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[REVIEW] Oittm Smart Pillow Mat

Everything that came in the package.

Size in relation to my pillow.Hello!

I received this really unique product from the nice people at Oittm. I was excited to get it because I really wanted it to work well and I wanted it to be a way to record my sleep while not wearing my Fitbit Alta (review coming soon). As you can probably guess, it doesn’t work that well. As you can see from the screenshots below, the smart pillow mat shows I was sleeping for an extra hour that night. It shows that because I was laying on it fairly still playing on my phone but I was awake. The Fitbit Alta has been extremely accurate with my sleep to the point where I was shocked when I first started using it to record my sleep.

Anyway, there are a few good things about this smart pillow mat. The big thing being the speaker included in it. Now that I have this I no longer have to worry about playing my music so loud that I start to go deaf at night. I can play whatever music I like (whether my choice or the pre-defined ones in the app) via the pillow mat and you can’t hear it when you lift your head more than 2 feet away from the mat. In fact, I would roll over and have to adjust my pillow just to hear the music again. It is that good.

What it shows after you press start... Time + Alarm time. After you press and hold stop it asks you how you feel when you wake up. View past sleeping patterns, fitbit.

The last thing I liked was how comfortable it was to sleep on, it was barely noticeable in my pillow case.

Next, I’m going to go over the things I didn’t link. For a quick reference here is a list:

  • It is incredibly small.
  • You can’t view previous nights recordings.
  • It isn’t very accurate.
  • App used to record sleep is not available on the play store.
  • App UI/UE is horrible.

Now I’m going to go into detail about everything I have listed above in the same order. Starting with the size of the pillow mat, it is incredibly small. In order to have it record your sleep you have to be laying on it so I’d have to keep re-adjusting it all night or be half-awake all night to make sure I was sleeping on the mat itself instead of just my pillow. You can see the size difference in the last picture I provide at the beginning of my blog. It really needs to be bigger or a pillow case itself.

I was talking to the representative that provided me this pillow mat and trying to get access to the original recording of the night I used this pillow mat and come to find out, I have to redo that recording so instead of posting this on 8/8 at 11pm or 12am I have to wait to get those screenshots so I can post this sometime on 8/9 after I get home from my doctor’s appointment. Why this isn’t a thing with the app, I’m not sure. There isn’t a way to compare my sleep recordings between the Fitbit Alta and the Oittm Smart Pillow Mat. For $25.99 this should be something that comes with, especially since they value the product at $55.99 as they are saying that is the normal price.

After recording last night’s sleep, I was able to get screenshots of the first few days I used this earlier in August. I’m glad I was able to grab that as now you are able to see below where it recorded the extra hour of sleep and doesn’t match up to what my Fitbit Alta recorded.

August 4th Recording, Fitbit.

As you can see, it records me going to sleep at 11:23pm but I didn’t actually go to sleep until 12:45am. I was messing around on my phone for that hour that it thought I was sleeping. Ignoring that and looking at the differences between the restless, awake and asleep it shows I was restless for 3.5 hours total and only deep sleeping for 3.8 hours. I’m not sure what “Clear Head” means. As far as what I was actually doing, I had 33  minutes of being awake/restless. I woke up at about 8am that morning to go to the bathroom. Speaking on that part, it doesn’t record me sleeping after I woke up and went to the bathroom. I’m betting this has to do because of the small size.

Next, I want to talk about how accurate the product is or should I say is not. As you can see from the screenshots above, it recorded me sleeping when I was awake on my phone. I realize something on your wrist is going to be more accurate than something in your pillow but I was playing on my phone that was being used to record my sleep and it still thought I was sleeping. Also, the Fitbit Alta was more accurate with my light sleeping and deep sleeping. Again, for $55.99 it should be more accurate than it is.

Following that, downloading the app isn’t easy either. You have to go to a special website (received by scanning a QR code or by viewing the Q&A on Amazon) to download and install the app. Most users are not going to do this and their phones will not allow this as they will have “unknown sources” under their settings turned off. At least for Android users. Only the more advanced users will trust this sort of thing. Even I barely trust it and I root my phone and install quite a few apps outside of the play store. They should really offer this app in the Play Store/App Store so that more people will trust this product.

Speaking about the app, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is horrible. You have to click around in the app to find out what each button does. Nothing has a description and it is a mess. The most basic users are not going to know how to use half of the features of this app. I still don’t know what the timer does. Maybe it turns off the music? Not sure, I just turned it off by hand. There is also tons of unused space when first opening the app without doing anything.

With all of this said, is it worth the $25.99/$55.99?


I knew this as soon as I received the product and realized how small it is. It feels cheaply made and it is not accurate at all. I really wanted this to be a nice device to so that I could possibly replace my fitbit at night but it looks like that will not be possible.

I’m glad I had a chance to review it for you guys!

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  1. I’ve been searching for a way to track my sleeping habits more accurately than just watching at the clock before i fall asleep and doing the same thing after i wake up (sometimes forgetting to do even that). This would have been an option but i was not sure whether i want to pay that amount of money for it. Thank’s for the review, it’s a really honest and informative review, and honestly i didn’t expect to find that for a product like this.

  2. This seems very interesting! I must try this out! I will try to find this somewhere.

  3. It’s sad to see such a good idea so poorly executed. Modern life has an insidious way of messing with our sleep hygiene and a product like this could have really been a god-send for many people who need to think about their night-time habits a little closer so they could feel better during the day.

  4. I’ve always wanted to record my sleep to demystify the argument that I snore. This is a must have,I will try it out.

  5. I don’t have any problems sleeping. Although the thought of having my music in my pillow is epic. I fear that one day my headphones are going to get the best of me while I sleep, but I can’t seem to sleep without my music. I would probably buy this pillow for that feature alone.

  6. When I saw the title I said to myself “wow, how interesting, I should buy one!” but thanks to your review I won’t buy it (who want’s to buy something that doesn’t work properly? They should really fix it, it has great potential). Do you by any chance know where I can get a similar item that actually works? I’m really curious about tracking my sleeping habits now.

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