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Asus story continued….

Hey guys!

I know it hasn’t been long since my last blog but I felt like I had to post this blog for several reasons. I’ll get into those as the blog goes on but as you can see I have another screenshot fromClick here for a bigger image. the Asus story. It came to me a few hours after I posted my last blog. Basically it says that they have opened a new case for me because the last one was closed and they are going to finally ship out my laptop, supposedly. Now that lady is still on the case and seeing as she didn’t call me on Friday and I didn’t get a shipment information and the RMA number they gave me is not showing up online I can only conclude that it is not going to ship out for at least another week, which is annoying.

Click here for a bigger image.I resolved my problem with not having a laptop though. I went out and purchased an open box Macbook Pro from Best Buy (my store) and because I’m doing so well and I’m an employee I was able to get a really good discount on the laptop which almost makes it worth working there. I’ll get into that later though. Anyway, take a look at the picture to the right! This is my new baby! Not sure if I am going to give her a nickname yet but I purchased a black Speck case to go around the outside and Applecare which covers it for 3 years. I came out in the end paying around $2k for everything together including taxes which is an amazing deal on this mid-2015 Pro. I thought about getting the new Macbook but my Asus laptop is going to be the one I take with me to school while I use this Macbook at home so I’m not worried about portability… unless something else happens with my Asus laptop but even then this is still portable just fairly heavier than my Asus laptop.

Now that I have solved the problem of being without a laptop I’m not in as big of a rush to get my laptop back as I’m able to apply for jobs anywhere I am with this thing… Oh & do school, of course. Hahaha

Speaking of applying for jobs, the reason why I said this deal almost makes it worth working at Best Buy (in general, my store is one of the better stores in the area but also has its quirks) is because within the last 2 weeks I’ve applied for and interviewed for a full time Home Theater, Gaming, & Car Electronics position (all in one) and a Customer Service & Front Lanes (all in one) position. I didn’t get either of them because there was already someone more knowledgable on TVs and the Home Theater (HT) department that applied and got it.[1. Or at least that is what they told me. I think it is because he is more charismatic than I am, being an introvert. I saw all the managers hovering around him like they knew him and liked him after (or before?) his interview so..yeah..] I wasn’t so upset about it though because they warned me that if someone had HT experience they would get it over me the whole time. So, I half expected it because it sounded more like a warning than them just letting me know. The Customer Service (CS) one though was a hit below the belt. I applied and the manager told me I had a great interview and my ex-manager (he moved down to Gainesville for an Assistant Store Manager position) was also there and the CS manager basically told me this (in my words but theoretically the same thing):

I chose someone else because you don’t know ops (operations of the store) and you don’t know the back end operations.

This was when my manger chimed in and states something like:

Do you know how I even made it to be a Mobile Manager? Like what my position was before this?

Why would I care or even know that? So, I said no & that’s when they hyped on saying that I should have asked this stuff and been more knowledgable on CS and what they do before I even applied for the job. At the time, I was thinking “Ok this is BS but whatever.” I just went along with what they were talking about as I knew this wasn’t the battle to fight. I left and almost started crying because I was upset because they didn’t hire me because they didn’t want to fucking TRAIN me. They wanted someone that already knew everything for the position. Complete asshole move.

So, I’m giving them 1 last shot as a full timer in Mobile is moving back to HT (where he moved from) and his position is opening so I’m applying for that position AND a full time position that may become available in MY DEPARTMENT. For those of you that don’t know, I work in Connected Devices. That means I work with modems, routers, security cameras, Nest products, Amazon tap/echo, bluetooth anything and wearables. The full timer that has the position now is going to apply for the Mobile position so if he gets it (most likely what will happen) I’ll apply for his position and then if they aren’t complete assholes, I’ll get that position.

IF for some reason I don’t get that position (Mobile or Connected), I’m going to quit on the spot. No notice or anything because then that really means that Best Buy doesn’t care about its part timers. They have already crossed me twice, I’ll give them 2 more times (in reality once because I don’t expect to get the Mobile position) before I quit. I hate to quit without a job but I refuse to work for people that treat their part timers like horrible shit. I was done with that when I left Woodforest National Bank. I’m not going back to that.

Anyway, I wanted to rant about this and tell you guys the awesome news about my laptop. If you guys read this whole blog, thank you so much! Here is a virtual cookie! *throws* 🙂

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