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Why I can’t host on VPSL or HD?

Hey guys!

Now that I have finally finished working on The Help Me Code Club [1. will blog about THMCC later.] I can finally focus my efforts on my other websites. [2. I have them all listed on the “Links” page if you want to view them all, though some are still a WIP so if you see errors, I know they are there, just ignore them. I’ll blog when I have finished ALL of my sites.]

Since I’ve become a member on a number of forums [3. Check the “Links” page for the one’s I regularly visit.] I have come across people asking about & and their services. When I do, I fake cry because I can no longer host with them and I love their services to death. I fake cry for several reasons-

  1. It isn’t worth real tears
  2. It was my own fault
  3. It is completely stupid that I caused this upon myself

I have not been able to host with them for several (more like 2) years now. Not that I would want to at this point as…

  1. I don’t have the money now that I am going off to college
  2. I am “drifting away” [3. +1 to everyone that got the reference to my username “xxDriftingAway”.. hehe(: ] from my hosting site, I still want to host people but I’m not as serious about it anymore
  3. There’s no point in owning a VPS/Dedicated Server if my forum runs fine on shared hosting (that doesn’t have any issues since I got it on 8.1.2014) and I’m not seriously hosting people. That would be a waste of money.
  4. Their reseller plans are wayyyyy overpriced. They will tell you “It’s because we give you this or that” but, in reality, other hosts give you that standard and don’t overcharge you for it.

Now to answer the question I’ve been pestered about on the forums I join (unintentionally, I’ve been meaning to share this anyway..)-

Why can’t I host on VPSL or HD?

To answer this question thoroughly I have to go back in time and tell you about how I have been with all of my hosts… even today with

Part 1 – My first domain & subdomains

When I first started with my websites, I was about 12 years old and I was hosting with (now At first I used a subdomain ( but then I got my mom to purchase me and that’s when I purchased my first domain. That was all of the way back in 2005. My domain was a blog and I wanted to give away stuff for as I was a huge Neopets fan at the time.

Then, I found a hosting site… (doesn’t exist anymore) and I signed up for my first subdomain where I had FTP access…… eventually after 3 months or so the host disappeared and so did my site (though I still think I have the backup for it somewhere).

That’s when I went back to freewebs and continued with the site for a few years…

Part 2 – My first domains with

My first domain that I purchased from GD was as I wanted to continue with the site but I also wanted FTP access. We were able to purchase it for $0.99 and it was awesome. I kept it for a year but only used it for 6 months before I was asking my mom for well… we spelled it wrong and I ended up owning both and LOL Anyway, after those domains I wanted to be able to host off of GoDaddy as I didn’t like that bar at the top of my website… So, I kept them and learned how to use nameservers at the age of 15.

At this point I was becoming very educated about the online world but still did not know as much as I do now (obviously). While I had I was very active on this site called (links to my profile). I realized while I was on there that this wasn’t the type of site I wanted to be apart of because everyone there was so mean to people who did not know how to code or design that well. I was a newbie that had just received Adobe Creative Suite 5 and did not know how to use it that well. I would jump between CS5 and GIMP.
While I was on that website, blogging, I had met Georgina & Kya. This was when I was 15, so 6 years ago, so in 2008. They amazed me back then by their coding skills and their design skills. I have always looked up to them and will always look up to them in the future. I can only see them getting better and better.

Anyway, I was hosted by Kya while she owned (her ex-hosting site) and I loved every minute of it. That’s when I learned about NC and decided I was going to purchase some domains from there. I do believe (not 100% sure) my first domain I purchased from them was a transfer of and I used my own money that I saved up. When I learned that NC did contests for domains I was ecstatic but I have not won the grand prize yet due to the fact that I can’t force myself to stay up all hours of the night and day just to answer questions. Plus, half of the questions I don’t even know so I end up not answering first anyway. Lol I’m to tired for that.

The next domain I purchased was the one I’ve owned ever since. I purchased it 8.14.2010 and it is called besides this one that was purchased 5.30.2012 it is my baby. I have yet to find a use for it but I still love it just as much as I love this domain. I don’t see myself ever letting it expire. <3 [4. especially not before this one expires in 2016.]

While I had these domains I was going in between a few free hosts like Kya and others that I knew from blogging. Until 2010 I had not paid for hosting at all. I thought it was a waste of money because I was with Kya and she was hosting me for free as well as creating layouts for me.

Part 3 – Purchasing Reseller Hosting

While I was with Kya, I had purchased[5. some of you may remember this domain, well, now Melissa (owner of is letting it expire and I plan on snatching it up after it expires if I can. ;)] and I needed reseller hosting. So, I purchased it from her. I was hosting people for free and I loved it.  I could not think of anything better to do with my time and I felt like I was helping a lot of people. That was back in 2010 and even 4 years later I remember that feeling and I love it which is why it is so hard for me to let go of my hosting site, regardless of its name.[6.hostwish has a special place in my heart just like ibe and this site.]

Fast forward, I had found and I decided to host with them… well, while I had my service with them all of my websites got hacked… not once, not twice, but THREE times since I was hosted with them altogether. After the first time, I secured everything with WP plugins and secure passwords and everything and yet STILL I was hacked again… I was furious so I left.

Part 4 – Purchasing VPS/Dedicated Server Hosting

I went over to Kelsey‘s host, Darren, and got free hosting with Jenna/Jennifer/My Stalker[7. will blog about this in another blog…] Well, that was another nightmare. Darren would hit on me and although I got my first taste of root access on a server, it was awful cause nothing would work and whenever I needed help he wasn’t on and it was just worse than HC.

So, I moved back to HC… well, while I was with them this time… I was hacked for the third time. That’s when I realized that while I am hosting with them my websites aren’t safe. It had to be their server or something. (this was in 2012-2013 that I was hosted with HC, so fairly recently) That’s when I left again.

I went back to Darren’s hosting but couldn’t take him hitting on me and Kelsey was no help cause she was like “You’ll just get used to it… no biggie”. So, I left after finding VPSL.

That was the best time of my life. Jenna & I left for VPSL and loved it. This was before they merged with HD, when they did merge, I left them for another host (don’t ask me who, I don’t remember). I didn’t know who HD was at the time so I was scared that my VPS would go down.

Eventually, I made my way back to VPSL and that’s when I realized that HD wasn’t so bad. So, I purchased a VPS from HD (instead of VPSL) and loved it… well, due to the price, I cancelled it and that’s when I doomed myself for all eternity… not even joking… Why do I say that… well, let me state the next order of events like this… (these are all from HD)

  1. When I cancelled, I couldn’t find a better host so I purchased a dedi & it was awesome! no downtime or anything & support was amazing.
  2. Price & parent pressure= cancelled (after about 2-3 months)
  3. No better host = VPS
  4. Price & parent pressure= Cancelled (after about 2-3 months)
  5. No better host = Dedi
  6. Price & parent pressure= Cancelled (after about 2-3 months)
  7. No better host = Dedi

Now, at this point, I was asking about cancelling because of the price again. That’s when they warned me that they had the right to not allow me to host on their network anymore. I understood because… just LOOK at the above. Lol I cancelled anyway… Then I came back on with a VPS and this time after 3 months cancelled… they didn’t say anything… VPS again cancelled and BAM! They told me I couldn’t host with them. That was about a year after the warning. I was kind of heartbroken because I love their services but can’t deal with the price but the price was what made me be like “ok, I can handle this”.

I understand 100% why they kicked me off (found out a few months ago that they deleted my CORE account as well… lol) and I don’t blame them. I would have kicked me off sooner. LOL Maybe in a few years (after college) I will see what they say if I need hosting with them (as I would rather try and fail with them before choosing another hosting company) but until then I will always talk them up because no matter what happens, I caused this on myself, they didn’t do anything to make me not want to host with them (besides the price… though in hindsight I probably would have cancelled like that anyway regardless of the price). I caused this on myself and they don’t deserve me bad-mouthing them when I DID THIS TO MYSELF. It was NOT their fault… they had AWESOME hosting and they did NOTHING wrong. I realized that at the time and I know that now.

I will forever more continue to say how awesome and fast their support, accounting, billing, sales, etc. staff was, how it was awesome that they could get me to a supervisor if I didn’t agree with something… and how their live chat support staff was on 24/7. Afterall, I had managed services with them, I wouldn’t expect any less. All of those reviews online saying that the uptime was awful and that the security on the servers were awful or that ANYTHING AT ALL was awful, are WRONG I had a reseller for 1 month with them and it was JUST AS good as their VPS & Dedicated server options. It had just as fast speeds, uptime was just as good, support was just as good, and so was everything else.

Even if you are with VPSL, you can see that everything is just as good as how it is with HD. It is awesome. <3 You cannot get me to say anything bad about them even if you paid me.

Part 5 – After VPSL/HD

From then on, I went back to HC (got hacked again) so I left and I’ve been bouncing around resellers to the point where it gets ridiculous. Now I am with NC (yearly paid shared hosting) and have been for 1 month next month (lol) and DH (free reseller hosting) for 1 month next week.

I realized why I was doing the back and forth with VPSL/HD & that was because I am so indecisive that it affects my whole life. I have issues making decisions to this day. I never want to make the wrong one… in the end, I end up making the wrong one. LOL so, yeah… That’s my hosting story. Bash me all you want in the comments. I can take it!

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  1. That was one intense story, however that is actually the first time I have actually heard of a host telling someone that they are no longer going to take your money because you have cancelled with them so many times LOL. However I used to do similar things as I too have been at the website seen since I was probably 12 or 13 so about 8 or 9 years.
    I do agree however, that HD has an excellent product and there is nothing wrong with that except….they know that they have an excellent product and their prices show it LOL I am comfortable with my hosting at SRVIS I paid approx $18 for a year and the hosting is super fast.

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