My CodingHelp Subreddit Success Story

24 Apr


If you don’t know me, I am a programmer by night and gamer by day. I took over the subreddit r/CodingHelp back in 2015 when I was around 20 years old. I brought on my wonderful co-owner, u/SupremeDesigner, almost immediately and we got it off the ground. Now it has over 12.5k members and consistently 30+ people online no matter the time of day. I cannot believe what it has turned into and that I did this. It has been a long journey but I can, finally, say my subreddit is successful as well as the Discord Server.

How did I bring it from 200 members to over 12,000 members?

Honestly, I don’t quite remember. Hahahaha. I know I posted it on a few advertisement subreddit, though I can’t remember the names or links and then I just let it sit there.

The r/CodingHelp Subreddit
The r/CodingHelp Subreddit

See, when I was 20-24/25, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It has only recently hit me that I want to go into IT and be a programmer. Before this, I thought I wanted to be a teacher of some kind. What drew me away from teaching was the bad pay and horrible stress they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

With all of that said, I abandoned r/CodingHelp for a few years and just let it sit with u/SupremeDesigner doing all of the hard work. I do not recommend this as he could have ran it into the ground. I wish I was active on it for the last years but I am now and that’s all that matters.

What do you believe helps when it comes to whether a website/subreddit/etc. is successful?

The biggest thing I believe helps is…

Longevity + Activity Level

By that I mean, how long the website/subreddit/etc. has been live and how many posts/views it has during that time frame. My subreddit could have tanked if it wasn’t for u/SupremeDesigner working on it when I couldn’t and advertising it his way and just keeping it alive, in general.

Success always takes time. Therefore, time is going to be the biggest thing that plays a roll into whether or not your project is successful.

The next thing I believe helps is…

A dedicated owner/co-owner or moderation team

This means that the people who are “in charge” are active and dedicated to making sure the project succeeds. This is difficult. The team has to have the dedication and drive to last years on a single project. Not everyone has this drive and dedication, I know I didn’t.

What else do you recommend to someone who wants to start a new, successful, project?

Make sure you have a unique idea. If you try to go into an already HUGE field you are going to have a much harder time making your project successful versus someone who created a unique idea in a smaller field.

Also, have patience. You aren’t going to succeed immediately. You won’t succeed anytime in the near future, even. Not unless you are lucky, that is. Make sure you can stick it out for the long hall.

Lastly, make sure this is an idea you can see yourself managing 5 or 10 or 20 years down the road. Make sure you have passion and drive to maintain it for that length of time as well.

Those are my tips and my story! Do you have a success story? What is it?

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