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Hello, New Friend!

What’s up with everyone? How has everyone been? Since my last blog, not much has happened with me. I have decided since my last blog to not move with my husband to Arizona while he is there for work. Since that is the case I am going to be traveling a lot more so I will keep you all updated on my travels back and forth from there.

Today, I wanted to officially post my review of my Galaxy Note 9. I have owned this phone since November 11th. It is now June 14th. That makes June the 7th month I’ve owned the device. In the past, I only owned devices for 2 months maximum before I would get bored and upgrade. I haven’t done that with this phone for a multitude of reasons some having to do with the phone and others not. I am going to go over all of those reasons today. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Reasons I kept the phone that don’t have to do with the phone

I decided to keep this phone because of money. I am trying to cut down my debt and the first step was to stop getting new phones as that was causing 99% of the debt I had. So, I had to stop and I did with the help of my husband.

I also realized how crazy it was that I was getting a new phone so often and some of those times I was going back and forth between iOS (iPhones) and Android (Samsungs, primarily). Each time I would also buy the Samsung or iPhone watch and pair it to a data plan so that would cause lines to be added, then deleted, then added, and it was a mess. I knew it was crazy for a while but I stopped.

The reason why I couldn’t stop earlier is because I was addicted. I was addicted to buying the latest and greatest and chasing that high you get when you buy something new. I still do get those urges and they will never go away but I have since learned how to manage and control those urges so I don’t go crazy and get myself into debt like I did before.

Now, that I have gone over those simple reasons why I kept the phone that don’t have to do with the phone, let me go over the reasons I kept the phone that do have to do with the phone.

Reasons I kept the phone that have to do with the phone

First, let me make a list:

  • The SPen
  • The Screen
  • Good Lock 2018 also known as the extra customization features built-in to the phone
  • Galaxy Watch + how well it works with the watch
  • Battery

Those are the top 5 reasons I kept the phone. I could probably come up with other smaller reasons but those go over the main reasons why I kept it. Now let me explain.

The SPen is the little pen that comes with all of the Samsung Note devices. From the Galaxy Note 1 to the Note 9 all Samsung Note devices have included the SPen and it has gotten better and better over the years plateauing at the Note 7 [disaster]. This little pen is very useful to sign important documents, play games that require precision, or take a partial page screenshot. Those are the main reasons why I love the SPen and what I use it for. The only annoying part is when you drop your Note it is almost guaranteed to fall out of your phone.

Next, I want to go over the screen. I’m not going to post this like every other reviewer online. All I am going to say is, the edges are annoying that they are rounded but you get used to it pretty fast. What I do like about the screen, however, is the brightness outdoors, size, and the resolution. I keep my Note9 on HD+ which is the lowest setting you can put it on and I don’t notice a difference between that and FHD+ (the highest setting). So, I get the beautiful screen and get to save a bit of battery.

Speaking of the battery, this phone can last me 2 days on a charge depending on what I am using it for. If I am exclusively using the built-in Night Mode and have all of my apps set with black backgrounds and don’t play very many games, I can easily get 8-9 hours of Screen On Time over 24+ hours if I am browsing Reddit, for example. Now, I live by chargers as I stay at home so this doesn’t do me much good at home but it is nice to know that when I travel (as I’m going to be traveling a lot more in the coming months) I don’t have to worry about my phone dying randomly or being forced to bring a battery charger, though I do anyway. Even when this phone is connected to my Galaxy Watch 42mm Rose Gold via bluetooth, I don’t notice any battery drain.

Speaking of that watch, I will go over it in a separate review but the fact that there is a watch that works so well with the phone is amazing. While it is missing some of the features that the Apple Watches have like ECG and fall detection, it still has everything I need when connected to LTE. Also, when paired to a Samsung device and using the stock Email and Messages apps, you can get all of your texts from anywhere while you have LTE service. That is one of the best features. I don’t have to worry about calls, emails, or texts because the reliability between the Samsung device and the watch is amazing. For example, my husband called me today (out of the blue, might I add) and my watch vibrated before my phone did to notify me about the call. I was able to seamlessly answer it from my phone and take the call. It has been an overall great experience that I will talk more about in my next blog.

The last thing I wanted to go over is how Good Lock 2018 influenced my decision to keep the Note9. This has, honestly, been one of the most important reasons why I kept the device. I love the ability to customize every single part of the watch and the fact that it is built-in to the operating system with a simple app (or set of apps) rather than having to root your phone and install customizations that you may or may not have to redo anytime you want to get the latest update on your device. Good Lock and its set of apps and the fact that they are built-in are the biggest reason why, when I looked at the OnePlus 7 Pro the other day, I was not and am not influenced to get any other phone besides a Samsung device. The reasons above are the other reasons why I don’t want any other Samsung device but as far as a Pixel 3a/4 or OnePlus 7 Pro, I don’t want them because they don’t have anywhere near the customization options that the Note9 does, out of the box. That’s saying something, too, because of all of the customizations that OnePlus has baked into all of their devices from the get-go. I will post my thoughts on that device in a future blog as well.

So, those are the main reasons why I have kept and will continue keeping the Samsung Galaxy Note9. I hope you liked this review. If you want more, let me know! Until the next one, cheers!

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