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My favorite color is magenta.

Why magenta? Well, simply put, I love T-Mobile. Is it really my favorite color? No. Black, red and green are. I just wanted a cool opening to my blog. DON’T GIVE ME THAT LOOK! 😛

There are many reasons why I love the company in magenta. To do a tl;dr here they are in a list:

  • Price
  • Executive Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Phone Options + Purchase Options
  • Accessory Purchase Options.

I will talk about these in more detail below but what it comes down to is this: T-Mobile has the best price out there for unlimited everything. Their price also comes with reliability. Though I know traveling through the country isn’t good, especially mid-USA and West Coast-T-Mobile has one of the best signal strengths out there. They are the 3rd top company for a reason.

The only thing I don’t like is the fact that they will not be allowed in Best Buy Mobile locations. It is ridiculous. They could make tons of money from the Mobile reps if they wanted to but either Verizon’s deal with Best Buy or Best Buy in general doesn’t want to have them. Stupid politics, man.

Moving onto the detailed review….


As far as unlimited data goes, there are only 3 carriers that offer it and with AT&T you have to have DirecTV in order to get the unlimited data. So the only company we can really compare price to is Sprint and everyone knows Sprint coverage is horrible.

So, your best bang for your buck when it comes to coverage and price is T-Mobile. Not only do they only offer unlimited data, talk, and text now but they also have Music Freedom and BingeOn which make their services even better. Plus, plans that work overseas and while flying.

Executive Support

While it is annoying that you do have to email executive support aka John’s team or John himself for issues with billing and such their executive support is amazing. I haven’t posted this anywhere but I was having issues with a promotion that they were advertising about 3 months ago where certain accounts get upgraded to unlimited data for free.

I called in 2 days after this promotion was announced and confirmed over the phone that we qualified for the promotion and it would be applied automatically.

Come to find out a month later (December), my sister was getting throttled for going over her 10GB of data after using her data stash. [1. It was offered to regular consumer accounts back when 10GB4All was announced and they were offering other plans other than just unlimited data.] So, I called in and the representative told me “I’m sorry but you never qualified.” I was upset and posted to reddit to get some advice. I decided to email the exec. team after I posted this and they contacted me back a day or two later.

The guy I talked to apologized and told the the same thing as the rep but gave me lump sum credits for the 2 years we were promised of unlimited data (around $800) and upgraded my sister and my line to unlimited data.

I think some mishap happened as I found out this month my sister’s line wasn’t upgraded but the rep upgraded it anyway since I did talk to the exec. team. She may have been scared I would contact them again or something. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I’m not sure how I was able to pull off that huge of a credit, I was just emailing them to see if there was anything they could do and BAM! They hit it out of the park.

While it is annoying getting one answer when you were promised another and getting multiple different answers on the same question whether you go to Live Chat, call or go in store. At least there is a way to get any issues resolved quickly and without much hassle.


When I say features, I mean BingeOn, Music Freedom, and international calling. I’m talking about all of the free additions you get just for being a T-Mobile subscriber.

I’m not going to describe any of them here. I will just tell you my experiences with them. Starting with BingeOn. The quality of the videos with BingeOn enabled doesn’t seem any different to me than with BingeOn disabled. I have used my hotspot (with BingeOn enabled) to stream to my TV from Roku and the videos look just the same. I don’t notice the difference between 480p and 1080p.

Music Freedom has been great as well. I never download my music now. I just stream it like I always have. Doesn’t count against my data (that gets deprioritized) and I can do it all day and all night AND works on my hotspot as well.

I haven’t tested the international calling yet. I’m going on a cruise this summer so I’ll report about that (if I use it) on Twitter.

Reliability + Speed

Next, I want to talk about reception and data speeds. As far as I know, I haven’t been deprioritized yet and haven’t been throttled either.

I consistently get between 10-25mbps on my speed tests. While that isn’t as good as the 100+ some people can get, especially on wired connections. It is perfectly fine for me and my usage. Works fantastic. Pages load fast and same with pictures, videos, and stuff like that.

I drive between Montgomery, AL and Jacksonville, FL several times a year. This is for various reasons. The route I take is 95N to 10W to 231N to 85N. 10W has a few dead spots same with 231N. When I get into the major cities I am fine but it is annoying that I randomly lose signal.

Phone + Purchase Options

Out of all of the carriers I feel that T-Mobile has the best selection. They sell all of the major company’s phones and they were the ones that started the whole lease or installment billing. The other carrier’s did it so that T-Mobile wouldn’t get all of the customers that liked this option.

Working at Best Buy I saw how much of a change this made in the industry. It was huge. We had to re-explain upgrading to customers and I still have customers asking me if they can do 2-year contracts. As of right now, everyone got rid of them. Sprint doesn’t even offer them online anymore.

Personally, I like this a lot better than the whole 2-year contract as you know exactly what you are paying for to the penny. You know where every cent is going within the company.

Accessory Purchase Options

Another thing I really like about T-Mobile which I’m not sure if any other carrier does is that when you purchase accessories through them you can put them on a payment plan that you simply add to your bill.

Say that you wanted to get those Beats headphones for $299.99 plus a $39.99 screen protector and a $49.99 case. Well, that whole $389.97 gets broken up into 24 monthly payments just like a phone does now and you pay that on your bill with the ability to pay it completely off whenever you want. It is really handy when you don’t have the money right then and there to get those headphones or whatever but will have it later. There is no interest charged either.


T-Mobile is a very hard carrier to beat. They still have a very very negative stereotype out there, especially with Best Buy Mobile employees but they are a great company overall. Now that they openly only offer unlimited data with the extra features it is hard to turn them down. That’s why AT&T is one of the top carrier’s people are leaving and T-Mobile is having such high growth.

The smallest thing I believe T-Mobile needs to improve is their offerings for current customers. There are a lot of people (like us) that have been with them since early 2000s. Some have been with them even longer. Really the only offer we get is more and higher credits when calling in with issues. There aren’t any plans dedicated to existing customers. There are a few unlimited data offerings and we can switch to the new plans but other than that no special promos just for existing customers. That is really annoying as an existing customer.

The biggest thing I believe T-Mobile needs to improve is their reception in smaller cities and mid-USA through West Coast USA. Once they do that, they can easily overtake AT&T and Verizon. How they will do that with lower costs is the question. I would like to hear what you guys think of T-Mobile or their UK company. Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I used to be AT&T too before I switched to T-Mobile. Mainly because I was laid off from my job and couldn’t afford the monthly fees anymore. When my brother switched to T-Mobile, he invited me and my dad to be part of his family plan, so right now, I’m not really paying for anything except for my own phone. I also like how you won’t have to wait for 2 years (since T-Mobile doesn’t do contracts) for you to be qualified for a phone upgrade. I ended up purchasing a cheaper HTC phone last November because my previous one just ran out of battery for good and would no longer charge.

    I live in California, and although they have strong signals, sometimes my calls get dropped, and I find it annoying.

    • Seems that your blog is down. 🙁

      But yes, that is a nice option. While I don’t have any dropped calls that can be very annoying.

      • It’s been awhile. Too many tech/hosting issues gaaah!

        Ah, I know this is months late. My blog URL changed a bit. It’s now instead of .me (server migration issues and all, plus I think it’s a lot more fitting for a personal blog haha).

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