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Nexus/Pixel Thoughts & Review

Hey guys!

Did you guys watch the Google event this afternoon/morning? I watched the whole thing and I wanted to share my impressions of the event as well as what I think about the Pixel/Pixel XL and Nexus 6P/5X.

Overall, the event was boring. I read on reddit that several people were watching it at around 1am their time and were falling asleep during it. I almost did myself a few times because they basically talked about advancements to Google Now in the form of AI and it becoming the Google Assistant now instead. That just shows you how different the Pixel/Pixel XL would be from the previous phones.

They started off with the phones when they talked about their devices and with that showed what they looked like. While they were talking about it they said that their camera got the best score ever (out of any phone on the market) from some company. Though they only compared it to the iPhone series. Probably because the Galaxy series cameras are better than the Pixel/Nexus line still. Hahahaha. They said their cameras are supposed to be better in low-light but seeing as the sensor is the same as the sensor on my 6P, I don’t see that happening. My 6P is novice in low light compared to any galaxy phone.

My thoughts on the Pixel/Pixel XL overall would be very bad. I am simply comparing this to any other phone I’ve owned including: 6P, Note 7, LG G3, etc. What is up with the glass on the back? I’m assuming it is for the VR, but why not make it a entirely glass front and back like the Samsung’s or at the very least include WIRELESS CHARGING. Sheesh. For $800 for the 32gb Pixel with Nexus Protect/Device Protection, there is no reason why you couldn’t include the same features that the Galaxy line has, especially when you have wireless connectivity going into the VR headset. Just make it use the same technology (or similar) and put it where the glass back is also. /end rant

Something they also could have done is made the phone a little bit thinner but HTC is not known for having the ultra thin phones but they are sturdy and easy to hold in your hand. Also, what is that bottom bezel? Where are the front-facing speakers? Why is the fingerprint sensor still on the back if you have that stupid bottom bezel? Ugh. So many things.

Because of this phone, I almost wanted to get it but then I realized the price (as I’d get the 128gb XL model) and also the fact that the only difference between it and my 128gb 6P (purchased yesterday, frost) is the Google Assistant being built-in. Right now it isn’t even any better than Google Now which IS built-into my phone. So, why spend the extra money for that one? I’m not. I’m going to wait for a price decrease and ask for the difference back to my card since I just purchased the phone.

Overall, I’m glad I finally have a phone that is going to carry me for over 2 years. Considering I had the 32gb 6P for the last year, sold it for the Note 7 and just repurchased it. I call that a 2 year device… even if I didn’t have it for about a month. Lol

What did you think? What do you think?

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