About Erin Nicole

I know, I am really late in posting this considering I had an about page up but it was never really dedicated to the site but rather more to me well  after 3 years I decided to make one dedicated to me and make the other one dedicated to the site itself. This will be my medium length autobiography. Let’s get started.

Me!That’s me! I’m 21 years old, almost 22 (June 8th!) and I’m currently working on moving out of my parents’ house. I just became unemployed on 3-24-2015 but I am working on getting another job. I prefer my hair long and sometimes with blonde highlights. I’m not really into makeup so you’ll never see me with makeup on. I don’t really take selfies much so if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see more pictures of other things like my animals or my dorm room or my future house. I have a cat named Nikki who is 4 this year (can’t believe she is that old!) Here is her picture:

Nikki, my kitty. She is 4 this year (2015).I’m not sure why WordPress is rotating the image like that but you can see her fine, imo. (if not you can click the picture to see the picture I uploaded, it shows the right way that way) 🙂 Still can’t believe she is so old! I got her when she was only a few weeks old…

Anyway, animals are my favorite creatures, I’m not really a human person. LOL I mean I don’t really like interacting with humans as much as I like interacting with animals.

Besides working on my websites, I like to play soccer and basketball as well as play video games. The N64 is my favorite gaming console besides the PS2/PS1 and the X360. If I had to purchase one of the brand new consoles that came out, I would definitely get the PS4. It wins hardcore. I don’t want something controlling my whole system, I just want it for gaming, that’s it and the X1 isn’t really made for gaming, it is made for connecting all of your devices to one unit to control. I don’t like that.

I also on a Nintendo DS, DSi XL, & 3DS. I own ALL of the pokemon games to the first generation (red, green, blue) to the newest generation (Pokemon X). I plan on purchasing Pokemon Ruby or whatever the newest game for the 3DS is called but I don’t have the money (since I’m unemployed) and it isn’t at the top of my list so I’ll probably just ask for it for my birthday or Christmas.
I collect ALL of the pokemon walkthrough books, I have them starting at yellow and going all of the way up to Pokemon X&Y.

Besides all of that I am really into technology. I love having the latest & greatest technology if I can. I never try and break the bank while I am trying to have the latest & greatest. I love watching YouTubers review all of the latest phones, tablets, smart watches, etc. Check out my YouTube Channel to see the channels that I follow to get this information! <3

The only headphones/earbuds I can use are the Apple Earpods because those in-ear headphones hurt my ears. Plus, my ears make too much earwax, it is a condition that has been passed down from my Grandmother to me (Thanks grandma! JK) so I have to clean my ears with hydrogen peroxide every other day for 20 minutes (10 min each ear) so other headphones get ear wax all over them and that is gross.
Due to this earwax issue, I never use Q-Tips in my ears, unless I can’t hear which happens sometimes when trying to treat my earwax. I also talk really loud and don’t realize it so my sister and parents always say “I’m right here Erin!” or “Sssh!” and I start feeling bad cause I can’t tell I’m talking really loudly… I just can’t hear myself otherwise, it gets worse when in a public place that is loud like Dave ‘n Busters or a restaurant like Outback Steakhouse. I can’t help it and if you know me in person or if we talk on Skype and I’m talking really loudly, let me know, I need to get this under control somehow. LOL

This is getting really long so I’m going to list out my favorites to keep from making this take 20-30 minutes to read… LOL These favorites are in order from most favorite to least favorite (not the numbers but everything after the categories). I decided to link everything to pictures or websites where you could find more information on them as I know some people aren’t in the USA and have no idea what I am talking about with some of these, all links open in new tabs. 😉

  1. Favorite Colors- Black, Grey, Dark Red, Dark Green, Orange, Dark Blue, and Pink.
  2. Favorite Snack- Special K Chocolate Chip Protein Bars & Air-Popped Popcorn
  3. Favorite Meal- I don’t really have a favorite meal/meal time. As long as I can eat, I’m happy! LOL
  4. Favorite Foods- Pasta-Roni Shells with White Cheddar, Pizza (preferrably Marcos.com but I will get Dominos.com as well also I like Totinos Pizzas), Coco Roos, Corn Pops, Cap’n Crunch, Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch BerriesTrixOreo Ice Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, & Vanilla Ice Cream
  5. Favorite Drinks- Sprite Zero/Sprite, Nestle Water, Fat Free Milk, Apple Juice (I call it Apple Joosh (pronounced apple j-oo-sh) lol I’m weird), Hi-C Fruit Punch, & Capri-Sun Fruit Punch
  6. Favorite Candies- KitKat, Reese’s Cups, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar & Twizzlers
  7. Favorite Mythical Creature Unicorn
  8. Favorite Animals- Horses, Dolphins, Dogs, Cats
  9. Favorite Operating System– Windows 8.1, Windows 7, & Windows 10.
  10. Laptop or Desktop? Laptop.

I created an ask.fm account if you would like to ask me any questions there! I will answer any and all questions! I think that’s it. If you want to know anything else, go there and ask me! 🙂