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Really? Another new phone? Wow…


Yes, I got another new phone. GIVE ME A BREAK! I have officially  diagnosed ADHD so I like things to change. Plus, I deal with stress by buying new pieces of technology… it helps, OKAY?

Now that I’m done giving myself hell, I want to review the OnePlus 3t. If you want the stats of the device, click here. I’m not going over the stats.

To start I want to say that I love this phone. I bought it because I wanted something that was similar to my Nexus 6P (unlocked and rootable) and the only reason I’m rooted on my 3T is to extend battery life with Greenify. I will especially love it once Xposed gets released for Nougat. <3

I get really good battery life. Very similar to my Nexus 6P. Here is what I do on my phone:

Even though I know SOT isn’t a good measurement of battery life. I get a full day of life (unplug before work and still have at least 50% left after work; 8.5 hour shift max with light usage at work except on break) every day. If I decide to not charge overnight I’m pretty sure that I could get 2 days, easily. Note that this is all before Greenify is installed as I’m still working on rooting. [1. I forgot to login to Snapchat before I rooted and now unrooting is proving to be harder than I thought… at least unrooting without erasing the phone AGAIN. Took me 2 days to get TWRP working and now this. I’m so so SOOOO mad at myself. UGHHHHHHH!]

My SOT though is generally around 3-4 hours and Android OS is the top user, unfortunately. I hate that stupid MM/N bug.

The screen gets plenty bright for outside usage and I get better reception with my 3T than with my 6P… Granted it doesn’t make a difference because I have 4 bars almost everywhere and LTE everywhere, but still.

The dual SIM card slots are nice as well though I’d prefer the Huawei Mate 9’s approach where you could turn one into a MicroSD card slot if you wanted but 64GB is enough for me as whatever pictures I do take are immediately stored in Google Photos so I use storage ONLY for apps and TWRP backups.

The biggest features that brought me to the 3t that I still like are the sound slider on the top left and the option to have off screen OR on screen buttons. Among other features at least. The sound slider was the biggest one because I am jealous of all iPhone users (or was) for having that. It is nice not having to turn on your phone to silence it. Very easy to use.

The biggest thing I hate about the phone is the stupid curved display. I don’t understand why curved glass is a thing? GG4 scratches soooo much easier than GG3. I would prefer to have GG3 on it with flat screen. The screen doesn’t look any better to me because of the curve. Looks the same and feels the same.

This brings me to the screen protectors that OnePlus offers. I purchased both and the curved glass screen protector, while annoying that it cuts off parts of the screen, is fantastic. The flat one is horrible. Do not purchase the cheaper one. The curved glass covers the whole screen and I can barely tell it is on my phone except for around the home non-button and top of the phone. The sides feel normal.

I am also using the Carbon fiber case from OnePlus and it feels great in the hand and looks great. The case isn’t too slippery nor is it protective but it looks and feels good.

Dash charging is awesome though I don’t care how fast my phone charges but I still bought an extra one so I can have one in my room and one in my purse that way I always have the fast charging in case I need to get ready quickly and I forgot to charge my phone.

That’s really I had for the review. I love the phone and will be keeping it until the 4T/5 comes out. 😀 Thanks for reading!

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