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Update to Asus Crappy Customer Service…

Hey guys!

So, my last blog about this was 3 weeks ago.

For a too long, didn’t read: I have not received my laptop back and they closed my case on June 3rd. Supposedly, it was supposed to be sent out on that date as well. On May 31st, 2016 (Tuesday) I received an email after calling them the day before threatening to call my lawyer. He guaranteed me (as you can seeClick here to view this image bigger. in the picture) that it would be sent out by the end of the week. That was June 3rd. When my case was closed. I called Fedex (just got off the phone with them as I’m typing this) to see if they could locate a tracking number for me and they said the only package they see for me is the one from yesterday where I got an RMA from Google. None in the future and none that haven’t been delivered in the past.

Now, I have been calling them every few days since my last post. Gave them a week before I called them on Monday (June 6th) and stated I never received a tracking number. They told me to give it some time. Well, yesterday was my birthday (YAY! I’m now 23!) and I decided to call them back today. STILL no tracking number. I was able to get escalated up to a 3rd supervisor who told me the same thing as the 2nd supervisor.

We can’t do anything until we get an update from the service center. I’m going to email them today but it takes 24 to 48 hours for us to hear back from them. It looks like your case was closed on June 3rd and it was sent out but the tracking information was updated. Since this is the case we have to wait until Monday (June 13th) since we are not open on the weekends. I will personally handle your case and check it tomorrow and Monday.

I understand they don’t work in the service center and there is no way to contact them. I know this from my previous experience with AT&T & Sears/ it was horrible. Sears/ really gave me the understanding of how to handle angry people. Don’t shop from them online, beware!

Anyway, I understand that. I get it but at the same time, 10th is going to be 1 full month (excluding the weekends of course since they aren’t open) since you received my laptop. I was promised 3 day turnaround time. Then this supervisor goes and tells me this:

I understand and I apologize for the inconvenience but shipping is 3-5 days and service center is 3-5 days and shipping back is another 3-5 days.

Obviously, you don’t understand. 5 days from the Monday I shipped it out is Friday. 5 days from when you received it is another Friday and another 5 days from there is the last Friday. 3 weeks total for shipping back and forth. It has been 1 FUCKING MONTH. Seriously, this is ridiculous.

If they don’t send it out by Monday, I’m going to file a BBB complaint and talk to the attorney general of CA and possibly ask my mom if I can just go purchase another laptop.[1. I have to ask her because I feel bad going out and spending even $100 without her permission. She is just going to grumble and say ‘do whatever you want’ which will make me then feel even worse but I’m slowly growing out of the phase. I wish I didn’t need her approval but I do. :(] I only spent $300 max on this one and I’d still work on getting this one back but I just want another laptop and they can’t guarantee me shit. Makes me want to go back to HP because while it is crappy they won’t service my laptop after the warranty without me paying more (a shit ton more) the laptop still works and doesn’t have the stupid issues mine had.

To refresh your memory, I sent this in because the keyboard backlight would come on and the screen would dim when that happened and then would turn off randomly and then the screen would brighten. Stupid simple, keyboard probably needs to be replaced. Easily can be done in a service center in 3 days or so I thought…
If I would have known at the time I would be waiting OVER 1 month for my laptop, I would NOT have sent it in. AT ALL.

While it is fine being home and having my desktop, when I travel ANYWHERE I have no laptop. School is starting on July 5th and I may need to travel. My classes are going to be all online which makes a laptop necessary if I want to do any travelling even to a friend’s house.

This just fucking sucks at this point. Now I’m stuck waiting until Monday, again. If they don’t send it out by Monday, I will probably go buy a laptop as I get off work on Tuesday and keep the Asus one as one dedicated for school since it is very light and easy to use. This makes me tempted to purchase a Mac simply because of how amazing Apple’s customer service is and how FREAKING LONG the computers last. Like seriously.

I don’t know what I will do at this point. We will see come Monday. If you have any suggestions as to what I should do at this point, let me know. Thanks for reading!


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