you want to try out the network to see if it is good in your most visited places.

But why did you switch back to Android in the past? You still haven’t answered that question…

Easy. I didn’t think about this one question (stated above) “Is customizing your phone¬†necessary?” which basically means should it make my decision for me when choosing a phone. The answer has always been and will always be no. I also didn’t notice the bluetooth issues and build quality issues with the Android phones (Samsung is an exception) until recently. I mean, there¬†is a reason I was switching to iPhone in the first place, why this was even something I had to think about.

This part is something I debate with my boss all of the time. His daily driver is the iPhone 7 Plus JB (same as me) but he also owns the Pixel XL. This is a summary, in my own words, of what he told me the last time I talked to him:

Androids feel like toys compared to iPhones. iPhones are more stable and have less force closings of applications. Their build quality is a lot better overall.

Though the Pixel XL is the nicest Android phone I’ve had in a while it still doesn’t beat out iPhones.

This is so true. When you use an iPhone, and I mean¬†really¬†use it, for at least 5 days straight as your daily driver and you go back to your Android you realize quickly how nice iPhones are compared to Android phones. This includes Samsung devices. My 3T does feel like a toy. I was using it while writing this blog to take screenshots and the vibration motor is so light that I barely feel it. The home button is weird because you can tell you are just pressing glass (no haptic feedback for the button) and while nothing has force closed for me yet, the battery life dropped 5% within the last 2 hours of me writing up and formatting this blog. While my iPhone dropped only 1%. The standby time of iPhones is 10x better than Androids which is something you want. You don’t want your phone to die because it was sitting in your purse/pocket and you weren’t even using it. No one would.

I could list more and more reasons why I am keeping my iPhone this time but I think I’ve made my point. If you still want to try to challenge me, do it in the comments. I look forward to hearing your challenges and pushing my way past them.

This blog was not to anger anyone. Android and iOS both have their positives and negatives and all of this is opinions and personal preference. I just wanted to put mine out there.

If you read to the end, here is a virtual cookie! Make it last! <3[/wpex]

Show 7 footnotes

  1. I don’t change my phone but once every¬†4-6 months now.
  2. Best Buy
  3. Of course, icon packs and additional launchers are not available.
  4. Like Nest Thermostat, Arlo Cameras, and Hue Lights
  5. rarely; basically only when I go grocery shopping and I forget my LG Tone Pros
  6. He was speaking about getting a Huawei, Nexus/Pixel, OnePlus, or any other phone that isn’t a Samsung or iPhone.
  7. At least that is the case in the USA. Not sure about other countries.

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