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New Tech: May 2017 Edition


I’ve got tons of new technology and I wanted to blog about it. I thought about doing reviews but while writing one for one of my gadgets I realized I didn’t have enough to write to make a legit review so I decided to make this a monthly review… assuming I get at least 2 things of new technology each month. If I don’t, obviously I won’t post this type of blog.

Let’s get started!

Galaxy S8+

Yes, I upgraded from my OnePlus 3T to a Galaxy S8+. The last Samsung device I owned was a Note 7 and before that it was a  Note 5, Tab A 8.0, S4 & S3. So I have experience with Samsung devices. I just never kept them for very long because Touchwiz was horrible. Well, it isn’t with my S8+ I love it.

For once in my life I am using the stock messaging app and not wanting to root a phone. It has been years (literally) since I did not root a phone. All of my previous phones were rooted for one reason or another. The screen on this phone is amazing and so is the battery life. I never have gotten this phone down below 40% and that is with using my phone all day at work… When I say all day I mean reddit, texting, phone calls (one or two), and some app downloads for about 8 hours straight. Oh, I also had my mobile hotspot on so that I could use my tablet as well. Mobile hotspot usage is about 4-5 hours of my day if not a little longer or shorter. I am easily getting 5 hours of SOT.

All-in-all, this phone is awesome. It is the first samsung device I don’t want to return and this is after the whole “new device” honeymoon period. I have mine naked sometimes and other times I use an Otterbox case. I also have the $90 USD Wireless charger that you can change from a stand to a pad. Both work great together! Though I’m sad that I can’t use a popsocket with the wireless charging but that is the biggest gripe I have so far with this phone. I’ve been using it in the shower and I have dropped it in the shower once and it came out unscathed.

Galaxy Tab S3

I traded in my iPad Air (first generation) for a $150 BestBuy gift card and used that gift card to purchase the S3 plus the official keyboard case and a Zagg Glass screen protector. Perfect combination for me as I use this as a second computer while I’m at work. I have teamviewer on my laptops (listed below as both are new) and my tablet so I am able to access my laptops from work with my tablet and work on my websites (hopefully) from work… or at least be able to do something with my websites.

Battery life is okay for a tablet. It isn’t the best or anything like my iPad. My iPad would last weeks on a charge or a week if I were using it like I use the S3. The S3 barely lasts 1.5 days before I have to charge it. I knew going into this that the battery life wasn’t going to be anywhere near the same but my S8+ with a smaller battery capacity lasts longer than the S3 does and I use my phone more than my tablet. I don’t understand why that is. Screen is smaller on my S8+, yes but I do more on my S8+ and more things are running in the background. This is something I’m going to have to diagnose over the coming days.

Screen is amazing, just like the S8+ and I love having a pen. It makes me miss my Note 7 and having a pen for the phone. Sometimes I forget and try to use the pen on the phone… It doesn’t work. The pen on this version is better than any Samsung SPen that I have used. The size is perfect and it overall feels like I’m using a real pen.

All-in-all, I love this tablet. I was looking around for an Android tablet for a while and I wish this one would come out on my carrier (or was on my carrier) but they don’t have a connected version yet. It would be nice not having to use my mobile hotspot on my phone but at least I have a way to not use Best Buy’s horrible WiFi. Anyway, besides the horrible battery life I love this tablet. It is awesome!

Linksys Velop Mesh Network w/3 Nodes

I purchased this with my tablet so that I would be able to get 36 month financing. Having a mesh network for my 2600 sq. ft. home is great, I get full bars of service everywhere in my home and I’m consistently getting 90mbps everywhere in my home. Things are running faster and I don’t have much, if any, lag with anything.

I think it is a bit over-rated though. I got 90mbps everywhere I needed it with the Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk router I had and while I didn’t have 4 bars everywhere I had good speeds and only 1 side of the house had any issues with the internet (my mom’s side) which rarely has anyone in it anyway.

With that said though, I will not be returning these because I can ethernet my computer to the network from almost anywhere in the home and my mom’s side of the house doesn’t have any issues with the internet. So, I don’t have to hear her nonsense about internet being down or slow.

Samsung & HP Laptops

I’m putting these together to keep my blog from getting too long. I am simply going to link to the specs of each of the laptops here, you can read them on your own.

I linked to reviews above because those aren’t going to get deleted because the product isn’t sold anymore, I hope. Don’t believe those reviews though. The Samsung review says the laptop is shallow and I prefer the keyboard on it as opposed to my HP.

Getting these laptops was a pain in the butt though. I had this HP Laptop prior and ended up having to send it to Geek Squad because I was having hard drive issues.[1. That is if I remember correctly… It’s been a while.] Well, I got it back and the hard drive was still broken and they broke my fan.[2. It was running really loud and not cooling properly] Well, in this time, they had my laptop for a month while I needed it for classes. Don’t get me wrong, school provides computers and I have an extra really old desktop at home but that isn’t the same as carrying a laptop to and from class.

I went back up to another Best Buy (not the one I work at) on my day off and talked to Geek Squad and they said the only way to fix it was to send it back in. I was reasonable but upset, didn’t once yell. I asked for the manager and she came out and offered me another open box laptop to “use in the meantime” while I send my laptop in and get it fixed. I tried to get GSP on it just in case but since it was a “temporary” laptop she wouldn’t let me buy it. Well, she let me purchase the laptop… it went on my Best Buy Credit Card and everything… I was supposed to return back in send of my laptop and then return the Samsung laptop when I got my HP back… Well, I just kept the Samsung one and the HP. She is the one that let me purchase the laptop and didn’t do any kind of loan paperwork or anything. I didn’t do anything illegal or wrong in any sense. I just find that crazy especially since she gave me the laptop for $250. $750 off of a laptop that was returned to Best Buy without the box but looked perfectly fine. Awesome.

I just dealt with the HP issues, bought another (second) laptop fan for my laptop to sit on (instead of propping it on a book or whatever) and decided to replace the hard drive with an SSD in both laptops. That was fun, no sarcasm. I learned a lot in the process.

Anyway, in this time I applied for a full time position in our phone hub (basically a hub that takes calls for all of Jacksonville. Something best buy is doing now.) and got an interview. I interviewed with my old boss (which I did once before but only over the phone) and the front of store leader. That was fun, sarcasm intended. Anyway, a good thing came out of this. My old manager asked me why it was so hard for me to sell Geek Squad Protection and asked for the latest reason why. I told him that whole HP story above. He told me to bring in my HP and we would exchange it for another one.

So, I did. I tried to make the old hard drive work again but got tired of trying and just decided to put the old hard drive inside of the computer and take it to work. I knew they weren’t going to check the computer to see if it booted up because it was a dud for the fan anyway. That’s when I exchanged it out for my Spectre and never looked back.

I am now using the Spectre as my faux-desktop and the Samsung as the laptop that I take too and from class. I am thinking about selling the Samsung but with the issues I went through selling my old ASUS Computer I’m not sure I want to go through that again. We will see.

That is my month of tech for May! I have more tech that isn’t included in here but I’ll add that in the June update! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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