Electronics Update: ASUS + MacPro Updates…


Hey guys!

So I’ve been trying to sell my ASUS 2-in-1 laptop and after putting it up on ebay once and not being able to sell it, I decided to return my Macbook Pro (MacPro) and use my ASUS laptop. I’ve had the ASUS Laptop just sitting around all this time, never touched, moved, etc. It’s been about 2 weeks to 3 weeks that I’ve actually had possession of the laptop and 1 week since I’ve been using it.

Today, my laptop died as seen to the right. It went to the ‘APTIO Setup Utility’ and no matter what I do it will not boot. I’m on the phone YET AGAIN with ASUS about this bull shit. This is completely ridiculous. I can’t believe they would send me a laptop that won’t even work for 1 week without dying. I ONLY loaded Chrome and Office 365 on it and ONLY did school on it. Nothing big like The Sims or anything was done on the thing… It couldn’t even handle LIGHT TASKS. WHAT THE FUCK? Now they are saying they can’t send me a new one… They are going to be in for a surprise on that one. I’m not wasting $300-400 on this laptop (open box from Best Buy as an employee you get good deals) for it to just die on me.

Now, I’m tempted to purchase a HP laptop and just forget about it. I returned my MacPro because it had TONS of issues connecting to my home WiFi which is the main place I’m going to use it. Apple and Xfinity couldn’t fix it or didn’t know what was wrong without me sending it in, so I got tired and returned it.

I hate that I am too nice of a person to do anything. I’m waiting on a supervisor right now for it. Stay tuned to my Twitter for updates. I’ll post them as they come along and another blog when I get this resolved with a resolution.

I just wanted to rant YET AGAIN about ASUS. Thanks for reading!

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  1. It doesn’t sound right that you can’t at least get a replacement ASUS laptop for the trouble. I am surprised that the MacBook couldn’t connect to wifi, if it connects everywhere except home then it sounds like a problem with your ISP, but did you try resetting your Mac settings or router settings? I suppose you’ve tried everything but I just got the impression that maybe there was still something you could do to fix it.

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