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When I said Work is Shit, I meant it.

So, if you look at my previous post you’ll see a full explanation of what I do for Arise/AT&T and everything. I previously tried to post this but I am working so I have to keep stopping to tend to my customers while I am writing this so WP timed out and deleted the 2,023 worded post that I had written up and I was stupid and didn’t copy it before I pressed “publish”… ugh. Anyway, let’s get to why I say work is double shit and why AT&T does suck monkey butts (weird running thing in my family)..So, AT&T, yeah, you suck. We all knew it and we all never liked you but now you have rubbed an ex-employee the wrong way…

So, I was working and then all of a sudden the hours started disappearing. If I can’t select hours, I can’t work. Then this week, I had hours selected for the rest of the week. I was good sitting at 10.5 hours and everything. Figured I would get the last 4.5 hours that I needed on Saturday and have the 15 I usually have each week, no problem. Until this morning when I woke up and I got this email:

AT&T/Arise removed my hours?!

Basically, it states that the hours I signed up for (those dates and times listed in the middle) are gone and now I am back down to 5 hours because I worked 4 hours yesterday (Monday 3/23/15) and they kept my hour for today that I signed up for. Otherwise, all of the rest of my time was taken away. Like seriously? They have never done this before. Not for my mom, not for me… this was weird! So, I had the inkling that AT&T was removing Arise as their client. I’ve had this thought since last week when the hours were horrible but with this email, I was really intrigued with the idea.

I went to class and luckily my professor let our class out 2 hours early so I got home at 11A went to the bathroom and then went online to stalk starmatic and what do I know but there were hours available and while I have been working today (it is 3:50pm right now, been working since 11A) I found out that it is confirmed (not by Arise) that AT&T LP today that as of Saturday night at midnight I’m out of a job.

I’m pissed, not because I lost the job (because I hated this job anyway) but because they didn’t send out a mass warning or let us know in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. That’s what pisses me off. This job was already temporary enough but to throw this into the mix, I mean really? UGH. Now I have 3.5 weeks left of school and no job and luckily my bills are good through next month but after next month, I’m screwed. I’ll figure something out like I always do but I was relying on this job to get me through internship now I’m screwed for that too and will probably have to work 60+ hours then now. (Fall 2016) Ugh Ugh ugh, that’s all I can say…

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