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Spotify v Apple Music: Which did I choose?

Hey guys!

So, I just upgraded from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6 Plus and I also own an LG G3. If you know me, you know I’m a freak when it comes to technology. Lol I have to have both an android device and an iOS device in my residence at all times. While I only use 1 SIM card I just switch it back and forth whenever I get tired of one operating system.

With that said, I decided to try out the family version (to give my sister’s a chance to try it out as well) of Apple Music when it came out for iOS 8.4. ┬áIt was a huge change for me from Spotify. I’m so used to the dark colors and everything when I play my music that using this doesn’t seem as intuitive. Excuse me for not having any pictures of this but I will be as descriptive as I can.

Intuitive: How is the experience with using each service?

The ‘Songs’ section where you can view your playlists, songs you have added to your library, artists, albums, etc. is not very intuitive on Apple Music. It is easy to see where to switch to everything but generally on Spotify, I just hit up ‘Your Library’ and then a list of my recent albums or playlists shows and I can either select those or click on ‘Songs’ and select a song I want to play. My iTunes Library (or Apple Music Library now) has tons of old music videos from back in 2010 and earlier when I was using my iPod Touch and iPod Classic religiously. Since that is the case, I have to go searching through the library to find the songs I added latest.
I haven’t merged over the playlists I created yet but one thing I do like about Spotify is that I can subscribe to playlists that other people (including Spotify) have made and they get auto-updated. Like the ‘New Music Tuesday’ Spotify has where new artists can release their songs (or old artists can release new music) for people to hear. It gets updated weekly and auto-downloads the songs when I’m using the app (iOS) or in the background (Android).

Apple Music does have a plus on iOS. The plus it has is that since it is a pure iOS application it can sync the music in the background though I like getting the notification that it is doing that as it helps me keep track of my data usage (I know what is using what amount of data and such). Spotify has the notification that pops up (on Android at least) to let you know that it is syncing songs and how many songs it is syncing. As far as I’ve seen with my iPhone and Apple Music, I haven’t gotten a notification yet of downloading music so I never know if or when it is happening.

Answer: I think Spotify is more intuitive and easier to use but that may just be me being used to the way Spotify is and not really using iTunes that much before Apple Music.

Price: Is there one that is a better price than another?

I’ve got the student edition of Spotify. So it is $5.16 for taxes and everything per month for me ($4.99+taxes USD). I had no idea (until Apple Music came out) that you could add other family members and pay half of the cost (if I recall correctly) of the original Spotify ($9.99+taxes USD) so about the same amount on top of your current Spotify purchase to have a sort of ‘family plan’. I find this really cool and I may do this in the future if my sisters decide they like Spotify more than Apple Music.

Apple Music on the other hand has a 3 month free trial which 99% of the people using Apple Music have. Then we are charged (in October) $9.99 for a single person or $14.99 for a family plan. The family plan includes up to 6 people. Which is very limiting compared to Spotify where (if I recall correctly) there is no limit.

Answer: I think Spotify has the better deal as they have a student version that gets everything that regular Spotify Premium users get but for a steep discount. ­čÖé

Synchronization: Can you use it with both Android and iOS?

Since I don’t own a Windows Phone and haven’t had any experience with them since the HTC HD7┬áI’m not including them in this ‘review’ per-say of my decision.

Spotify has dedicated applications for Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1 as well as for Android (old and new) and iOS/Mac. You are able to download your music to up to 4 devices at the same time (per premium subscription) which means I can have my music downloaded on my LG G3, iPhone 6 Plus, Laptop and iPad Air (1) which gives me the ability to listen to my music on the go when my limited T-Mobile data (2.5GB) plan is near its limits or the service just sucks (usually when travelling which doesn’t bother me that much since I can download my songs for offline listening).

Apple Music has the ability to download the songs but I have not used my iPad Air with it yet so I’m not sure if I can download them on as many systems as I have with the same Apple ID or how that works. I’m all Windows over here so I can’t test it on a Mac either. I like iCloud Music Library where it will sync my songs that I choose on my phone to my desktop and iPad automatically. With that said, Apple Music doesn’t have an Android application┬áyet so it isn’t able to sync your songs to your Android device. So for those of us who like using Android, we are in the dark with this until they release it this fall or whenever they decide to release it.

Answer: Spotify.

Support: What if my bill goes wrong or something happens? How do I get help? Which one is better for this?

I had to update this post to add this section as I almost forgot about this.

I’ve had to contact Spotify in the past (and just recently) about bills that either got charged and weren’t supposed to (at least not yet) or a few other things and they were actually OK to contact though all they have is an email address while Apple Music has the backing of the whole Apple support. Spotify gets back to you faster nowadays than they used to but I’m still waiting on a response as opposed to Apple Music where I can get one almost instantaneously.

Answer: Apple Music because you are backed with the Apple phone number and chat support just like anyone with an iPhone knows. Apple Support is the best when it comes to helping you out. So they win this over any other phone carrier, maker, etc.

Overall: Which one do I like better? JUST GET TO THE PUNCH LINE, ERIN!


I like Spotify better. You probably got that from all of the ‘answers’ to the above questions. They pretty much sum up why I like Spotify better. So, while I have Apple Music for the full 90 days it is giving a free trial, I’m probably not going to renew it after that unless my mom pays me back for it (she does that with Netflix so she probably will do that with Apple Music). If she does then I will have 2 Music Streaming services I can use. If not, then oh well! I liked Spotify better anyway. I just wish they would pay the artists more so that Taylor would release all of her albums on Spotify. That is one of the main reasons why I am using my iPhone more nowadays. I like being able to be in the car and listen to Bad Blood or Red or any of her other songs that aren’t from when I was in high school (2011 or earlier).

Answer: Spotify, duh.

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