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In Love with Love

Hey guys!

So something really awesome happened since the last time I blogged. Well, I should say two things really cool happened.

First, I am on my 2nd generation of the sims though I have 3 generations in this family. The founding father is just about to die as I am typing this (RIP Miles Lawrence). I’m not playing with the families (2 daughters) that have 1 child each. My founding mother is named Kala. In 2 more sim days she becomes an elder so it will be her and her twins Tianna and Brandie. T & B are going to take over the house after Kala dies. I’m having B take over the restaurant (currently 3 out of 5 stars) and T is going to get a job in the programming career… or whatever it is called. 1 will have a husband and the other will be gay and have a wife and the one with the husband adopts while the other has 1 child. I am only having 2 children with this 3rd generation. This is the longest I have ever played a game of the sims. Whether on 3 or 4. I’m so proud of myself. 😀


If you click then you can see the picture bigger.

If you click then you can see the picture bigger.

If you can’t tell it is on my left wrist. No, it is not centered which bothers me a bit but I will get over it. I wanted to get something that had a heart in it. Originally I was thinking something with a heart and 5 stars around it but I couldn’t attach much meaning to that. Then 3 nights ago (right before bed) the word Love and a heart came to my head. I wrote it out on a piece of paper then I thought cursive and it came out something like this before I went to the artist:

If you click then you can see the picture bigger.

If you click then you can see the picture bigger.

Sorry about the picture, it is a picture I took from drawing this on our display model iPad Air 12″. Top is me writing it out. Bottom is something a coworker drew/wrote up for me. I showed this to my tattoo artist and said I wanted something like this as I didn’t want to attach the tattoo to anyone by myself because this tattoo was and is for me and me only. If I attach it to someone else and end up hating them then that will ruin the tattoo for me. Hence the particular attachments.

Anyway, I was talking to my artist. For reference, I went to Fat Cat Tattoo & Body Piercing. I am about to review them on yelp. The guy that tattooed me has been doing it for 14 years and told me that he was hoping I wasn’t going to have him do what I came in with. As I asked him if he had ever done tattoos that he, personally, disliked. While I like the design that I made, I’m glad I got something almost completely different from that. I had a really good experience there and with tip and everything the tattoo costed $68. I don’t believe that is too bad.

That is unless you want to include the $200 in clothes I spent for new pants, socks, bras and shirts to cover up my tattoo. Then it was close to $300. Hahahaha. I bought too many pants but I need them for work!

Lastly, I did my first “bad” thing. I work tomorrow (Saturday) from 11:30 to 8 but I was off today (Friday) and I’m off Sunday and Monday so I decided I am going to call out tomorrow. Since I only have to do it 2 hours prior I am going to call at 9 or 9:30 and call out. It will be worth it as my first time having 4 days off in a row in a few months and I am so stressed out. This is the last time (3rd) I will call out until I get a new job.
should have an in-person interview with Suntrust Bank right around the corner from my work. Other than that I am still applying for jobs but I’m not sure how that will go with my tattoo. Though I have my shirts, never know how there tattoo policy is.

Push comes to shove I still have Best Buy and my IT career will be fine with it. I won’t call out again at BBY for at least 6 months so it is fine. I just want to leave before the holidays so that I can go home during the holidays. Spending it at home was depressing last year. </3

Well, that’s all I’ve got!

P.S. I pled for Miles’ life and he was brought back for now. Looks like he has another day or so and then he will die of old age again. LOL Also, I have renewed my VPS for longer SIMPLY for the ability to practice ruby on rails and coding on a dedicated platform. I may still host people but for now I’m not.

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  1. The tattoo looks great! Knew you could have someone sort it out for you. I have heard tattoo artists can do anything and that is why they have their job. It is great that they took what you had and made it into something you loved.

    I think it is also tops that you got the tattoo just for yourself. You never want to regret what you get inked! I have thought about getting a tattoo before in the past, but now I am not so interested. There is nothing I feel I want enough to be tattooed anywhere and I would probably want to cover it up.

    Hope you start feeling less stressed out soon!

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