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Month: March 2015

When I said Work is Shit, I meant it.

So, if you look at my previous post you’ll see a full explanation of what I do for Arise/AT&T and everything. I previously tried to post this but I am working so I have to keep stopping to tend to my customers while I am writing this so WP timed out and deleted the 2,023 worded post that I had written up and I was stupid and didn’t copy it before […]

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Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming…

This is my favorite song from a really good movie. If you guys haven’t seen Finding Nemo by Disney, you should find it online and stream it Oops I mean buy it and watch it! Yeah, sure… Anyway, Dori (one of the main characters) comes to Marlin and sings him a song to help him keep going to find his son, Nemo. It is one of the most influential songs […]

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