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#1: Top 3 Windows Apps


I decided to make another Top Apps and what better to do it on than another open source platform? So, here it is. My shorter, Top 3 Windows apps that I install every single time I get a new computer.

#1 Chrome

I always download Chrome because it is far better than Microsoft Edge aka Internet Explorer. It is safer, faster, and syncs my bookmarks and recent tabs and history between all of my devices. I change my phones a lot so this is really useful. I like the look of it better than FireFox as well.

#2 TeamViewer

I use this on my phones (one of my next Top 10) to access my Tablet (Tab S3) and my laptops when I need to. Currently 1 laptop is out of commission but I still use it to access the HP Laptop that I’m still using. It is nice to be able to have full access to everything on my external hard drive without having to bring it with me. I can drag and drop files, screenshots, and more for free. I have not paid for anything with this and it is a lot better than Chrome Remote Desktop which is what I was using previously. I like it better because it functions better. Everything on it is a lot easier and it doesn’t use that much battery either.

#3 Thunderbird

This is another application I love having on my computer. It works better than Windows Mail and Microsoft Outlook combined. I love the simple look of it and it is very easy to use. I don’t have any issues connecting any of my 6 emails to the application and it updates just as fast as my S8+/Pixel XL does as far as emails with Newton.

This was a pretty short blog because I just wanted to tell you guys the top 3 applications. I’m making this one smaller because I don’t have many “Must Have” windows applications and after these 3 it will be “usually download” then “sometimes download” then “rarely download”. I will have about 3 or 4 blogs in this series. I will post these once a month as well.

Thanks for reading! Let mek now what you think of these 3 applications or what applications you have to install when you get a new computer… Regardless of whether it is a Windows or Mac computer. 🙂

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10 replies

  1. Hi, even though it is indeed a rather short blog, it was pretty informative for me. I also use Chrome (obviously) and TeamViewer, however i never heard about Thunderbird, and i really needed something like it.
    Thank you for this.

  2. Chrome browser is my favourite as well, it’s so light and consumes less space than other browsers. Although I make use of other browsers, Chrome is my number one and I use it all the time. I use Thunderbird also. A free client that make it possible to put many email addresses from different providers into one single client.I love the fact that you can buck email for free using mail merge on Mozilla Thunderbird.
    The first app I normally install on a new computer is “Bluestacks”, I love it when all my mobile apps are in one place on my computer and with Bluestacks it’s possible.

  3. I totally agree with you! Those three applications are literally saving my life. I am using Chrome every day and it is definitely the best browser that we can find. Team Viewer is helping me a lot when I have some problem that I can not solve by my own! I think that it is not necessary to write about Thunderbird and why it is better than all other similar applications!

  4. I’m really glad to see TeamViewer on this list because it is one of those rare apps that is both free for personal use and provides the functionality it promises better than the pay versions of competing apps. Another great app for Windows 10 is CCleaner, which routs out all the unnecessary cache files daily use of your OS builds up for one button-deletion.

  5. Chrome can sometimes consume a lot of RAM, if someone with a 2g of RAM and had Chrome installed on his Windows, he’s going to have a bad time! Especially if he wanted to use some other program while Chrome and its adds-on are running. While Microsoft Edge on the other hand is smooth depending on RAM. If you got like 8g of RAM or more, then you surely wouldn’t care about that issue!

  6. Chrome is a definite one. I always use Chrome as a Internet browser. I find it safe, reliable and fantastic to use. The 2nd one I download is the VLC Media player, this is the video player that I’ve been using for so long now and I think it’s fantastic. I use it to watch DVD’s on. I don’t like the one Microsoft has.

  7. Out of those two, I only use Chrome and Teamviewer. Chrome is definitely the top choice among the browsers – I think that the most popular as well. I have been using Teamviewer for around 2 years now and it’s also great for different virtual machines and so on.

    Why do you prefer Thunderbird over let’s say Gmail? I never used it so I am wondering if I should perhaps switch as well 🙂

  8. I love having Instagram on my computer, you can see everything bigger and also you can send direct messages.
    Thanks to this blog I had learn a lot of apps that I didn’t even know they exist. Thunderbird sounds interesting maybe I’ll give it a try.

  9. I kind of agree with the comments above and the author – chrome is a great browser. But firefox has gained a lot of ground recently and is catching up fast. I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions on e10 and multiprocess , it’s much smoother now IMO

  10. I used to have Mozilla Firefox as my default browser, but when I first tried Chrome, I switched to it right away. It’s faster and it’s just perfect. I haven’t heard about TeamViewer or Thunderbird but they seem useful, so I’ll try them very soon. Thanks for sharing this information!

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