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My Perfect Phone

Hello Erin!

I’m writing this to you in the future when you are questioning your phone purchase decisions. I’m writing this to you so you can stop buying phones every time a new phone gets released. You need to remember why you decided on this phone and remember that you don’t need the ‘latest and greatest’ phone. Your phone does what you need perfectly fine and the only time you need to replace it is when it stops doing what you need it to do and or the battery doesn’t even last you a few hours without you having to plug it in. You need to revisit this list whenever you get down on yourself or just feel that “I HAVE TO HAVE IT!” impulse and instead put that money that you will spend into your savings account or towards your credit card debt or student loans.

These are the features you absolutely have to have in a phone or you won’t even consider it:

  • All day battery
  • Large Screen (5.5″ or greater) for YouTube Videos & Netflix Streaming
  • LTE Capability + Fantastic cell signal
  • Good Camera (can take low light shots with tiny bit of fuzziness)
  • Ability to be used on T-Mobile

These are the features you’d prefer to have:

  • Customization
    • Moving apps anywhere on the screen
    • Nova Launcher
      • Changing App Icons
      • Changing App Sizes
      • Adding any gestures anywhere
      • Changing dock/removing dock
    • Any texting/browsing/mail/etc. app
  • Android Auto
  • Applecare Level Support
  • Continuity between iPad, Mac & iPhone
    • iMessage
      • Gif Texting and Texting without data is nice.
      • Can get texts on all 3 devices
    • Easily Hotspot between devices
    • Apple Watch unlocks Mac & iPhone unlocks Apple Watch

These are the features you don’t care about having:

  • FaceTime
  • SPen – it is a really nice feature but if my phone doesn’t have it I’m not going to cry about it.
  • Headphone Jack – Yes, it is nice having it but I have AirPods and LG Tones so not having it isn’t a “killer” or bad thing.

These are the features that you’d hate your phone to have:

  • Short Battery Life
  • Apple CarPlay (too limited in 2017)
  • Absolutely no updates at all

With all of that said, you should be able to decide between phones now. You should clearly see that Android Phones are the ones that make the most sense. As in the combined have to prefer to have sections Apple has 7 while Android has 7. While they are tied having a car with Android Auto and the google assistant built in is WAY more useful than CarPlay. So, that holds more weight as you are in a car almost every single day driving to and from work or to the store or what not. That means that feature should have more weight than the others.

Even if it does, if you add in the don’t care section that gives an extra 2 points to Android as your Note 8 has both the SPen and the Headphone Jack. Which means it beats out any iPhone by miles.

I hope this helps future you! It is certainly helping current you! 🙂

P.S. I hope this helps out other people as well. This is the easiest way I have found to decide between phones. Just list out what you need/want/don’t care/hate in phones and that makes the decision for you. I wanted to write this in a letter format so that I can go back and read it like so. Let me know what you think!

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