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Who are you?

I got this idea from Kya’s Blog Prompt website. That’s where I have gotten most of the ideas you will see me writing over the next few months. Once I started there, I just couldn’t stop. <3 Thanks for making that Kya!

Basically, I want you guys to get to know me better. Especially since the last time I blogged hardcore like this was back in the early 2000s and besides Kya and Georgie most people from back then aren’t around online anymore except for on Twitter. Let’s get started!

I’m going to tell you guys 10 unique facts about me. These are 10 facts that I am willing to let anyone know and don’t mind if they are online for everyone to see.

1) I don’t have to wear my glasses while I drive even though I’m nearsighted.

That’s right. I passed all of my driving tests in Alabama and Florida without glasses or contacts even though I am nearsighted. If you don’t know, nearsighted means I can’t see things far away. My nearsightedness isn’t as bad as other people’s but while I am driving I cannot read license plates or decals without my glasses or contacts. I am okay with distances without them though, to an extent.

2) I’m addicted to buying electronics.

Yes. I hate to say it. I have to have the latest and greatest desktop, laptop, and phone. Weirdly enough, this doesn’t apply to monitors or tablets. I have an old iPad Air 1 that I’ve had for years now and I have no urge to replace it. When it dies, I still may not replace it. Not sure why that is but I’m not questioning it.

I have spent so so SO much money on new phones over the last 3 years it is ridiculous. I’ve finally settled on the OnePlus 3T until the Pixel 2 comes out but I do miss trying out iPhones and Samsungs. I hate how much I spend as I could have no credit card debt because of it (or very little) but noooo I have to use my credit cards. UGH! I hate myself when it comes to this.

3) I’m addicted to food.

This is one that I just recently admitted to. It is hard. Just as hard as any other addiction… some may say even more difficult because you need food to survive. My addiction cravings are just like a cigarette smoker’s or an alcoholic’s. It mostly involves carbs and candy. Whenever I see a commercial for some M&Ms or someone talks about a particular food or candy I have to eat it. No if ands or buts. If I don’t, it is the only thing that takes up my mind. I have a one track mind (next point) so that is the only thing I’m focusing on. It is the only thing I can talk about, think about, etc. I hate it. It is the worst thing because I’m killing myself everyday with this horrible addiction and I’m trying to quit but it is hard.

4) I have a one-track mind.

What does this mean? This basically means that whenever I think about something I really REALLY want to do, it consumes me. It is the only thing I can talk about, think about, dream about, etc. Think about it as a train track, when there is one topic that I really want to say or do then that topic becomes the train rolling down the one track. When other people think, they have multiple trains on multiple tracks. I like this part about me. This helps me when it comes to blogging or doing anything with websites because anything that goes wrong with my sites or coding, I think about all the time until I figure it out. Makes it a lot more fun to do what I do in my free time.

5) I’m an introvert who struggles with ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

This is one of the things that I struggle the most with. I have officially (within the last few months) been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. My case of depression is mild compared to some but that doesn’t make it any less difficult to struggle with. Unless something big happens in my life, getting myself to commit to anything is a struggle. It sucks, especially when it comes to work and school as I can’t concentrate for very long without getting distracted. Even this blog took forever to post. [1. Sorry about the temp post that was up for 15 days. Didn’t realize I had already put this to auto-publish. OOPS! I have finished it off and now it is posted again.] I hate this the most about myself but it is something I just have to deal with.

6) I don’t shave very often and only shave for specific reasons.

Yes, this is true. I just shaved (armpits and legs) yesterday and that was the first time in 2 months at least. I don’t shave my thighs, mustache, or arms at all. I don’t mind the hair there. The only time my mustache is dark is when I’m about to start my period and as far as my thighs and legs, the hair is so thin and light [colored] there it doesn’t bother me or anyone I’ve been with or known. The only reasons I shave are when I feel uncomfortable for some reason. Whether it be due to reactions from a crush or a date I may go on or reactions from friends.

Oh & I know you guys are wondering about the hair down there. I shave it once a year if that. Most of the time I don’t do anything with it. It doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is when it grows back out (after shaving) and being really itchy and not being able to scratch it in public. That drives me crazy.

7) I owe more on my credit cards than what I owe on my car.

This just sucks. Since I moved out last year the change was tough. Especially since I was going to school full time AND only working part time. I needed to afford groceries, electric bill, gas bill, gas for my car, etc. Only working part time meant only getting paid $10/hr which is more than some people make part time but cost of living in Florida is higher than most places. Even my $12/hr now is barely enough to cover my bills + recreational purchases. [2. What I mean by recreational purchases is stuff like netflix, hulu, spotify, adobe CC, my websites, etc. Stuff that is optional for most people but not for me.] I am working on spending less on my recreational purchases (I’ve cut them down a lot) and focusing on paying off one card at a time while also trying not to charge anything else to my cards. It is hard for someone who loves to spend every dime she has rather than save it but I know it is possible. I just miss living at home. 🙁

8) I hate carrying anything. I absolutely detest it.

This includes (but is not limited to) binders for class, bookbag for class, laptop for class or whatever, my purse, etc. I would prefer to only carry around a wallet, keys, and phone like guys do. When I am at work they make us carry around binders because “it makes you look more professional and like you know what you are talking about” or whatever. It is annoying. I leave my binder everywhere because I forget about it after I set it down. It is so annoying, I hate it.

9) There are some rides at Disney that still scare me.

This includes:

  • Tower of Terror – can’t stand drops
  • Rockin’ Roller Coaster – can’t stand roller coasters with sharp turns or flips
  • Mount Everest – can’t stand roller coasters that go backwards
  • Dinosaurs – loud noises freak me out, always have.
  • Space Mountain – explained in the last point.

I think I included them all.

10) I’m 23 (almost 24) and I’m afraid of the dark.

Yes, I sleep with a nightlight of some kind (either my battery operated candles or my desktop light) and I turn lights on when I walk around the house at night. Why? Well, I see things in the dark. I’m not sure if they are ghosts or my imagination or what but I see things like faces or bodies staring at me. I can’t stand it when people stare at me, it freaks me out and makes me self-conscious. Therefore, I hate the dark for that reason. I wear a mask at night to get the full pitch-blackness while also using a nightlight. This helps me feel safe at night.

Those were 10 unique facts about me. Some were bland but I think the tiny points made inside some of them counts for extra points. 🙂 Thanks for reading and I hope you got to know me a little better.

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