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Giveaway is over & Forum is Closed


It’s been a while since I posted a blog. I wanted to keep the giveaway on the top spot so that it would have the most views and this theme only allows me to do that if I don’t post blogs, so I took a break and didn’t. Well, I’m back now!

If you want to know the winners, visit the last blog post. They are listed in the widget. Congratulations to everyone who won!

Since the last time I posted a blog not only was the giveaway going on but I have been working and went on a cruise (future blog) and doing school. I work in one of the mini call centers that Best Buy has. I take calls forĀ most of the stores in Jacksonville, FL. Which means I am sitting in front of a computer answering questions andĀ sometimes running around the store. When calls are slow, I have nothing to do.

What I’ve been doing is bringing my laptop and working on school or my websites or randomly browsing the web.

Well, this past Saturday (6/25) they told us that they didn’t want tablets, laptops, or anything like that. We could barely even have our phones anymore. My store doesn’t care about the phones (they vetoed it – or at least that is what my manager said) but there are some hub stores (the store where the call center is located) where phones aren’t even allowed. Their reasoning is the fact that we can take down customers information which is understandable but if we really wanted their information we could write it down on a piece of paper and put it in our pockets and take it home. I understand that companies know they can’t stop you fully but they are trying their best for security but this is a retail store. This isn’t like a bank or anything like that. The worst thing I take down is a phone number or email address. We aren’t allowed to do payments over the phone (same reason) so I don’t take anything down that could compromise a person.

If this was a bank or I took payments over the phone I could understand why I can’t bring my laptop to work anymore. I used to work at a bank, I get that. Security is a top priority for companies (or should be) BUT we aren’t a bank. I’m not on the floor taking payments. I don’t have any credit card or information that would be considered a private or a security risk.

So, I don’t understand why I can’t bring it to work and work on school or browse the web. I was the only one at my store doing it so while this wasn’t directed at me, it was.

Because of this I am going to have to change what I am doing on a day-to-day basis. I am closing Dark Diaries MB because I want and need to focus more time on this, my professional website (coming soon) and my hosting website as well as school and work.

I hate that I have to do this but I need to be able to focus on school and work and not stress myself out.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a little update/rant/etc. blog. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’m sorry you had to go through this experience. Having said that, I wish you the best of luck as you transition more to working on your professional site. I know you can do this!

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