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A Day in the Life

I got this idea from Georgie! Love her! Definitely gives me something to blog about. 🙂 Once a month I follow her prompts and I blog about it. Pretty simple.

Without looking, guess what time it is.

Well, it is dark outside, so that makes it at least 6:30pm…. I think about 7pm. That’s my guess, 7pm.

Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

6:50pm. BOOYAH! My internal clock RULES! hahahaha

What was the last email you read?

One from MightyText about how the notifications were messed up and showing even though I clicked ‘do not show ever again.’ they told me they updated the app and that it should be fixed with an update. It was! 🙂

By the way, if you sign up (even if you don’t use it) I get 1 referral credit. For every 10 referral credits I get 1 year free of MightyText Pro. If you have an Android phone, definitely sign up. I love MighyText and some of my coworkers at my University job love it to, just check it out. 🙂

How were you challenged today?

I had to wake up at 10am (I know, so early! IT SUCKS hahahaha /sarcasm) and go to my Doctor’s Appointment. I was challenged because not only was I very tired but there is a lot of work going on in my front yard due to this:

The car is over our transformer and was making weird sounds. A guy in a wheelchair was driving and his foot slipped or something. Even the cops weren’t sure how this happened. Happened Saturday March 5th, 2016 at like 2pm our power was out until about 6pm. Ick.

So it was hard pulling my car out of my driveway. Here is another angle…

My house is the blue one on the right. The guy in the wheel chair with the firefighter in front of him is the guy that caused the accident and everyone in our neighborhood is OK. No injuries! YAY!

How did you make a difference today?

I went grocery shopping!

How could today have put a bigger smile on your face?

Not sure. It was a pretty good day. I was lazy besides grocery shopping and my doctor’s appointment…

I went to the doctor because I thought I had a sore throat or an ear infection… I may have an inner ear infection but it is just starting to flare up which is annoying cause the lymph nodes in my neck (especially the one on the right) are swollen and it hurts to swallow because of that but luckily ibuprofen stops the swelling and makes swallowing a bit better! 🙂

I guess I could say, not being sick or at least now having swollen nodes and being able to swallow just fine?

What is something you could gladly part with right now, without feeling any loss?

A lot of stuff in my closet. In fact, I’m about to go through it! Thanks blog/Georgie for giving me back my motivation that I had last week but was working too much to actually clean out my closet! LOL

Here is the before picture.

Something you found yourself singing today is…

I changed this question from was to is because I’m starting the clean up of my closet. Right now it is Confident by Demi Lovato. Love her! <3

A photo from today:

Update at 7:54pm: FINISHED! Donated a lot of stuff!

Donated a lot of stuff. On the left is a tub with 2 smaller tubs on top of it with my bookbag against the wall and on the right are my sheets for my bed. The bag has all of my stuffed animals in it. I’m keeping them there until my next move which will be semi-permanent and hopefully happen next year.

Extra Stuff:

I added this section cause I wanted to. I opened up Hostwish! I’m so excited! If anyone is in need of hosting I’m giving it away for free no catches! 😀 Just hit me up and let me know!

Here is a picture of my whole room for those who were wondering…

The part of the bed that is a bit messed up on the left at the top is where Nikki sleeps (you can see here on the chair!) To the right is where the closet is. As you can see I’m playing the sims and getting ready for the beach tomorrow. (hence the bathing suit on the floor hahahaha) The specks on the red chair is Nikki’s fur. Yes, disgusting BUT it is only temporary until I get my actual chair from AL when my family is able to sell that house.

Thanks for reading!

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5 replies

  1. I can’t see your pictures 🙁

  2. Hopefully you’re not getting ill.

    Best of luck with Hostwish, I hope it goes well. 😀

    Also, like Michelle replied, I couldn’t see the images either.

  3. I was starting to wonder if it was just me, but I guess it’s not—perhaps the images are set to either certain private permissions or aren’t meant to be hotlinked?

    I like Lovato’s song “Confident”. It’s one of the few songs I like by her from her recent music work. Good luck on cleaning out your closet. 🙂

  4. I always love reading Georgie’s link ups, I haven’t done this one in a while, I definitely will try and do it next month!

    Woo, go internal clock! I have a pretty good one myself 😉 I love Demi’s new song, I’ve always loved her songs and how much she’s grown in confidence. What a fab role model!

  5. Nice post Erin. I try doing A day in the Life posts when i can and I love that linkup too!

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