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Switching to Video Blogs


I decided to switch to posting video blogs! My first one is posted down below. I decided to switch because I feel like regular blogs like mine are going out of style and video blogs are coming into style. When regular blogs come back, I’ll still have this one. Nothing is changing on that front. If you guys decide you don’t like my video blogs, let me know. I am open to making changes.

Rather than ramble in the blogs I’m going to post the topics I will cover here. Without further ado, here’s my very first video blog.

Topics Covered-

  1. Switching to VLogs
  2. Updates to my life
  3. Getting help – Therapy
  4. What I hope to work on in the future with my sites.

As you can see, not very many topics. I tried not to rant as much as possible. I am posting this directly from my phone (Nexus 6P) and depending on the quality I may not do this again.


Just in case you can’t see it, I wanted to have a title.

I also could not upload this directly to WordPress so I did upload it to YouTube so you can see it both places and follow me there if you’d like.


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