When I said Work is Shit, I meant it.

So, if you look at my previous post you’ll see a full explanation of what I do for Arise/AT&T and everything. I previously tried to post this but I am working so I have to keep stopping to tend to my customers while I am writing this so WP timed out and deleted the 2,023 worded post that I had written up and I was stupid and didn’t copy it before I pressed “publish”… ugh. Anyway, let’s get to why I say work is double shit and why AT&T does suck monkey butts (weird running thing in my family).. Continue reading

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming…

This is my favorite song from a really good movie. If you guys haven’t seen Finding Nemo by Disney, you should find it online and stream it Oops I mean buy it and watch it! Yeah, sure… Anyway, Dori (one of the main characters) comes to Marlin and sings him a song to help him keep going to find his son, Nemo. It is one of the most influential songs in my life. Basically it means to just keep going even when the tides are rough, just keep swimming. It goes like this: Continue reading

Work is shit.

This was previously posted on 1/31/2015 but I had to delete it because AT&T saw it and threatened to fire me and Arise also saw it and threatened that I wouldn’t be able to work through them but if you read my latest blog you’ll see why I reposted this. :)

I also decided to edit this today to add more information, pictures, etc. That I had as if you read my latest blog you will see I tried to add this there, but couldn’t. ERGH. WordPress is annoying sometimes.

Hey guys!

I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about working with Arise.com // AT&T Wireless LivePerson Chat From Home. Yes, I’m one of those people that sits at home in front of her laptop watching TV or working on my websites or doing school and also working at the same time. I know that I have more privileges than most other people and I respect that. I realize that there are people that would LOVE to have a job in general while there are other people that are like me. With that said, there is A LOT about this job that I absolutely HATE. Continue reading

Why I hate the dorm life… Why it is good for me…

I’ve talked about this several times with my family and friends and I’ve finally come up with the conclusion that while I absolutely hate the dorm life, it is good for me at the same time and that makes me hate it even more.

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Why I need to move out…

Hey guys! This is a rant post I needed to post after what happened today and this past few weeks since I’ve been home. I password protected this post so that my parents would not read it as they would get offended and that’s one thing that comes to mind as why I need to move out. I’ll get more into that later though. I decided to make this public because I don’t care if they read it anymore.

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