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Missing Features in The Sims 4.

After viewing an article titled “89 Missing Features from The Sims 4” I got very outraged.

I just pre-ordered & then downloaded & then played TS4 after waiting all of this time and it is missing ALL of the “good” features from The Sims 3. I’m thinking right now, “What the hell, EA? What is going on with y’all? Ruining my favorite franchise!” I love this franchise so much that I own The Sims Forum. Although it is new (released it with the release of TS4) and although I am pissed about TS4, I know my anger will die down. So, I am keeping it forever! LOL

I have now googled “Missing Features from TS4” and a lot of them say the same thing as the first article I linked.

Here are a few things I think should be added into TS4 to get me to purchase it again…

I posted this on my forum with the top one’s that I hated (visitors can post there) => 89 Missing Features from The Sims 4.

I just felt like I should also post them here.

  1. No Create-A-Style (CASt) => Seriously? Why not?
  2. No Toddlers & No Pools => I reiterate, Seriously? Why not? Maybe we will get it later but this should have been something added right off the bat. Come on, EA? What is going on?
  3. No Modifications to world/public spaces => WTH? This is the biggest one for me. For the time I did play, the biggest lots were 30×20 or vice versa… that is NOTHING for me. I easily fill up a 60×60 lot with junk. That is STUPID!
  4. No open world; You must incur a loading screen between each active lot & each neighborhood has 1-5 lots total => I can confirm the neighborhood (stupid)… WHY are we going back in time, EA? I thought the point was to get RID of loading screens by now… it is 2014 for god’s sake! Seriously?

That’s not even covering anything else I found on these links. This is just really disgusting me.

I even tried to post the positives of the game… => A few awesome features in The Sims 4. That still didn’t help. I am simply waiting on the $72 refund back to my CC and I already uninstalled the game and I will forever stay a Sims 3 fan. This just freaking sucks monkey balls.

What do you think? Do you think I’m over-reacting?

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3 replies

  1. I’m not ordering The Sims 4, because I enjoyed The Sims 3 too much. I saw some information regarding the things The Sims 4 will have and won’t have, and it wasn’t worth it to me, because all the work I did in The Sims 3 would have been pointless, especially with the worlds and extra accessories I’d purchased.

    EA’s been UGH lately, though. SimCity froze and crashed constantly throughout its trial stage, and the Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare constantly screwed up. They never replied via support, either. I’m about fed up with EA.

    P.S. My URL’s linked in my profile; I don’t link my URL in comments directly, because Google marks it as spam.

  2. That sucks! I hate how the changes are being made.

  3. I’m a big fan of Sims 2 but I could never really get into Sims 3. But as for Sims 4, well, I’ve heard nothing good about it! It’s gone back to the days of the first Sims game. It’s like my boyfriend said, it’s almost as if they made it to be an iPad game or something. It’s so limited. I don’t blame you for getting a refund!!

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