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Why I hate the dorm life… Why it is good for me…

I’ve talked about this several times with my family and friends and I’ve finally come up with the conclusion that while I absolutely hate the dorm life, it is good for me at the same time and that makes me hate it even more.

Here are the reasons why I hate dorm life-

  1. AC only has cold air. No heat. Says “Key is Locked” when you try to change it aka THIS IS NOT ALLOWED WE ARE TOO CHEAP TO DO THAT!
  2. Fighting over how cold it is in the dorm.
  3. Roommate and her boyfriend have sex all day every day. In the shower, in her room, doesn’t matter. Constant slapping or shower noises. (yes, I am a bit jealous but that is besides the point)
  4. Walls are paper thin so I can’t play my music loud without someone yelling at me.
  5. Random dorm searches where they lock your door after they leave so if you don’t have your key when you get home and you work in like 5 minutes you are shitting out of luck. Made me 15 minutes late for work cause of this.
  6. All of the floors are tile and cold so not only is there only cold air but all of the tiles are cold as well and it is just awful. “Invest in a rug” That will only help a TINY bit so why waste my money? There are still loud roommates (yes the one that has sex all of the time) that slam doors that will still be loud no matter what I do. Ear Plugs don’t even work. I’ve tried.
  7. Tiny room = No storage. I hate how tiny the room is.
  8. Bed isn’t even a real bed. It is material with springs inside of it that is uncomfortable as all living hell. Might as well sleep on the tile floor.
  10. Roommates in general. They suck. I hate roommates.
  11. Price. Like you get all of this STUPID STUFF for $10k :/
  12. rules on parking & parking lot being (what feels like) a mile away from your dorm room so when you have groceries, you are dying. :/

Is that enough reasons to hate dorm life or do I need to state more? Because I have at least 5-10 more I could state….

The dorm life is good for me though for these reasons-

  1. teaches me how to deal with life and situations that I absolutely hate
  2. teaches me how to deal with people I don’t care to be around (my roommate) and how to be more personable around them.
  3. teaches me how to deal with mornings when the sun freaking hates you.
  4. teaches you how to deal with a small storage area
  5. teaches you more maturity that comes with being on your own.

So, while I absolutely hate dorm life and can’t wait to either go home or move out (move out preferably) I know how much it is teaching me and I appreciate that.

Just something for those of you that are thinking about moving out for you to read so you can decide. 🙂

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10 replies

  1. I see, it must be annoying to live with all these nuisances every day. But I can also see how it can harden you up. It sorta makes me glad dorms aren’t a common thing here… I don’t think I could put up with the things you’ve described here.

  2. This all sounds so normal, actually; they’re teaching you how to live on your own… if you want to be babied, you can live at home. It’s as simple as that.

    Not all ACs have the ability to produce heat… They need a heat pump in order to do that.

    It’s odd how your previous post explained how you needed to move out from your parents’ house and this one explains how you can’t wait to get back home. The music is understandable, and you’ll have that at most places you go to… Having a dorm means you have to live with someone else and be respectful of them. If your roommate and her boyfriend annoy you, consider talking it over with said roommate or reporting it to the dorm adviser.

    Furthermore, why not carry your key constantly? Do you keep it unlocked? If it were an apartment/house/etc. and you got locked out, you’d have to suffer consequences as well… They’re not going to baby you.

    • I thought a dorm room AC would have a heat pump though… why wouldn’t it?

      I never said I wanted to be babied… Could you point out where that came across in my post that way I can remove it?
      I’m stating that I see the bad and the good and even though I see the good, there is more bad than good and dorm life just isn’t for me.

      I never said “I can’t wait to get back home”, I said “I can’t wait to get out of this place” what I meant from that was “I can’t wait to get an apartment and away from both this place and my parent’s home”.
      Easy to misunderstand.

      We did end up “talking it over” and it ended with her immaturity saying “I’m done talking to you guys” and basically moving out to her boyfriends place. She comes back every now and then for 30 seconds to 2 minutes to grab some stuff but other than that I never see her anymore.

      I’m lazy, that’s why I don’t want to carry my key constantly. LOL I do now, but didn’t last semester.
      We usually keep the main door unlocked and then the door to my specific dorm room is usually unlocked as well.

      Again, didn’t ask to be babied. I’m not the only one that thinks the $25 price tag for unlocking your dorm room is ridiculous. My new RA for this semester agrees even.
      Plus, that’s why there is AAA (triple A). Pay for it and they can come out and unlock your car, house, etc. in a matter of minutes. Worth the price even if we only use it once in a blue moon.

  3. It’s good that you can find the good points about it. I am sure that would be hard when there are a lot of negatives about it. One day when it’s all over you will probably be glad because you will have learned a lot more. 🙂

  4. Gaah I really hated living in a dorm. I remember the first semester I lived there there were some girls from England and they 1. occupied the kitchen all the time and 2. didn’t clean up after themselves. Another time I lived in a friend’s dorm room for the summer and shared kitchen with a Chinese couple. Never again!! They cooked from morning until night…

    I’m glad there are dorms though because it’s easy and convenient when you need to get somewhere to live fast and don’t have much money. But I’m not sure I think it teaches you about adult life. Maybe the part of learning to deal with other people.

    • Very true! I’m glad you know the feels. They suck but now that the roommate is gone it is better. (we got into a fight and now “she isn’t talking to us anymore” and pretty much moved out to her fiance’s place, yeah they got engaged lol)

  5. Roommate and her boyfriend have sex all day every day. In the shower, in her room, doesn’t matter. Constant slapping or shower noises. (yes, I am a bit jealous but that is besides the point)
    Ask if you can join them:D

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