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Hey guys!

I wanted to take some time to explain why I have been inactive from the web world recently. This may be a long blog since I am explaining everything, we will see. I will not add a too long, didn’t read to the end of it because I feel like if you really care about reading blogs, you should read the full thing. I’m done adding those from now on.

If you guys noticed recently, I thought about canceling my VPS (AGAIN, I know… not proud of it by ANY means) and just using Tumblr for my blog. What got me to come back was my fanlistings. I knew I couldn’t give those up so I renewed my VPS. I plan on deciding (depending on how much moving out costs) before September as to whether or not I can keep it. I say September as my VPS is due to renew August 14th but I don’t move out until ~20th so I will definitely renew it next month but after that it depends on how much money I have leftover as I am NOT dipping into my savings whatsoever when it comes to my websites.

Push comes to shove, I’ll move to a NameCheap reseller and pay $16/month for that until I can afford the VPS again. I would rather not have to leave KnownHost because they have been TOO good to me these past few months but if I can’t afford it, then I can’t afford it and I’m not making any excuses for that. I’m definitely going to do my best to NOT get rid of Hostwish but HeartBox would definitely close to make room for potential new clients/hostees as they are more important to me than anything else.

Since I’ve been thinking about cancelling and everything, I haven’t had motivation (probably the reason why I am thinking about cancelling) to do any coding or anything online besides blogging. I’m a Trouble Checker for TFL and I had a check to do before the 25th and it was sent to me on the 1st and I just NOW got around to doing it. 18 days later. Not because I wasn’t online. Not because I forgot (at least not in the beginning) but due to pure laziness and no motivation to do anything online.
You have no idea how much I HATE not having motivation but I am taking time away and just working and trying to keep my websites on the back burner until I have motivation. If I don’t have it before October though, I may do something drastic. I would hate for it to come to doing something drastic but I believe that 6 months (May – October) with only blogging activity going on, on my websites constitutes my websites being dead and a waste of my money. That gives me 4 months to get some motivation or just get rid of hosting altogether and move my blog to Tumblr and get rid of my fanlistings. Personally, I believe that is enough time when you are spending $39.10/month on hosting. That’s probably TOO MUCH time to some people but for me, that’s enough.

Anyway, my motivation is the biggest reason why I haven’t done anything with my websites. Also because I’m not sure what there is to do besides advertise Hostwish on Twitter/Facebook as much as I can. I like the way it is set up and everything so there isn’t really anything else to do and since I don’t see anything else to do besides advertising, I’m not doing anything, including advertising cause “I’ll do it later.” & I never get to it. *sigh*

If I do ANYTHING with my sites, It will not be until August 14th at the earliest since I already renewed my VPS and am not expecting nor asking for a refund from KH at all. So, I will use up this month and I’m thinking about moving to a NC reseller on the 14th as it is $1 for the first month and I wouldn’t have to pay until the 14th of September. We will see. If you want to stay updated on my ideas, just follow me on twitter. Link is at the top of the left sidebar. 🙂

Anyway, I had to get this off of my chest. Thanks guys for reading!

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