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[REVIEW] Gear S3 / S3 Classic


I wanted to get this review typed up before someone purchased my Galaxy S8+ Bundle on eBay. It should be already sold (or relisted) by the time you guys see this post. I am typing this up on 7-12 so about 2 weeks before this posts. With that said, let’s get into the review!

Look & Feel on Wrist

I own the Gear S3 Classic so this review will be focused on that version though the software features and size is very similar to that of the regular S3. So, when I say S3, I’m referencing the S3 Classic unless I say ‘S3 Regular’.

The S3 is big on my tiny wrist but it doesn’t look to crazy. It actually looks very nice on my wrist. One of my coworker’s said that it almost looks like one of those really expensive watch brands. I can’t remember the name he stated but he said it looked nice on my wrist. I own a Milanese Loop band in Black for it so the silver on the black made it look so much nicer. I love the Loop band because I can put it write at the size I want it at that moment and loosen it myself. It doesย not loosen by itself at all so if you get that kind of band you don’t have to worry about that.

As far as the feel on my wrist, it is really heavy which is why I tend not to wear it. I think it has to do with the size. I own the WiFi only one so I’m not sure why it had to be so thick and big seeing as their last year’s model had the exact same features and was half the size. I prefer the S2 Classic to the S3 on my wrist because of the size and weight of the S2 Classic.

Overall, it is a nice watch. You shouldn’t be worried about it getting damaged as the only hairline crack I have is from my puppy’s teeth as she tried to chew on it one day and that one can only be seen in the ‘right lighting’ so it isn’t that bad at all. I bang my wrists around like nobody’s business too and that’s the only scratch I have.


I had this connected to my S8+ the whole time I was using it so I was able to see all of the functions it had when connecting it to another Samsung device.

I like how I can write out my letters when sending a text though this is a lengthy process but so is the T-9 keyboard so unless you talk to text you are going to be tapping on your watch a lot. I don’t like how you have to use Samsung built-in messages app when sending text messages. I wish I could use any application like on Android Wear.

Notifications are nice and I was able to set the notification sound to a nice beep that people don’t notice when I’m on the phone at work so it doesn’t bother anyone. The calling is clear and I don’t think anyone I talked to on it could tell (that much anyway) that I was using my watch to talk to them. It isn’t a feature I used much (only twice in the whole time I had the watch) but it is nice knowing I could do that.

I used Samsung Activity to track my steps and sleep. The sleep tracking only works half of the time and I wore it to bed for about a week straight hoping I could track my sleep and it only did it twice during that week.


I can’t think of anything else to say about the watch so I’ll leave it at this. It functions very well. There are some parts that need to be worked on but overall I like how it looks and works. You will not be disappointed with purchasing this watch. I got mine for a steal and it was definitely worth it. I liked having the ability to check my phone notifications without having to actually look at my phone… even though I have the always on display.

In the end, I didn’t end up wearing it that often. It was a mixture of the heaviness on my wrist, not used to wearing watches, and the always on display of the S8+. With that combination it didn’t fit my needs so I decided to include it in my bundle that I sold. If you read all of that, here is a virtual cookie!

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4 replies

  1. I too, don’t like wearing big watches because my wrists are small since I am a small boned person.
    Though, I know that this watch is a very nice one and expensive too, however just like you it would not match my skinny wrist and will be heavy too.
    So, was it sold already? Perhaps you are going to buy a smaller but almost similar looking watch with the proceeds of the sale. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nope! It hasn’t been sold. I had to take the product down and separate them (the S8+ & Gear S3 Classic). So, they are listed up again but I’m not sure when or if they are going to sell.

  2. Technology has made life easy for everyone today, with a smartwatch you can actually perform and see all your phone activities on it. I’ve used Gear s3 before and I can say the functions is okay to me. I think the reason it didn’t fit your wrist is that you are a female. Almost all female has a small wrist so you aren’t the only one facing this.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of smart watches myself, but having the notifications so easily available definitely looks very handy. Good article, I’ll consider getting one. PS: I gladly take my virtual cookie ๐Ÿ˜‰

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