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ASUS 1 year warranty — My Rant.

Hey guys!

So, I recently purchased a new laptop to replace my HP laptop which was starting to be slow and the CD Drive doesn’t work on. The CD Drive and not connecting to my University’s WiFi were the two biggest reasons I was replacing my HP Laptop. It still works really well. I gave it to my sister this past weekend, in fact.

Anyway, on the 9th, I sent my laptop off for repair because of some issues I was having with the keyboard backlight and the backlight on the display. Basically, I never use the keyboard backlight cause it is weird. Almost hurts my eyes but not really… Possibly because of my non-OCD. Well, I was back home the first week of this month and I turned on the backlight for the second time since I purchased the laptop 6-7 months ago (around November of last year). When I did this the backlight on the display dimmed. When I turned off the backlight on the keyboard, the display brightened back up again. Kind of how it does when it has low battery, if you have ever owned a laptop you would understand.

It started turning on and off the keyboard backlight on its own and therefore dimming and brightening the display on its own. Both would happen at the same time aka Backlight On = Display would dim. Backlight off = Display would brighten. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled and performed a factory reset on the thing to no avail. My only option was to send in the device.

With all of that said, the entire warranty process is a JOKE. Seriously.

I talked to one person on the phone to get the RMA done. I was nice and was like “I know I need to do an RMA because I was chatting with a few of your reps online and they told me that if the factory reset didn’t help I need to RMA.” He agreed and stated that he got it all done and that I should be receiving an email. Well, an hour or two rolls by-went to dinner with my family because I was still in AL visiting at this point and came back to no email-and I am not surprised. It didn’t sound like that guy wanted to help me. His tone of his voice made it seem like he didn’t even want to be there. So, naturally, I call back.

The second person I was on the phone with was EXTREMELY weird. Like, not even kidding. I used to be a chat rep and none of my coworkers were ever that weird. I have a really unique last name. It is polish and unless you know me really well I am not going to tell you it. Anyway, he asked me if it had a meaning. It doesn’t so I said no. He was like “Really? Are you sure?” I was like yes and had a really confused face. Then he said “Ok. My name is __.” and started laughing. I didn’t actually catch his name. It really weirded me out. He continued filling out the paperwork and then he was trying to make small talk with me. At this point I was done with being on the phone (having to call in twice and be on the phone for at least 30 min each time) and just done with talking to this guy cause he seemed really weird… or like he was pranking me in some way. Like I really wasn’t on the phone with ASUS even though I was. That kind of weird.
He asked me “How has your day been today?” and still being nice but not wanting to make small talk I said a simple “Fine.” He replies with “Just fine?” I say “Yes.” He then says “Do you not want to talk to me?” or something like that and I just ignore him and he continues typing or doing whatever he was doing.

He stays on the phone with me until I get the emails and I start filling out the paperwork. I ask him how fast should I expect this to take. He says 3 business days. Nothing about exceptions or exclusions just 3 business days. So, figuring that is awesome, I’m like OK and continue with the dude.

When ASUS does a warranty repair they don’t send you a box like HP does. You have to pay for the shipping. I was lucky I got a return label. Almost had to pay for that as well. With HP (even though they are crap, too) at least you get a box PLUS the return label to put your device inside. Anyway, I fill out the RMA form that they have you fill out and I print out the return label and get it all set up for the next day (as I was leaving the next day so I was going to send it off that same day to hopefully get this done ASAP).

I go up to the place to send off my package only to find out the type of Fedex package it is means it won’t be picked up til Monday. It is Saturday at this point. So, agitated with ASUS I just agree and figure even with a 3 business day turnaround I should have my package before Memorial Day. I am heading home so I will have my desktop the whole time so I don’t absolutely need my laptop for any reason until Memorial Day weekend.

I check the tracking and it is, indeed, sent out on Monday and ASUS does receive it on Friday (5/13/16). So, I figure it will be sent out by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest and then I should receive it Tuesday or Wednesday (5/25/16) so that I can travel back to AL with it and have it to use while on vacation and away from my desktop.

Well, now it is 5/24/16 at 10:50pm at night (as I am typing this sentence) and it is waiting on “Customer Confirmation” for a refurbished SWAP. I called earlier today and was told that basically they want me to confirm that I am OK with getting a refurbished device instead of my device back. I really DO NOT care at this point. I just want a working laptop and refurbished items should work better than brand new items anyway due to the testing they go through before they get sent out.

When I found out about this status, I was pissed. Why? Because it sat in the “waiting for replacement/spare parts” stage for 3 days. 3 DAYS!!! So many other things could have been done. Like the following but not limited to the following:

  • Sending me a refurbished device in the first place and once I receive that device I send in my defective device.
  • Having me send in my defective device and immediately sending out a refurbished device.
  • Giving me a refund on what I paid through the warranty so I can go purchase another laptop.

The last one isn’t likely but I wanted to throw it in there anyway cause even if it isn’t likely it still is possible.

So, I’m pissed off at ASUS right now. I will NEVER purchase an ASUS or HP laptop or desktop again in my life. Honestly, I’m probably going to build them myself once my current products start to die out on me. The HP story is for another time.

Anyway, still haven’t received the email that I am supposed to be confirming and asked for a service center manager to call me and they told me it would take up to 48 hours (this was yesterday). It has been 24 hours and still no call from a manager. I am going to raise HELL if this shit isn’t done by tomorrow. If I don’t receive an email by the time I wake up to take my car in in the morning while I am waiting for my car to be serviced, instead of sleeping I’m going to be raising hell on the phones with ASUS because this whole system is ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to wait over 24 hours for an email to confirm what they should assume I’m already OK with. Obviously, if I send you my laptop I just want a working one and not one that is defective therefore I would be OK (not pleased but OK) with a replacement refurbished or new. If anyone isn’t OK with that they are being a prude, in my opinion.

That’s all I wanted to rant about. If you have any similar stories or some words of advice, please let me know! I’m sorry this blog was so long but I had to explain everything! Thanks guys!

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3 replies

  1. I’ve never had problems with laptops…but that whole situation is just sucky to be in Hugs

    I wish I knew the advice to give you other than give them hell and stay on top of it.

  2. Wow, that is so bad. -______-

  3. I can’t believe how unprofessional both these sales representatives and assistants are. I am so shocked with their treatment throughout the whole process. I imagine youre very frustrated. Have you tried emailing to complain? Or even use Twitter? Because whenever I have a problem with a company, I head straight to Twitter as it’s an open place, companies hate looking bad on it.

    Again, I’m so sorry you had to deal with this frustrating process. I hope you find a fix soon!

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