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[REVIEW] Nexus 6P versus OnePlus 3T

Note:¬†I was not able to post the video as it didn’t want to move from my iPad to Adobe’s CC software for some reason. I will keep trying to post it once I get my laptop back but I’m not sure it will work. Future videos should be coming from my 3T.

With that said, let’s get into the review. This is everything I went over in the video. ūüôā

They are both really awesome screens but the screen on the Nexus is nicer because it is a flat screen therefore there are more screen protectors available for it that do a really REALLY nice job protecting the whole screen.

The 3T has a curved screen but it is one of those curved screens that you can barely tell are curved. Which means screen protectors either cause a rainbowing on the screen, have annoying dots, or don’t fit correctly. That is unless you purchase the official 1+ screen protector that is curved but cuts of the screen 1mm. It is also hard to use if you get a really protective case like the tudia.

As far as brightness goes, I feel like the 3T gets a little bit brighter which makes it a little bit more noticeable when driving with sunglasses or using it at the beach. Both I could see just fine while using navigation in my car though.

Nexus 6P feels better in the hand than the 3T does. I say that because the 3T is just a tiny bit wider than the 6P and having the front facing speakers gives me a place to grab without touching the buttons on the front.


Both the 6P and the 3T are very fast phones. Though the 6P slowed down a bit when you were updating apps in the background or playing a hardcore game it wasn’t anything that bad.

That is until I used the 3T. The 3T flies with any use. The only thing that lags is the lock screen. I don’t understand why it does but putting in a pattern or a code just takes forever.

Daily performance is good on both. I like it better on the 3T though while on complete stock battery is better on the 6P. I will talk more about that next.

Battery Life

This is a very difficult section to cover because battery life always differs with what you are doing on your phone and how you use your phone. Do you charge it on your drive to work? Do you use bluetooth at all? Do you have location services on all of the time? These are just a few of the questions that should be asked when referring to battery life.

First, I am going to tell you how I use my phones:

  • Location services on high accuracy¬†with WiFi and Bluetooth scanning always on due to using Google Opinion Rewards.
  • Rooted w/stock ROM and stock kernel with Naptime & Greenify & Titanium Backup to turn off the stuff with stock android I don’t use. Greenify is turned on¬†with everything but my text messaging/communication apps, Sync Pro, and¬†Opinion Rewards.
  • WiFi is rarely used but sometimes is left on while away from home.
  • Bluetooth is always on as I have an ASUS Zenwatch 2, Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless headphones, and bluetooth in my car.
  • Brightness is set to 50% or less as I am inside 90% of the time.
  • Night mode is rarely used. Same with hotspot.
  • Signal where I am is in the orange, light green, and dark green. Which means school has horrible signal (battery life drops) BUT work and home have good/very good signal.
  • Camera is rarely used as well. Same with flashlight.

Not sure what else to add. If I think of anything later, I will add it here.

Moving onto my battery life on the 3T versus the 6P. I was able to get much longer battery life with the 6P than with the 3T. Whether I was running stock or rooted. I did have the dreaded Android OS Drain bug but factory reset cured it.

Unrooted on the 6P I get anywhere from 2.5-4 hours of SOT while rooted on the 3T I can only get around 3-3.5 hours of SOT. I used the 6P for a lot more videos than the 3T due to the front facing speakers as well. While the difference in specs is only 50mAh, that difference for me is huge. I also had a difference in storage between the two as well. That’s the next thing I will go over.


The 6P I had was a 32gb version while the 3T comes in a base 64gb version. I have also owned the 64gb 6P. Out of both there is 27gb (out of 32gb) or 58-59gb (out of 64gb) to use after the operating system.

Here are my stats right now on my 3T:

  • 8.70GB in Applications
  • 37.60MB in Pictures, Audio & Videos (no audio or videos at all)
  • 1.53GB in Other (random files I have downloaded)
  • 60KB in Cached Data.

In total that is 11.31GB. I am able to get away with streaming my music because of T-Mobile’s Music Freedom¬†plus I have unlimited data through them.

On a 32GB phone that would leave me with 15.69GB of usable space which if I store my music on my phone (say I’m traveling back to AL and lose service) that doesn’t leave me with much, if any space.

This is why I always try to own a 64gb phone AND I store all of my pictures on Google Photos AS WELL AS my 5TB External Hard Drive which is connected to my router so I can access it from any computer or phone. Speaking of pictures, I would like to go over the camera next.


I wasn’t going to add this section at first as I don’t use my camera for much but while I was writing the last section I found out that the camera on my 3T is worse than the one on my 6P. In this album, I have 1 picture I took from class and another picture of my cat. Both are zoomed in either all the way or somewhat and both are taken with enough light that I could see each thing clearly.

The picture of my cat was taken with my 6P. The picture in class was taken with my 3T. The picture with the 3T is A LOT grainier than the one with my cat. The one with my cat is incredibly clear. I’m not sure if that is because of the exposure/lighting or what. Even in the screen caps (smaller pictures) you can see the difference.

Though I don’t take pictures much I want the pictures I do take to be clear pictures. Both phones were on automatic mode and held very steady for the pictures.


Of course, nothing is going to beat front facing speakers, ever. That is not to say I don’t like the speaker on the 3T being on the bottom. It just isn’t as loud and isn’t as nice to watch videos on it, so I don’t as much.

The speaker on the 3T is plenty loud but the 6P’s are louder since they are next to the screen. The speaker on the 3T is also easier to cover up than the 6P’s. Both are good quality speakers but nothing will beat front facing.


I wanted to go over this briefly since I talked about it above in a few different sections. I’m rooted on my 3T and was rooted on my 6P because I wanted to get the best battery life possible. My 6P I was also rooted because I wanted more features than stock android could give me. Now that my 3T has most of those features, I’m fine with being rooted on stock ROM.

On my 6P I would install the PureNexus ROM and ElementalX Kernel with TWRP. I would not be able to use Android Pay (still can’t) but none of my cards are¬†accepted except one which I barely use.

On my 3T I’m on the stock ROM with stock Kernel and TWRP. I have it so I can use titanium backup, naptime and greenify. Once xposed is released with Nougat, I will be using that as well.


I wanted to make this header a little bit bigger so that someone could easily find it if they felt my blog was too long and didn’t want to read it.

The 6P wins with in the hand usability, speakers, camera and battery life.

The 3T wins with features and speed.

By my own list, I should have probably stuck with the 6P but I ended up giving it to my dad and I’m keeping the 3T. While the battery life isn’t as good as the 6P, it isn’t¬†bad. I still get almost 3.5 hours SOT which is fine for me. The battery easily lasts all day plus some. Sometimes I can not charge it for 2 days and not be worried.

Also, since learning about the camera, I’m not worried about that either. The picture is grainy but I can still read it, which is what matters most. Since, like I said earlier, I don’t take many pictures.

The biggest factor for me with a phone is features and speed. I want my phone to be fast, charge fast, and not lag at all. The 3T hits that for me. I also want my phone to have tons of features out of the box. Not tons like Touchwiz/Samsung but more than vanilla Android. The 3T does that for me as well.

That is why I will be keeping this phone until the Pixel 2 comes out this year and will happily use this phone until then.

That’s my opinion! Thanks for reading guys!

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