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My second child: Olivia!


Remember when I was telling you about my ASUS Laptop? Well, I have finally resolved that whole issue. How? Well, I paid down my Walmart credit card (by $1.4K) and I purchased another $1k of an HP Laptop. I got a $30 printer with it as well. I got this laptop. It is a beast! I’m using it right now to play the sims 4 and I have typed up 3 blog posts, done school, and browsed reddit and YouTube since noon-it is now 9pm-and while it is hot (I’m sweating) it has not slowed down a bit. The heat is to be expected since I’m running TS4 on “Ultra” settings (the highest you can go). I’m also sweating because due to our electric bill we are keeping it warmer in the house than normal so that is also to be expected.

I decided to get the HP because I didn’t want to risk the ASUS laptop breaking down again during the school year and being out of a laptop and possibly losing files for school. I did learn something from this whole experience though:

  1. Always buy protection plans (even if from a 3rd party).
  2. Never trust your device to the manufacturer directly.
  3. If you are doing OK with one brand, don’t switch unless you read reviews and you do #1.

I have downloaded a few things on here and finally I’m not getting any issues. I guess I just needed to wait a little bit longer for this laptop. I regret having to pay another $1k but I will be able to pay it off before I have interest on it so it is fine. I decided to name my laptop Olivia because I am obsessed with Law & Order.
I also decided that this laptop is going to 100% replace my desktop. It is doing so very well so far. I’m running a dual monitor with an HDMI cord plugged into the laptop and I have The Sims 4 on my TV/desktop monitor and everything else is open on my laptop itself. So far this is working well. It is getting hot, of course, from The Sims but I can handle it and so can the laptop. 🙂


I am hoping that with Amazon’s help I can sell this laptop and make around $600 for it. If so, that would help me out TONS with my bills. I would put ALL of that towards this laptop.

Well, that’s all I have to talk about now. Thanks for reading!

P.S. Yes, I am working in the dark. I can see everything I need to so what is the point in having a light on that causes me to get even hotter? Plus, saving on electricity!

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  1. That’s great you have a new laptop, hopefully it continues to work well for a long time! I have been using a Mac since 2010, and I can’t imagine changing to Windows again. I had a Macbook at first, but because I am doing design at Uni, I needed something with a bit more grunt, so got an iMac, which has been great (except when the power supply got cooked from a power surge, but that was my fault for not having a surge protector. The electricity in the country tends to have a flow that is not as consistent to normal city lines, so completely my fault, but thankfully repaired under warranty.)

    Since I haven’t had a windows laptop in a long time, I am sure that many things have improved though. 😀 I think I had an asus or nexus or something like that once and it didn’t have a long life. After that I had a few dell ones, and they are still working, although not that well haha.

  2. I got a MacBook a few years ago and I immediately stopped using a desktop computer. My computer was powerful enough to deal – when you have that, why bother with a desktop? I guess it depends on your needs, but laptops obviously come in handy because they’re portable, so it’s nice to have one that you are comfortable with using every day for long periods of time too.

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