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My name is Erin Skidds. I own this blog for fun. This is where I like to post anything I’d like to share with the world. I hope you have fun browsing and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments! Thanks for visiting!

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Hello, New Friend!

What’s up with everyone? How has everyone been? Since my last blog, not much has happened with me. I have decided since my last blog to not move with my husband to Arizona while he is there for work. Since that is the case I am going to be traveling a lot more so I will keep you all updated on my travels back and forth from there. Today, I […]

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They lived happily ever after…

Welcome! Today I wanted to post about how I met Josh in more detail than what is on To do that we have to go back in time… We are going back to August. I was still in my depression though it was VERY minor compared to how it used to be. I needed to leave retail and get a job in my degree field so I applied several […]

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Hello Summer 2019!

Hello Everyone! I have been going back and forth lately about whether I wanted to start my YouTube Channel back up or my blog and I decided I would start my blog back up. I did attempt a few videos on my channel but I ultimately don’t have the courage or drive to get in front of a camera every day and record myself talking. Plus, I couldn’t get passed […]

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