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Registered: 5-30-2012

Opened: 7-15-2012

Registered from: NameCheap

Owner: Erin Nicole aka Erin Motyka

Detailed Information

I registered this domain after using InkedByErin.info for 2 years as my blog URL. This is my new blog. IBE has been reopened as a domain collective after not using it for 3 years and trying to figure what to do with it. I love the .nu extension which is why I decided to use it on this domain.

I’ve moved this domain back and forth from Tumblr. I have a lot of my posts “backed up” if you want to call it that to Tumblr just in case something happens and I have to get rid of my hosting, I will always keep this domain whether it is on Tumblr or elsewhere. Check out my domain collective (IBE) to get the link to that Tumblr. All of my links are there.

Anyway, now that I am using WordPress again, I wanted to make sure I got this posted. 🙂 I care about this site a lot. It is my baby and while I may not post on it, that doesn’t mean I’m neglecting it. I’ve simply got nothing to post that I want the world reading. I have a journal/diary for that kind of stuff. 😉 Stuff that I don’t mind the world reading are what is posted here. I don’t care about the number of comments I get. I do this for the passion of blogging and loving being able to get my grammar, typing, and English skills better cause even as a native English speaker and writer, I still need work on it.

Anyway, can’t think of anything else to write about the site. Have fun browsing!