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Hello world!

I accidentally deleted my database so until I can remember what I posted my last blog about (or even remember what was in it) I will keep this here. I’ll just blog again with the previous post.

I’m so glad to have my blog back! I missed it so much. <3 *kisses the site* YIPEEE! Lol /don’t judge me

If you don’t know me, read my about page. If you do, WELCOME BACK! Anyway, keeping this short. BYE EVERYONE!

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  1. Ahh that sucks I remember when I use to lose databases on forums every once in awhile it sucked.

  2. Oh no Erin! I hope there is still a way for you to retrieve those data. Poor precious entries.

    Deej from

  3. Welcome back! It’s always nice to start anew and fresh. I honestly like the colors of this layout. :).

  4. It is certainly rough losing an entire database and especially when you had a lot of content that you wrote on that database, I hope you can remember some of the articles or maybe come up with new and unique ones!
    Oh, and this time make backups 🙂

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