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Hello Summer 2019!

Hello Everyone!

I have been going back and forth lately about whether I wanted to start my YouTube Channel back up or my blog and I decided I would start my blog back up. I did attempt a few videos on my channel but I ultimately don’t have the courage or drive to get in front of a camera every day and record myself talking. Plus, I couldn’t get passed how weird I felt doing it. Some people can post videos, I cannot.

I’m not out for the count though. I have my blog and I’m going to make it better than ever. Ultimately, I’m not blogging for the views, popularity or anything like that. I’m doing this for me. It is something I have always liked doing and it has become a part of me at this point. I’m glad to have this part of me back.

Now, if you have visited my other website,, anytime in the last hour or so (as I just updated it prior to posting this blog) or if you do visit it anytime in the future. You will see I updated the Resume, Portfolio, and Online Biography pages. The biggest change is, I GOT MARRIED! EEEP! I am so incredibly happy. I will post a few blogs in the future about how I met Josh, how our wedding was, and all that jazz (cause who doesn’t like reading the lovey dovey stuff sometimes?!) but for now just know that we are happily married and loving our lives together. <3 If you visit you can see a picture of us together. It is small but does us justice.

I have been procrastinating working on my sites for a while because I was waiting for my HP Laptop that I”m going to be using for work to come in. Well, it has. It is the HP 15T with a 2TB HDD, 12GB RAM, i7 8th Gen Processor, and a really crappy screen. I will talk more about it in a future blog but take a look at these tweets if you want to see the gist of what I think about it:

Again, I will talk more about it in a future blog but besides that laptop, I got a Galaxy Watch 42mm LTE for $150 off of eBay. It has a scratch on the bezel and the screen but otherwise it is a great device. I do not have the LTE activated yet (but should on Saturday!) but overall the battery life has been amazing on it and I am loving it. I will be posting a comparison between it and my Fitbit Versa in the near future and why I chose the Galaxy Watch over the Versa.

Well, that’s all I really had to talk about now! I am glad to be back blogging and I can’t wait to get in the rhythm of posting! I plan to do posts 2-3 times a week at first and then go from there as far as if I feel like posting more often, I will. 🙂

Talk to y’all in the next one! BYE!

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