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Hey guys!

It has been a month since I wrote anything on here. I’m sorry about that! I’ve just been focusing on myself, work, school, love life, and anything BUT my websites. Well, that’s going to change. I am going to get back into blogging and my sites more. This past year has been hard. I lost myself several times but I picked myself back up. I’m so proud of myself.

Look of my 2018 Chevy Volt LT.

November was okay. Mostly just working like crazy especially Thanksgiving week and the week after. Calls have finally started to die down on the phone which helps my stress level. I did something INSANE on my sister’s birthday (November 30th). I had to take my car into the shop because I ran over a nail and my tire was flat and I had a rental and I got this bug in my head from my ex-who I really shouldn’t be talking to-who said he was buying a new car (used car but new to him). I liked the rental and I was like, “I should look at other cars”. So, I downloaded the TrueCar app¬†and looked at different options and the one that stood out to me the most was the Chevrolet Volt. I had wanted to get a Chevy for a while but I wasn’t in the market for a new car. Heck, my old Toyota Corolla only has 54k miles on it and still drives amazing and isn’t even paid off yet. I still decided to see the price and visit the dealership. I did a test drive and the guys were pushing me hard… So, I BOUGHT THE CAR. Mine looks like the picture to the right. Here are some of the features:

  • Heated Seats & Heated Steering wheel (that is a thing???)
  • Android Auto + Apple CarPlay (depending on the phone plugged in)
  • SiriusXM
  • OnStar Navigation + Support
  • AT&T WiFi through OnStar (I can get unlimited data for $20/month, WHAT?)
  • Electric Charging + Gas (Electric bill is going to go up…)
  • Leather Interior
  • Powered Windows (all 4 go automatically down but only drivers does both up and down)
  • App to see status about car (charging status, charging level, PSI of tires, Oil Life, % of Gas in the Car, and more).
  • Backup Camera (I’ve backed into parking spots every day since I got the car.)
  • Lights turn on automatically (this is a thing??)
  • Remote Start + Push to Start

There are many more features but that is the features I could think of off the top of my head. I notice that I’m driving a lot better (more cautious and gas efficient) in the car and it drives a lot smoother than my old Corolla. My mom bought my Corolla off of me for $8500 and is paying off the car (only had $1400 left on the car). So, while my payments doubled (a little over) I can afford it (did multiple budgets to make sure) and I’m extremely happy with my purchase. Though I’m starting to have issues with SiriusXM fading out when driving by construction + semi-trucks and the tire pressure (PSI) keeps fluctuating going up and down rapidly. Not sure if it is because I see it via the app instead of checking once every few months or because the tires or app is messed up… I may have to take it back to the dealership soon to ask them about both of those.

December has been great so far. Found out my romantic interest is also interested in me but he is leaving soon for Basic Training in the Army so I’m just taking it day by day focusing on me. Realized recently that all of my technological purchases are made due to me not knowing how to handle being lonely. I’m using my purchases for retail therapy. That is stopping as of today. It should have stopped already but today I traded in my iPhone 8+ Gold 256gb for the iPhone X Space Gray 256GB and purchased a new band for my watch and a new case for my phone. Luckily, I can still return the other cases I purchased for the 8+. So, I’ll get that money back which will go towards this new phone.

As of today, I’m done purchasing ANYTHING for the next 6 months. I’m going from December 6th until June 8th not purchasing anything except necessities so I can pay my car, car insurance ($804 every 6 months through USAA), internet, electricity, gas, phone bill and credit card bills. The last one is most important as I need to get my credit back up again so credit card bills getting lower (instead of higher) is the key here. I’m working on paying off my Note 8 and selling my Gear S3 LTE ($350 if anyone is interested) so I can lower the payments on my phone bill. One credit card will be paid off in January when I get both the trade in credit and rebate from Google & T-Mobile and then sell the phone on Swappa. Then, I’m going to work on paying off my Chase Credit Cards (Amazon and Chase Slate). Once I get those paid off (about $4k there) I’m going to pay off my Walmart card… then lastly my Barclay and Best Buy Cards. I’m hoping to do this all within the next 2 years by not spending anything except around Christmas and my birthday… which happen to both be 6 months from each other. I really need to get my life back together and get my credit back up into the mid 700s like it was before I knew anything about Credit Cards and credit scores and everything 2 years ago. I have a long way to go but I know I can do it.

Anyway, this blog is long enough. If I have anything else I’ll tweet about it. Talk to you guys later!

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