Why I hate the dorm life… Why it is good for me…

I’ve talked about this several times with my family and friends and I’ve finally come up with the conclusion that while I absolutely hate the dorm life, it is good for me at the same time and that makes me hate it even more.

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Why I need to move out…

Hey guys! This is a rant post I needed to post after what happened today and this past few weeks since I’ve been home. I password protected this post so that my parents would not read it as they would get offended and that’s one thing that comes to mind as why I need to move out. I’ll get more into that later though. I decided to make this public because I don’t care if they read it anymore.

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Hey guys!

So, my first semester at college was okay. Nothing great happened. In fact, my pal, pillow, sister, puppy, and just an amazing friend, Tessie died from a bone eating Cancer in September. :( It sucked but life goes on…

Below I have other things that aren’t so depressing. LOL Trust me, I know how depressing this sounds. You can skip past this section. Each section is going to be labeled below.

In memorial, here are a few pictures of her…

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Missing Features in The Sims 4.

After viewing an article titled “89 Missing Features from The Sims 4” I got very outraged.

I just pre-ordered & then downloaded & then played TS4 after waiting all of this time and it is missing ALL of the “good” features from The Sims 3. I’m thinking right now, “What the hell, EA? What is going on with y’all? Ruining my favorite franchise!” I love this franchise so much that I own The Sims Forum. Although it is new (released it with the release of TS4) and although I am pissed about TS4, I know my anger will die down. So, I am keeping it forever! LOL

I have now googled “Missing Features from TS4” and a lot of them say the same thing as the first article I linked.

Here are a few things I think should be added into TS4 to get me to purchase it again…

I posted this on my forum with the top one’s that I hated (visitors can post there) => 89 Missing Features from The Sims 4.

I just felt like I should also post them here.

  1. No Create-A-Style (CASt) => Seriously? Why not?
  2. No Toddlers & No Pools => I reiterate, Seriously? Why not? Maybe we will get it later but this should have been something added right off the bat. Come on, EA? What is going on?
  3. No Modifications to world/public spaces => WTH? This is the biggest one for me. For the time I did play, the biggest lots were 30×20 or vice versa… that is NOTHING for me. I easily fill up a 60×60 lot with junk. That is STUPID!
  4. No open world; You must incur a loading screen between each active lot & each neighborhood has 1-5 lots total => I can confirm the neighborhood (stupid)… WHY are we going back in time, EA? I thought the point was to get RID of loading screens by now… it is 2014 for god’s sake! Seriously?

That’s not even covering anything else I found on these links. This is just really disgusting me.

I even tried to post the positives of the game… => A few awesome features in The Sims 4. That still didn’t help. I am simply waiting on the $72 refund back to my CC and I already uninstalled the game and I will forever stay a Sims 3 fan. This just freaking sucks monkey balls.

What do you think? Do you think I’m over-reacting?

P.S. My free domain giveaway is still going on… I’m sure you saw it linked in a previous blog here as well, enter at either place. It is the same giveaway. :)


Wallpaper 24

Leaving for College + GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys!

So, today may be the day that I leave for college. I’m not a freshman, I am a junior but I took my first to college years online at one of the schools in Florida.  I’m excited for the leave and nervous. I already know I’m going to cry during the drive there. It is going to be sad because I’ve gone through so much here. Continue reading


The Help Me Code Club — My Forum Baby!

Hey guys!

So, I wanted to dedicated at least one blog entry to all of my sites (except this one cause I have an “about” page for a reason) but I wanted to do the website individually. With that said, this blog post is (as you’ve guessed… LOL I mean read… teehee) about The Help Me Code Club aka my forum baby! <3

This is a forum that is near and dear to my heart because it is something that I am really passionate about. It is for helping people learn to code as well as put up websites and once they get their websites, maintaining them by gaining visitors, members, etc. It is something that I came up with after deciding what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I want to be a Computer Teacher but most importantly someone who teaches people to code. :) I’m not as fluent with coding as I hope to be before I start doing this as my job but for now, I feel like this is the best thing I could have. I plan to keep this website for the rest of my life and watch it grow and blossom from the small site that it is right now.

I plan to get my Bachelor’s in Education (most likely Elementary Education) and then go back for my Master’s in Computer Science as well as any other Computer degree’s I feel like I need to be proficient as a computer teacher inside and outside the classroom. I also plan to host a club or some kind of class where anyone of all ages can learn about the computer from the most basics (Word, Typing, etc.) to the more advanced (C++, Python, etc.) This was something I came up with just now and I am loving the idea already. <3 You have no idea how much I love knowing exactly what I want to do in my life.

Anyway, this forum is still looking for people to design for Credits (forum money) or Real Money as well as people to help moderate as well as members to post around. I would really appreciate it if you had an interest at all in Computer Science that you would join my club. It would help me a lot even if you did simply post around. :)

I’m also thinking about adding a staff of people (including myself) that write tutorials or articles to help people come to the site. I’m still discussing this with my staff but for now I will be writing the tutorials and posting them. I provide support via the tutorials as well. If you have any ideas for some tutorials, leave me a comment below. I could use all of the ideas that I could get. :) I have at least 10 ideas in the works (a few require me to learn JavaScript & more advanced PHP first) but I could always use more inspiration. :)

If you are wondering what script I am running my forum with, I am using Invision Power Board from Invision Power Services. I have it renewed all of the way up to February 2015 as I am hoping to upgrade to IPB 4.0 when it comes out and all of my applications & themes are upgraded. I hope that doesn’t mean me upgrading again….but if it does, it is worth it because IPB 4.0 looks great! <3

Please visit the site and tell me what you think. I would LOVE to hear your criticism. :)


Example annoying chat…

This was a chat I had with a customer earlier. To protect my job I have blanked out the customers name. Just ONE example of an annoying customer. Some of these get WORSE. ugh.

[1:42:39 PM] Erin Mo.: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I help you with placing your order today?
[1:43:41 PM] cust: I have pay as you go with $300 balance I now want to use apps but am not a big usert
[1:43:59 PM] cust: What best way to upgrade
[1:44:32 PM] Erin Mo.: That is a great question, Cust! I can definitely get you set up with an upgrade today! Thank you for being a loyal AT&T Wireless Customer!
[1:44:52 PM] Erin Mo.: You can choose any of our GoPhones to use to upgrade. We have a lot of them.
[1:45:06 PM] Erin Mo.: What were you wanting to do with your phone?
[1:45:25 PM] cust: use apps
[1:45:53 PM] Erin Mo.: What applications would you be using?
[1:46:11 PM] cust: I have not decided
[1:46:33 PM] cust: but one that pays for parking at meter
[1:47:28 PM] Erin Mo.: All right. We have a few of those. The first one that comes to my mind is the Samsung Galaxy S5 but we also have the Motorola Moto X and the HTC One M8. Are you interested in any of these phones?
[1:48:43 PM] cust: What are the montly charges how much ias phone and how ca I use my $300 credit
[1:49:21 PM] Erin Mo.: Well, we offer several different plans. I would recommend our $60/mo + taxes unlimited talk, text, and 2.5GB of data plan. THere are no extra charges.
[1:50:03 PM] cust: I saw a $25/month plan on your site
[1:50:10 PM] Erin Mo.: The Samsung Galaxy S5 is $649.99, the HTC One M8 is $669.99 and the Motorola Moto X is $399.99/mo.
[1:50:31 PM] Erin Mo.: We do also have a $25/mo plan but that comes with 250 minutes, unlimited text, and pay-as-you-go data.
[1:50:52 PM] cust: what about apps
[1:52:16 PM] Erin Mo.: THere is no limit on the applications. However to download without Wi-Fi access would cost you due to the fact that this plan does not come with data. Applications are separate from our plans. You would pay for those separately and download them separately.
[1:53:19 PM] cust: how do I get capability of wifi
[1:54:04 PM] Erin Mo.: The phone comes with it. You would simply need to turn the Wi-Fi toggle on, on the phone.
[1:54:26 PM] cust: I use an ipad
[1:55:29 PM] Erin Mo.: I’m a bit confused. To clarify, are you wanting this PrePaid plan for your iPad or your phone?
[1:55:55 PM] cust: I must say that you are really over sellin me ased on my needs I find that very offensive and inappropriate and would not trust a word you tell me I will contact amnother person
[1:57:31 PM] Erin Mo.: I’m sorry that you feel that way, Cust! I was not really trying to sell you more than what you needed. Could you explain to me what exactly you feel that you need?
[1:59:44 PM] Erin Mo.: Just checking in, do you have an idea about what you wanted for the GoPhone plan you were looking for?
[1:59:51 PM] cust: I have copied this conversatio and will provide it to appropriatee persons. You started at $60 went to $25, then tell me applications are separate, then you tell me I need to toggle a switch for starters
[2:00:30 PM] Erin Mo.: The Wi-Fi is not an extra charge. It is completely separate to your bill as are the applications. I’m sorry that you feel that way.
[2:00:46 PM] cust: Goodbye
[2:01:05 PM] SUPERVISOR: I do understand your concerns. I am truly not trying to oversell you, I am just trying to find the best plan with the perfect amount of data. I would hate for you to find yourself needing more data and incur the overage charges.
[2:01:14 PM] Erin Mo.: I do understand your concerns. I am truly not trying to oversell you, I am just trying to find the best plan with the perfect amount of data. I would hate for you to find yourself needing more data and incur the overage charges.
[2:01:17 PM] SUPERVISOR: Would you like to continue looking into our rate plans?
[2:01:24 PM] Erin Mo.: Would you like to continue looking into our rate plans?
[2:03:30 PM] Erin Mo.: I haven’t heard from you for a while. Would you like to continue chatting?
[2:05:33 PM] Erin Mo.: I’m sorry we’re having trouble connecting. I’m not able to leave the chat box open any longer. Please chat with us again anytime! Thank you for choosing AT&T. Have a great day.

What my supervisor was doing was called greening… yes for the text color. It appears green in my chat box. My replies appear black while the customers replies appear purple and the names appear blue. Anyway, he was talking to me without the customer even knowing that is happening. Happens all of the time with LivePerson chats. I also have a chatroom where I go to ask questions if I don’t know the answer. So, when people over the chat or phone are saying “let me check with my boss or my information” I generally assume they are doing the same thing. I worked with Arise over the phone with Sears and I had a chatroom there as well. That’s my “supervisor” whom I would talk to.

Anyway, this customer was being ridiculous. I oversold cause I am a sales agent… but as soon as I did and realized she didn’t want that plan, I said “Ok Let’s go with that plan!” I did not push her to the $60 plan. This person was just overall confused or something. I’m not 100% sure…

Here is a GOOD chat that I JUST had with a customer (literally)… These are the chats I am OK with…

[8:30:08 PM] Erin Mo.: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I help you with placing your order today?
[8:30:57 PM] cust: Hello. I might be looking to change from Verizon to AT&T and I need new phones. I would like two iPhones 5s and one basic flip phone with big number for my mom. and I would like 10gig data with unlimited talk and text. What would the cost of that be per month?
[8:31:51 PM] cust: Apple iPhones 5s phone that is.
[8:31:52 PM] Erin Mo.: That is awesome, Cust! I can definitely get you set up with our 10GB Mobile Share Value Plan with 3 lines today! Thank you for stopping in to chat with me!
[8:32:05 PM] cust: Your Welcome.
[8:32:18 PM] Erin Mo.: Will you be purchasing these iPhone 5S’ using a 2-year contract or our AT&T Next program?
[8:32:32 PM] cust: what is your next program?
[8:33:46 PM] Erin Mo.: Well, if you were to purchase the iPhone 5S under the AT&T Next program you can only pay taxes today and then have the retail cost of the device split up into 20 or 24 monthly payments that you pay on top of your bill but instead of your bill going up from $15-35 per month we will “make room” for the payments by dropping your monthly access fees from $15-25 each month. Does this make sense?
[8:34:39 PM] cust: So the nest program is better??
[8:34:42 PM] cust: next*
[8:37:35 PM] Erin Mo.: Yes, it is definitely better. Let’s say you had this iPhone 5S for 6 months and decided against purchasing insurance within the first 30 days of service then you accidentally go into the pool with it in your pocket. It happens to the best of us. Well, if you had a 2-year agreement, you would be out lots more money cause you would have to purchase a whole new device at retail cost…BUT with the AT&T Next program you can simply pay off the device and start a whole new AT&T Next program and only pay taxes for the device up front.
[8:37:35 PM] Erin Mo.: It can be confusing sometimes. Did I make this clear?
[8:39:11 PM] cust: Ow much is the insurance?
[8:39:17 PM] cust: How*
[8:40:27 PM] Erin Mo.: Wireless Phone Insurance is $6.99 per month and can be added within 30 days of activation or upgrade. It gives you the protection you need for your wireless phone against theft, loss, accidental physical or liquid damage and coverage for mechanical and electrical failure after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. If your phone is less than 30 days old and you would like to enroll, please visit your nearest AT&T Store or call AT&T Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500.
[8:40:27 PM] Erin Mo.: The Mobile Protection pack includes all of that plus enhanced tech support, online backup and the Find it location service.
[8:42:23 PM] cust: Okay so if I go with the 2 year contract and want two iPhones the Apple 5s one gold and one grey and one basic flip phone with big numbers so my mom can see then with 10gig data with unlimited talk and text. What it the monthly cost?
[8:43:08 PM] cust: I don’t need any texting or anything with the flip phone.
[8:45:22 PM] Erin Mo.: If you were to go the 2-year contract route you would be paying $195 + taxes/month for 10GB to share between all of the lines (even the basic phone), unlimited talk and text to share between all of the lines and 3 lines on our 2-year contract.
[8:46:14 PM] cust: I just saw the commercial on TV for a cost of $160.00 a month.
[8:46:31 PM] Erin Mo.: Yes, that is for 4 lines all on our AT&T Next program.
[8:46:51 PM] cust: so what about just 3 lines?
[8:46:54 PM] Erin Mo.: Our Basic phones would not qualify as they are not eligible for the AT&T Next program.
[8:47:52 PM] Erin Mo.: If you wanted 2 of the iPhone 5S lines on the AT&T Next program with the basic phone it would be $145 + the cost of the iPhone 5S ($27.09/phone) + taxes per month = $199.18 + taxes/month.
[8:50:26 PM] cust: I am talking to my friend right now and he has AT&T and has three iPhones with 10gig data with unlimited talk and text and he only pays $140 a month total with taxes for all three phones
[8:51:11 PM] Erin Mo.: Hm… He may have one of our older plans. Do you know if he has our Mobile Share Value Plan?
[8:51:32 PM] cust: He may have that but can I get that plan?
[8:52:14 PM] Erin Mo.: If he does have an older plan, unfortunately, we do not offer that plan anymore which means we cannot offer it to customers.
[8:52:32 PM] cust: Okay thank you anyway for your help.
[8:53:07 PM] Erin Mo.: No problem. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
[8:53:26 PM] cust: No that will be all.
[8:53:30 PM] Erin Mo.: Cust, it has been a pleasure helping you today. At AT&T, we make it a priority to get it right every time. Hopefully I have been able to do this for you today. Feel free to select the CLOSE option inside the chat window, when you are ready to end the chat. Thank you for choosing AT&T. Have a Great day!

While, I don’t care for the way it ended (without a sale and he wasn’t 100% satisfied) it was OK overall. I didn’t have to explain myself and he was competent. It is sad how many incompetent customers I get on a daily basis…. hourly basis, I mean.


Work is Shit.

Hey guys!

As you can see, I have added a new layout to the website. I purchased this one off of ThemeForest.com it was part of a $30 bundle for the Envato Marketplace. I saw it and I loved it. :D

I will be updating SouthHost.net with a new  (or old, I haven’t decided yet) layout and I will be fixing everything on DudeThats.Me ASAP. I plan to have it done before I leave for school on 8.23.2014(:

I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about working with Arise.com // AT&T Wireless LivePerson Chat // From Home. Yes, I’m one of those people that sits at home in front of her laptop watching TV or working on my websites or doing school and also working at the same time. I know that I have more privileges than most other people and I respect that. I realize that there are people that would LOVE to have a job in general while there are other people that are like me. With that said, there is A LOT about this job that I absolutely HATE.

First, let me explain to you our “rules” or guidelines that we have to follow. When it comes to hours I schedule my own hours. There is a catch though. If something comes up last minute I can swap my hours and if someone takes them, then I don’t have to worry about them but if no one takes the hours I put out there for swap (happens more often than not) then I have to work them or it is shown negatively on my Commitment Adherence. My CA has to be at least 95% or higher to consider myself safe from getting fired. Right now I am at 88.68% and that is only because I was on vacation so I swapped two late night hours (12-2am) so that I could sleep and no one took them. I wish I could have released them… I couldn’t because we have a “lockdown” period of 48 hours before the specific hour. So, lets say I am working Sunday from 5pm – 10pm. I can release those 5 hours and not have it count against me as long as I do it before 5pm on Friday. Otherwise it counts worse than swapping them and not being able to work them.
See, how that can be confusing? I have to plan for things accordingly and if something comes up last minute, I’m screwed. PLUS! When I say I will work until 10pm, that could actually be 11pm or even MIDNIGHT cause I don’t actually get off until a) one of my boss’ boot me out of the application or b) all of my customers leave. Right now I was supposed to get off at 6:30. It is 7:07pm and I just got booted out of the application by my boss after being on with this customer for 2 hours 22 minutes. UGH! So, I can’t even plan anything afterwards unless it is at least an hour and a half out (most chats will end early but there are times where it could go on for a while) otherwise I will have to miss things. Makes it harder for me to work before class or before going out with friends.

Now you see why I hate the hours… Well, that is one thing and that is something Arise does, which is HELL. It is not AT&T… though they make the rules for how MANY hours you can get… Oh, there’s another rant…
We are graded by how fast we respond to customers (ARP), our CA, and our surveys as well as other “Metrics”. Let me explain what everything means-

  • ARP = Average Response Time, this is how long it takes us to respond to customers in seconds. Right now I am at 51 seconds… they want you to be 30 seconds or lower… but most people in my “group” are in between 30 and 50.
  • OPH = Orders Per Hour. They want you to have 0.5+ orders per hour (means over 40 hours you need to have 20 orders). That seems easy right? Well, usually I have 0.5+ but right now I have 0.45. I’m slacking!
  • WTR = Willingness to Recommend. This is one of the survey questions customers can fill out (and usually don’t even if they love us, especially if they love us). It says “Are you willing to recommend AT&T to a Family or Friend?” or something like that. Hence… willingness to recommend. They want you to be at 40+%. Right now I am at 50%.
  • NRS = Net Representative Score. This is all of the other questions in the survey that the customers can fill out. Things like, how fast was the rep to answer your question, how completely did they answer them, how satisfied are you with the chat representative handling of your chat session, and others. They want you to be at 60+%. Right now I am at 100%.

All of these survey questions are marked from 1-10 BUT it gets more confusing…

  • No survey filled out = nothing towards your scores.
  • 1-5 = detractors. Negative towards your scores.
  • 6-8 = neutral. They don’t help you nor do they hurt you. THIS is why I am at 50% WTR. Had 1 survey with a neutral.
  • 9-10 = positive. They help your scores.

Questions, I ask myself JUST about the SURVEYS (WTR/NRS)-

  1. How do I control WTR? LIke, if someone doesn’t like AT&T or is simply pissed off that we don’t pay ETFs and gives me a bad survey… why the fuck does that count against me?
  2. How do I convince people that while AT&T’s prices are high they are a good network?
  3. How do I convince myself that AT&T is good so that I can convince other people?

That is just a few of the questions I pull my hair out over. Now you see a few more reasons why I dislike my job. They are reasonable reasons while AT&T is not reasonable when it comes to what they are asking. Like, it is nearly impossible for us to control how someone feels about a company. RIDICULOUS!

Well, that’s all I have decided to post for now. I will post some of my random chats if I have any tonight/this weekend. For now, I’m going to relax for the last half hour I have before I work again. :)


Why I can’t host on VPSL or HD?

Hey guys!

Now that I have finally finished working on The Help Me Code Club 1 I can finally focus my efforts on my other websites. 2

Since I’ve become a member on a number of forums 3 I have come across people asking about HostDime.com & VPSLatch.net and their services. When I do, I fake cry because I can no longer host with them and I love their services to death. I fake cry for several reasons-

  1. It isn’t worth real tears
  2. It was my own fault
  3. It is completely stupid that I caused this upon myself

I have not been able to host with them for several (more like 2) years now. Not that I would want to at this point as…

  1. I don’t have the money now that I am going off to college
  2. I am “drifting away” 4 from my hosting site, I still want to host people but I’m not as serious about it anymore
  3. There’s no point in owning a VPS/Dedicated Server if my forum runs fine on shared hosting (that doesn’t have any issues since I got it on 8.1.2014) and I’m not seriously hosting people. That would be a waste of money.
  4. Their reseller plans are wayyyyy overpriced. They will tell you “It’s because we give you this or that” but, in reality, other hosts give you that standard and don’t overcharge you for it.

Now to answer the question I’ve been pestered about on the forums I join (unintentionally, I’ve been meaning to share this anyway..)-

Why can’t I host on VPSL or HD?

To answer this question thoroughly I have to go back in time and tell you about how I have been with all of my hosts… even today with DriveHosting.org.

Part 1 – My first domain & subdomains

When I first started with my websites, I was about 12 years old and I was hosting with freewebs.com (now webs.com). At first I used a subdomain (sugarblossom.webs.com) but then I got my mom to purchase me Sugar-Blossom.com and that’s when I purchased my first domain. That was all of the way back in 2005. My domain was a blog and I wanted to give away stuff for Neopets.com as I was a huge Neopets fan at the time.

Then, I found a hosting site… Light-Flash.net (doesn’t exist anymore) and I signed up for my first subdomain where I had FTP access… sugarblossom.light-flash.net… eventually after 3 months or so the host disappeared and so did my site (though I still think I have the backup for it somewhere).

That’s when I went back to freewebs and continued with the site for a few years…

Part 2 – My first domains with GoDaddy.comNameCheap.com

My first domain that I purchased from GD was sugar-blossom.net as I wanted to continue with the site but I also wanted FTP access. We were able to purchase it for $0.99 and it was awesome. I kept it for a year but only used it for 6 months before I was asking my mom for forever-angel.info well… we spelled it wrong and I ended up owning both forever-angel.info and forever-angle.info LOL Anyway, after those domains I wanted to be able to host off of GoDaddy as I didn’t like that bar at the top of my website… So, I kept them and learned how to use nameservers at the age of 15.

At this point I was becoming very educated about the online world but still did not know as much as I do now (obviously). While I had forever-angel.com I was very active on this site called CreateBlog.com (links to my profile). I realized while I was on there that this wasn’t the type of site I wanted to be apart of because everyone there was so mean to people who did not know how to code or design that well. I was a newbie that had just received Adobe Creative Suite 5 and did not know how to use it that well. I would jump between CS5 and GIMP.
While I was on that website, blogging, I had met Georgina & Kya. This was when I was 15, so 6 years ago, so in 2008. They amazed me back then by their coding skills and their design skills. I have always looked up to them and will always look up to them in the future. I can only see them getting better and better.

Anyway, I was hosted by Kya while she owned Bubble.nu (her ex-hosting site) and I loved every minute of it. That’s when I learned about NC and decided I was going to purchase some domains from there. I do believe (not 100% sure) my first domain I purchased from them was a transfer of forever-angel.info and I used my own money that I saved up. When I learned that NC did contests for domains I was ecstatic but I have not won the grand prize yet due to the fact that I can’t force myself to stay up all hours of the night and day just to answer questions. Plus, half of the questions I don’t even know so I end up not answering first anyway. Lol I’m to tired for that.

The next domain I purchased was the one I’ve owned ever since. I purchased it 8.14.2010 and it is called InkedByErin.info besides this one that was purchased 5.30.2012 it is my baby. I have yet to find a use for it but I still love it just as much as I love this domain. I don’t see myself ever letting it expire. <3 5

While I had these domains I was going in between a few free hosts like Kya and others that I knew from blogging. Until 2010 I had not paid for hosting at all. I thought it was a waste of money because I was with Kya and she was hosting me for free as well as creating layouts for me.

Part 3 – Purchasing Reseller Hosting

While I was with Kya, I had purchased Hostwish.net6 and I needed reseller hosting. So, I purchased it from her. I was hosting people for free and I loved it.  I could not think of anything better to do with my time and I felt like I was helping a lot of people. That was back in 2010 and even 4 years later I remember that feeling and I love it which is why it is so hard for me to let go of my hosting site, regardless of its name.[6.hostwish has a special place in my heart just like ibe and this site.]

Fast forward, I had found HostClearly.com and I decided to host with them… well, while I had my service with them all of my websites got hacked… not once, not twice, but THREE times since I was hosted with them altogether. After the first time, I secured everything with WP plugins and secure passwords and everything and yet STILL I was hacked again… I was furious so I left.

Part 4 – Purchasing VPS/Dedicated Server Hosting

I went over to Kelsey‘s host, Darren, and got free hosting with Jenna/Jennifer/My Stalker7 Well, that was another nightmare. Darren would hit on me and although I got my first taste of root access on a server, it was awful cause nothing would work and whenever I needed help he wasn’t on and it was just worse than HC.

So, I moved back to HC… well, while I was with them this time… I was hacked for the third time. That’s when I realized that while I am hosting with them my websites aren’t safe. It had to be their server or something. (this was in 2012-2013 that I was hosted with HC, so fairly recently) That’s when I left again.

I went back to Darren’s hosting but couldn’t take him hitting on me and Kelsey was no help cause she was like “You’ll just get used to it… no biggie”. So, I left after finding VPSL.

That was the best time of my life. Jenna & I left for VPSL and loved it. This was before they merged with HD, when they did merge, I left them for another host (don’t ask me who, I don’t remember). I didn’t know who HD was at the time so I was scared that my VPS would go down.

Eventually, I made my way back to VPSL and that’s when I realized that HD wasn’t so bad. So, I purchased a VPS from HD (instead of VPSL) and loved it… well, due to the price, I cancelled it and that’s when I doomed myself for all eternity… not even joking… Why do I say that… well, let me state the next order of events like this… (these are all from HD)

  1. When I cancelled, I couldn’t find a better host so I purchased a dedi & it was awesome! no downtime or anything & support was amazing.
  2. Price & parent pressure= cancelled (after about 2-3 months)
  3. No better host = VPS
  4. Price & parent pressure= Cancelled (after about 2-3 months)
  5. No better host = Dedi
  6. Price & parent pressure= Cancelled (after about 2-3 months)
  7. No better host = Dedi

Now, at this point, I was asking about cancelling because of the price again. That’s when they warned me that they had the right to not allow me to host on their network anymore. I understood because… just LOOK at the above. Lol I cancelled anyway… Then I came back on with a VPS and this time after 3 months cancelled… they didn’t say anything… VPS again cancelled and BAM! They told me I couldn’t host with them. That was about a year after the warning. I was kind of heartbroken because I love their services but can’t deal with the price but the price was what made me be like “ok, I can handle this”.

I understand 100% why they kicked me off (found out a few months ago that they deleted my CORE account as well… lol) and I don’t blame them. I would have kicked me off sooner. LOL Maybe in a few years (after college) I will see what they say if I need hosting with them (as I would rather try and fail with them before choosing another hosting company) but until then I will always talk them up because no matter what happens, I caused this on myself, they didn’t do anything to make me not want to host with them (besides the price… though in hindsight I probably would have cancelled like that anyway regardless of the price). I caused this on myself and they don’t deserve me bad-mouthing them when I DID THIS TO MYSELF. It was NOT their fault… they had AWESOME hosting and they did NOTHING wrong. I realized that at the time and I know that now.

I will forever more continue to say how awesome and fast their support, accounting, billing, sales, etc. staff was, how it was awesome that they could get me to a supervisor if I didn’t agree with something… and how their live chat support staff was on 24/7. Afterall, I had managed services with them, I wouldn’t expect any less. All of those reviews online saying that the uptime was awful and that the security on the servers were awful or that ANYTHING AT ALL was awful, are WRONG I had a reseller for 1 month with them and it was JUST AS good as their VPS & Dedicated server options. It had just as fast speeds, uptime was just as good, support was just as good, and so was everything else.

Even if you are with VPSL, you can see that everything is just as good as how it is with HD. It is awesome. <3 You cannot get me to say anything bad about them even if you paid me.

Part 5 – After VPSL/HD

From then on, I went back to HC (got hacked again) so I left and I’ve been bouncing around resellers to the point where it gets ridiculous. Now I am with NC (yearly paid shared hosting) and have been for 1 month next month (lol) and DH (free reseller hosting) for 1 month next week.

I realized why I was doing the back and forth with VPSL/HD & that was because I am so indecisive that it affects my whole life. I have issues making decisions to this day. I never want to make the wrong one… in the end, I end up making the wrong one. LOL so, yeah… That’s my hosting story. Bash me all you want in the comments. I can take it!