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Electronics Update: ASUS + MacPro Updates…

Hey guys! So I’ve been trying to sell my ASUS 2-in-1 laptop and after putting it up on ebay once and not being able to sell it, I decided to return my Macbook Pro (MacPro) and use my ASUS laptop. I’ve had the ASUS Laptop just sitting around all this time, never touched, moved, etc. It’s been about 2 weeks to 3 weeks that I’ve actually had possession of the […]

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Update to Asus Crappy Customer Service…

Hey guys! So, my last blog about this was 3 weeks ago. For a too long, didn’t read: I have┬ánot received my laptop back and they closed my case on June 3rd. Supposedly, it was supposed to be sent out on that date as well. On May 31st, 2016 (Tuesday) I received an email after calling them the day before threatening to call my lawyer. He guaranteed me (as you […]

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Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming…

This is my favorite song from a really good movie. If you guys haven’t seen Finding Nemo by Disney, you should find it online and stream it Oops I mean buy it and watch it! Yeah, sure… Anyway, Dori (one of the main characters) comes to Marlin and sings him a song to help him keep going to find his son, Nemo. It is one of the most influential songs […]

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Hello world!

I accidentally deleted my database so until I can remember what I posted my last blog about (or even remember what was in it) I will keep this here. I’ll just blog again with the previous post. I’m so glad to have my blog back! I missed it so much. <3 *kisses the site* YIPEEE! Lol /don’t judge me If you don’t know me, read my about page. If you […]

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