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Advertising + Giveaway

Hey guys!

This is partially a giveaway post. I’m posting this as an entry to Forum Promotion’s giveaway. You can skip later to read about my giveaway going on.

Forum Promotion is an awesome place to join and advertise your website. I use it to advertise all of my websites. It helps me get more visitors and members to my site. It is a promotion forum but it is a forum promotion that does it right. Right now they are having a giveaway for great prizes but I don’t want anyone else to join cause I want to win the grand prize! Hahahaha.

At Forum Promotion you can get free posts on your forum, advertise your forum in their footer and make TONS of new friends for your forum! I have met A LOT of people and I have battled other websites for who likes which website(s) the best and it is a lot of fun!

Forum Promotion is, by far, the best promotion forum I have ever seen. There are new startup promotion forums out there but with site of the month, forum of the month, signature advertising, the promotion directory, featured sites, social advertising and more it is just an AMAZING place to advertise your site! You can definitely post promotions going on, on your website as well as get technical support, graphic design & webmaster help and do post exchanges with other people and find people to help manage your website.

This isn’t a place just for forums, it is a place for all websites! You should join it! It is an awesome place!

 /end advertisement slash giveaway post


So, I’m working on typing up more tutorials and posting them to The Help Me Code Club. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out how I want the tutorials to show on the website. Do I want a blog on the main page or do I want to keep it the same way and post the tutorials as is… what do you guys think?

I am also working to get my Sims Forum have more activity. I’m posting on the official forums until I can have a signature with my forum and I am also posting topics on my own forum. I am taking a break from it for now though. I will post on it in about 2 weeks time but until then I am focusing my efforts on THMCC.

What tutorials would you like to see me post on THMCC? I’m up for any ideas! I have a list here. If you would like to see some, go ahead and add to that list or post some in the comments. I check it everyday that I go to write tutorials so I will update it with some ideas. If you have any notes, go ahead and make the box as big as you can with any notes.

My giveaway on Hostwish Hosting is still going on. You can enter below or at the link here! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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4 replies

  1. Might check out Forum Promotion, thanks!

  2. Good luck with your projects and the giveaway. 😀

  3. Hey, hope you’re doing okay.

    I’d like to see tutorials on how to get archive pages to work on WordPress if you change to a different theme – but that’s just because I cannot get it to work at all haha!!

    And The Sims forum sounds fun. I’ve only just got onto Sims 3 – but I’m glad cause I’ve heard lots of negative reviews of Sims 4. Apparently you have to pay for a swimming pool in actual money?? What??!!

    • I’ll definitely get that done! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

      Yeah, they added that in the previous update but I figured they would make you pay for pools and ghosts but I was wrong. Even still, doesn’t have enough crap for me. I prefer the open worlds of TS3.

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