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#1: Top 10 Android Apps


I wanted to post a little blog about the Top 10 Android Apps that I use on a daily basis. This will include links to their respective Google Play Store pages and  may include referral links. I will also explain why I like these apps. These are the Top 10 apps that I HAVE TO have on any phone that DO NOT need root. I go to install these apps first before any other application.


#1 MightyText (free or paid)

I like MightyText because no matter what android phone I am using or what carrier I am on it works for texting from my PC. It also allows me to see the most recent notifications that come on my phone including phone calls and I can check my battery level via the application as well. They are quickly working to develop a Mac application but for now you have to use the web interface on both Mac & PC & Tablets. You can text from any of these devices regardless of the device using either the tablet app or the website interface. Honestly, this tends to work better than T-Mobile Digits. Though it is nice to be able to call from the website and not have it use my phone battery (as it doesn’t register through my phone, goes through the internet). I highly recommend it because of the ease of use and support. The support staff is fast to respond whether you pay for the yearly plan or not. It is reasonable as well and the free plan doesn’t have the limits that Pushbullet or some other competitors do.

#2 Newton Mail

I was hesitant when I first saw this mail app on the hundreds of YouTube videos I watch about android apps but the more and more I saw it the more and more I liked it. It has a clean interface, supposedly doesn’t have issues receiving notifications (like the GMail app) and is fully customizable. Well, I decided to try the free 14 day trial. Ended up uninstalling it because it seemed like too much for me and about a month later I decided to come back and pay the $50/year for the application. I did and WOW do I love this app. It has no issues receiving notifications and pushing them to you nor does it have any issues sending emails with any email I have. I have 6 email accounts listed in it and that isn’t even all of my emails. I am able to customize the color of each email as well as the name of each account and each email comes with read receipts. They are little check marks at the top of the emails that turn blue when an email is read. This works for any email account, including Outlook and email accounts I have through my server. I’m not sure how it looks to people reading the emails but I assume it is all in the background and works through the email servers and there hopefully isn’t a notification to the end user that you have read receipts on. They are useful when you want to make sure the end user received the email you sent.

Overall, I absolutely love this app and highly recommend it. That’s why it is #2 in my list! I just don’t have enough good things to say about this app.

#3 Sync for Reddit (free or paid)

This is an awesome application that is always updated by the dev. I never have issues browsing Reddit with this application. Since I enabled the official reddit app + sync integration the notifications just come in super fast and are more reliable about getting push notifications. I wish I could donate 2 or 3 times to the developer because he deserves it. He makes a fantastic application and is very easy to contact on Reddit or via email.

There are tons of customizations you can do with the app and the material design is perfect for any phone. It even works on my S8+ using the extend app option from within the multi-tasking screen. No issues whatsoever. I love this app!

#4 Nova Launcher (free or paid)

This is definitely one of the best applications you can get for ANY phone. It allows so much customization it is crazy. They just added on the ability to get the Google Now widget to the left of your home screen via an APK they had to put outside the Play Store (due to rules in the Play Store). It now makes my home screen look like a unique Pixel Launcher. I love that I have the ability to add my own icons onto the home screen as well as hide the notification tray as well as hide the navigation buttons. I can have different desktop sizes (depending on how I like it) and it looks awesome on the S8+. I just have nothing but good things to say about Nova and I wish I could donate to the dev 2 or 3 or 5 times. They deserve it!

#5 Ballz

This is the most addicting game I have ever played. If you saw my last blog post you know that I work in a call center and this is the perfect game to play there as you can put it down and pick it back up later. It is hard but yet easy to play at the same time. I’m not sure how to explain it. I just have to say that this game is awesome and doesn’t require paying for it as the ads are not intrusive.

#6 Textra

I absolutely love Textra. The only thing it is missing is the RCS integration but since that isn’t cross carrier that is something I’m willing to wait on. Once it gets it though that is going to make Textra amazing. I love being able to customize each individual conversation and they added the ability to name group chats which made it easy for me to differentiate between them for group projects. The only reason why I’m not using it as the T-Mobile digits application only works with the stock messaging application on my S8+. Not sure how it will work once I get my Pixel XL but we will see. 🙂 Anyway, this app is near perfect. Definitely recommended!

#7 Spotify

Spotify is my go-to music player. While I pay for GPM/YouTube Red I tend to use Spotify more than GPM. I use this because of the dark color scheme as well as the huge library of songs. I prefer this to GPM because the radio stations that it provide are better than GPM and I just like it better. I can’t explain it. 10/10

#8-9 Lastpass + Lastpass Authenticator

LastPass is my go-to password manager. It makes it so easy I only ever have to remember one password. I love how they integrated their own authenticator app. It works with any QR code that was made to work with Google Authenticator. It also backs it up to the same LastPass account so you can have it saved on multiple devices at the same time. I have it set up on my Tab S3 and my S8+ right now and it works fantastic!

#10 Super Backup & Restore (paid and free)

I love using this app to backup my contacts, calendar, call logs, text messages (sms&mms), and my bookmarks using this app. I purchased the Pro version to remove the ads and it works fantastic. I never use it to backup apps as google does that but I backup everything else with it. This is always updated by the dev and I’ve never had issues with it with any phone I’ve had.

There you go. Those are my Top 10 apps. Let me know what you think!

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8 replies

  1. I have Spotify too for my android phone. It’s what I would use when I am travelling and while I play a game on my phone.
    Though, I only have a very simple game, the Jewels Star 2017. Actually, I have already completed about 3 Jewel games. Yes, I like the jewel games because they are easy to play.
    As to having apps on my phone, I only use the easy to use ones. My launcher though is Apus. So far, I like it.

  2. I have an Android mobile phone, and those applications are really very useful for everyone. On this list every Android user can find at least 5 applications that he or she is using everyday.

  3. All these apps are amazing from the way you explained them. I already have Spotify, it’s a must-have for me because I’m one of music raving fans. One of the apps that cut my attention most from the list you mentioned is the “Newton Mail”. I love the fact that it will notify me when a recipient read my message and I will definitely get it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, I didn’t even know half of those apps existed. They all sound really useful though, especially The Reddit and the lastpass ones. I’m going to download and try some of them. Thank you!

  5. I love these apps. I also, have Google now it is like Siri and, it is very useful, trust me.

  6. Similar to the first app that you mentioned, if anyone here uses Windows 10 then you can use the Windows Cortana app that they have on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It allows you to sync notifications which will then show up in your Windows Action centre. It also allows you to reply to messages and see any missed calls that you may have. This is great for when your phone might be charging and it isn’t near you. Spotify is great as well although it’s not as good as the PC version because you can only shuffle on mobile.

  7. I’d like to add MiXplorer to this list. Fast, fully featured file explorer, open source and much faster than the others IMO. Try it out, people!

  8. Can you believe I literally did not know anything about these apps until now? (Well, except for Spotify, I think everyone knows what Spotify is). They all seem so helpful! I’m downloading Ballz right now, and perhaps I’ll download Super Backup & Restore later.

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