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Life Updates #2

Hello everyone!

Well, I have started a YouTube Channel. It is all about my opinions on technology. Any reviews I have will go one of 2 places: they will either go here as a written up version or they will go on my YouTube channel as a video. Of course the videos are going to be much shorter. I have also vowed to not edit any of my videos except at the beginning and ends and adding background music. It makes it more realistic and it makes me more relatable, imo. In honor of this, I have uploaded my first 2 videos. My first one is about Bezels & my second one is my Vlog. Let me know what you think!

The Vlog states everything I decided as far as my websites up until the beginning of this month. What I have decided now-after taking a month long break-is that I’m having someone else help me with Hostwish and I’m not doing as much for a while. This blog is staying up because even if no one comments here, it is a nice release typing everything up and posting it online. This also keeps my typing skills sharp for when I do go into website development after I graduate.

Speaking of graduating, that is now pushed off because I started getting grants from the government so I’m taking 2 classes a semester until they stop and then I will finish. I’m hoping I will only have about 4-5 classes left or less before they stop so I can finish in 1-2 semesters. I’m taking Business Law and another class next semester which I am not excited about. I took Business Law about 2 years ago and dropped it (with the same Professor) and it was really hard with “which answer is more correct” questions. Those are the worst! So, I just want to get it over with and this time I’m taking it in class versus online. I just hope it is easier going to class versus taking it online. I’m going to take it next semester either way but March to May is going to be super stressful for me due to this one class. *sigh*

The reason why I closed this blog and put Hostwish on the backburner is because my depression kicked up and I had no motivation to do anything. I was in a bad spot there for almost 2 months due to changes in hormones (changed from IUD to nothing to the pill within the last 6 months) and changes in friendships. I am better now. I gave myself time to sulk and now I am back. I’m definitely not going to take everything on at once but instead slowly (over the next 6 months) come back with everything. I’m excited and so glad I’m finally feeling better.

Moving onto that subject, I just changed from Tricare Young Adult Prime to United Healthcare with Best Buy so now I’m saving $200/month on healthcare and I have to find another obgyn and primary care doctor. Since I just switched I don’t have coverage for another 2 weeks and I don’t get my healthcare card for another 4-6 weeks after that. Which means I have to try not to get sick until February at the earliest. I really hope that is possible! Wish me luck!

Lastly, I want to give you updates on the animals… well, mainly Marli. She is doing fantastic! She has gotten so much bigger! Just look! We also invested in a laser pointer and as you can see here, she LOVES to chase after it.

I swear she gets more and more adorable by the day! She is finally potty trained so as long as we let her out enough times she wont go on the carpet! YAY! It sucks for at night though because we haven’t grasped how long she can go at night but we are getting there! I’m so happy that she is getting so smart!

She also knows sit, lay down, shake, stay, but she is learning leave it and down. Teaching her has been pretty smooth. We took her to Petsmart to get tips and tricks on how to teach her and she has excelled since then.


Well, that’s all I could think of to post. I will be posting another blog tonight! Stay tuned!

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