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My new baby: Matt.

Hey guys and girls!

Like I said in my last blog, this is a pre-typed post. I typed it up on Sunday and will have edited it if there was anything I wanted to add that wasn’t in this blog.
I also stated that I sold my Nexus 6P and was using my LG G3 for about a week. I used it for about a week because I pre-ordered and received the NOTE 7!!!

Pre-ordering was a hassle. Originally, I called T-Mobile on 8/3 wanting to pre-order the phone, not knowing about the $69.99 nor whether or not I could afford it. So, I didn’t pre-order that day but I ended up calling back 3 days later, on the 6th, and pre-ordering after trying to do it online to avoid the $20 assisted service fee-which is a piece of crap, I might add. First, I chatted online and they notated my account stating that I wouldn’t have to pay that stupid $20 fee. Then, I called in.
Basically, I wasn’t able to order online because it was still showing online that JUMP! 2 was still on my line (ask me what that is in the comments if you don’t know) so it was asking me to trade in the device. I didn’t have a device (at least not any of the ones listed online) to trade in. So, I couldn’t do it myself online.

Anyway, I called in and long story short, he placed the pre-order but it was done on my mom’s line AND with a JUMP trade-in. She has the black Note 5 and it was for a white Note 5. She doesn’t want the Note 7. She only has the Note 5 because she needed a bigger screen. So I didn’t find this out until 8/9. Where I called in again to cancel that order and place another one.

The phone released on 8/12 but people were getting shipment notifications since 8/9. I never got a shipment notification so I emailed John Legere (the CEO) and the Executive team. They contacted me back 2 days later and saw that the order was cancelled but placed another one to be billed straight to the account (had billing issues as well) and I got that one shipped out the next day and received it on Friday. WOO HOO!

I named it Matt since I have a Matte dbrand skin on the back of it that is never coming off.

Screenshot_20160828-002855 Screenshot_20160828-002902 Screenshot_20160828-002911

This is the first time I’m running it with a theme. Well, running any phone with a theme.


Some icons don’t match but I love how this theme tries to make everything 8bit or pixelated. I’m using a background that came from the Samsung theme store with Nova Launcher Prime and Themecraft Free icons. As soon as I get the $5 from Google Opinion Rewards, I’m purchasing the full version of this icon pack. 🙂

I have noticed it is a bit laggier than the Nexus 6P I had but I would expect that from something that has 10x more features. Due to those features though, I haven’t even ONCE thought about rooting this device. Granted I have only had it for about a week as of typing this up but still. Usually it takes me a day before I’m looking up ways to root and whatnot.

The edge features are cool but I never have my phone face down and rarely use them. I could do without them.
I am, however, using the always on display and I have my LED notification light completely turned off in the settings due to this. I find having 1 way of getting my notifications is fine. All of my notifications come up on the status bar as well as on the always on display so I have no need for the LED.

Battery life has been good for me. Yesterday I had an extra long day at work. Not necessarily away from chargers (as I work at Best Buy and they wouldn’t care if I was charging my phone at work) but still I didn’t charge it at all. I woke up and picked the phone up off of my Fast Wireless Charger at 7am, give or take a few minutes. I used it for Bluetooth in the car (about 15 minutes), used my mobile hotspot for my laptop (about 45 minutes to an hour), and browsed reddit/XDA while getting and sending text messages. I ended the day with 40+% left. I did not charge it on my way home either which took a bit longer at around 25 minutes. On all of my other phones (including my Nexus) the mobile hotspot would have killed my phone within that hour and I would have had to recharge… this one only used about 2-5% while the hotspot was on.
This is impressive. I absolutely love this phone!

I don’t think there is anything left to say. If you have any questions about the phone, let me know!

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  1. Unfortunately the images in your post aren’t loading for me. 😞 Good that you typed the post up beforehand though, I myself am getting into the habit of writing draft posts so that I don’t feel pressure to keep my blog up to date.

    Matt is a lovely name for your phone, I name my devices as well, sometimes depending on their appearance, but sometimes I just name them after famous historical people – I have a thing for naming my devices after scientists.

    I had one of the first Galaxy Notes, and it was a bit too big for my liking! Now I have an iPhone 6S because I chose to upgrade my phone, it took me a while to warm up to the larger screen. I don’t think I will ever get a phone bigger than that.

    • I fixed the pictures! 🙂

      Yeah, it makes it easier. I can focus on other things while still focusing on my blog. I think I am going to make a monthly “post day” where I type up blogs that get posted about once a week or something like that.

      I can see why it is too big for you, the phone is a really big phone. I can’t use a phone with less than a 5.5″ screen size. It is too small for me after my LG G3.

  2. The image isn’t loading for me 🙁

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