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[UPDATE] Google Pixel Thoughts & Impressions


Now that the pixel has been released I feel more comfortable posting my final impressions on the Pixel & Pixel XL. I’ve read a lot of reviews and seen tons of the early review videos and I have a bigger impression on the Pixel.

Something to note, while I am writing this if I say ‘Pixel’ I am referring to both of them. I will either say Pixel Mini being the smaller Pixel device or Pixel XL for the larger device if I am referring to one over the other.

My Best Buy store does not have any of the Pixels on display or in stock yet. I see that happening within the next 2 weeks. I plan to play around with the display models once we get them. Right now I haven’t played with one in person but one of my coworkers told me they were getting one but that is the closest I have come to a Pixel in person.

With that said, I dislike the design of the Pixel. I understand what the glass on the back is used for but I don’t understand why they didn’t go the Samsung way and use glass throughout the whole back? That would remove the iPhone-like antenna band on the bottom and while it would have been a fingerprint magnet and people scoff about how you could crack the back glass that hasn’t stopped people from buying any of the Samsung devices so why would it stop people from buying the Pixel?

I think only releasing it on Verizon was a bad move on Google’s part but if the rumors are true that it is coming to AT&T after the promotional period and then Sprint & T-Mobile then I will be a happy camper and will definitely upgrade to the Pixel XL 128GB Very Black from my 6P 64GB Frost. I will keep my 6P as a backup phone until I pay it off and then sell it. I don’t see any reason why I should keep it after I pay it off. Plus I could use that money to pay down my XL so that I can upgrade in 2017 when the next version comes out.

This would be the only way I would get the XL. From what I have heard and from talking to people on reddit, it doesn’t seem like much of a speed difference from the 6P and with root you can get the Google Assistant on the device plus the Google Keyboard, Camera, and Pixel Launcher. So with all of those ‘exclusive’ features now on my 6P, what is the point in getting a Pixel?

Here are the pros and cons from my point of view of the Pixel:


  • Easy to hold in hand (Pixel Mini)
  • Good screen size (Pixel XL)
  • Android the way google intended it to be
  • rootability + extra customizability
  • camera
  • Android N – I love this version of android thus far; particularly the camera screen… I like the blue background and how you swipe up to answer calls.


  • Price + missing features = missing value and not worth the price.
  • Chin
  • No front-facing speakers; only 1 speaker on the bottom
  • Design (personal preference, I know)

Surprisingly, I can’t think of any other cons. I guess I like this phone more than I think. Granted one of the pros has to do with the operating system which I will soon have with root on my phone… BUT I don’t yet so that goes to the Pixel for now.

So, if it doesn’t come to T-Mobile will I be getting the Pixel XL? No. At least not this year. I may get Pixel 2.0 XL but this year the features don’t match the price for me… Well, why would I get it on T-Mobile as an upgrade? Well, because I can upgrade as soon as the Pixel 2.0 XL comes out with JUMP! On Demand, an upgrade service that lets you upgrade 3x every rolling year, so it would be guaranteed PLUS I would be paying about as much as I paid for my 64gb 6P for double the storage and updates for that time. So it would be worth the $400 lease price vs the $1000 buyout price.

I just wanted to put my two cents out there. Bye for now.

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